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Home Phone (757) 722-5742
Cell Phone (757) 329-0104
POSITION SOUGHT: Human Resources Manager/Assistant Manager
**Highly skilled manager with a proven track record in increasing employee prod
uctivity and average
store sales percentages at highest sales volume store in district with an annual
sales average of approximately $136 million
**Proven ability to oversee various operations of different store departments t
o increase efficiency and
overall competitiveness of international retailer employing 2.1 million associat
es worldwide at 8,446 retail stores in 15 countries and with fiscal year 2010
sales of $405 billion
**Recognized mentor who consistently motivates hourly employees and department
managers to strive to obtain their personal bests, thereby resulting in increase
d store profits and promotion of hourly associates to hourly supervisors
**Detail oriented supervisor with significant experience in interviewing and tr
**Enthusiastic team leader with a commitment to associate and customer safety w
hich resulted in
three stellar State Health Department Food Safety Quality Assurance Audits in a
Auga03-Present Wal-Mart, Yorktown, VA
Assistant Manager
Responsibilities Include: Maximize sales and profitability through the effici
ent and effective execution
of company's business plan. Manage inventory and shrinkage. Ensure excellen
t customer service
through the efficient and effective utilization of hourly supervisors to communi
cate and execute tasks and providing a high level of in-stock merchandise. Also
, interview, hire, train, mentor, and evaluate performance of hourly associates
and hourly supervisors. Continuously plan, supervise, and evaluate operations a
nd conduct reviews of merchandise and financial aspects of store operations.
**Awarded organizational gold trophy for overall average store department sa
les percentage increase of 12% in 2005.
**Awarded organizational gold trophy for overall average store department sales
percentage increase of 19% in 2003.
**Saved store thousands of dollars by discovering and correcting discrepancies b
etween invoiced and
charged merchandise and merchandise actually received
**Recognized for reducing in-store merchandise outs by 6% and assisting with inc
reasing in-stock percentage by 8%, thereby ensuring consistent product availabil
ity for customers
Octa92-Aprila03 Wal-Mart, Newport News, VA
Department Manager
Responsibilities Included: Oversaw operations of several store departments inclu
ding stationery, domestics, snack bar, and furniture. Supervised and trained sa
les associates. Maintained company projected budgets and organized actual budge
ts. Implemented plans to exceed previous net operating income. Ensured display
s were properly merchandised to enhance sales. Assisted stockmen and cashiers a
t front-end check-outs to expedite operations. Ordered merchandise, ensured cor
rect perpetual inventories, and signed for and zoned merchandise. Managed all o
perations of snack bar unit. Took and promoted all necessary procedures to ensu
re customer satisfaction.
**Began employment as sales associate in electronics department in Apr '92, but
quickly promoted to progressively more responsible position of Snack Bar Manage
r in Oct '92.
**During tenure as Snack Bar Manager, sales increased 10-12% per annum and snack
bar net operating income increased to exceed all other snack bar units in
the district.
**Enthusiasm for company resulted in selection as Safety Team Leader from Aug '
97-Dec '97.
Master of Science in Human Resources Management Degree, TROY UNIVERSITY, 2009
Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Business Management, VIRGINIA COMMONW