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Reusable shopping bags, such as PP woven and non woven bags and also various other organic-based bags, are growing in popularity over the last few years. However, the actual history of these bags originates prior to 2005 or maybe even 2000, when the green shopping bag movement began gaining its momentum which can be seen worldwide today. In fact, reusable woven shopping bag manufacturers began producing their shopping bags as early as 1990s. Through theyears, these bags have undergone a noteworthy improvement with regards to what components they are produced with, what they cost, and their popularity within society. The genuine history of these bags actually begins in 1977 when the disposable plastic bags started being put to use around the world, starting in the US. In spite of the fact that the expendable bags had been originally viewed as the perfect replacement for paper bags, in order to save trees, it didn¶t take very long for consumers to acknowledge that the bags create pollutionin lakes, rivers, and oceans. By the early 1990s, reusable bag manufacturers were forming businesses around the world. Initially, these shopping bags were taking a variety of forms and being made out of materials varying from cotton to nylon. In the mid 1990s, though, the component called polypropylene began taking the actual lead. The bags, known as PP shopping bags, are precisely what are used in many modern retail chains. The initial bag productivity type with this particular material was non woven PP shopping bags, however woven PP carry bags are widely-used today as well. The reason this specific material took the lead in the shopping bags manufacturing industry is that it was cheap and could be produced for under $0.25 USD per bag yet very durable. Historically, users havefelt comfortable paying up to $0.99 to $2.99 per bag in US dollars. Productivity acelerated beginning in 1999. According to the US International Trade Commission Import Database, nearly three billion bags have been imported into the US since 1999. Volumes are high likewise in countries such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. However, we can easily expect that the numbers will probably continue to rise - not just in those countries but around the world. Additionally the environmentally friendly trend is growing use of green shopping tote bags, and we also are seeing a trend in the legislation. Cities or provinces in the US, Mexico, the UK, Australia, and many more have recently ratified legislation supporting use of reusable shopping bags. While some have gone as far as banning disposable shopping bags, other countries have increased an excise tax on the throw away bags at the same time subsidizing environmentally friendly grocery bags. Most of these laws have proven very successful in improving the use of reusable pp bags as well as many other materials of eco friendly bags.


These days, the bags are not only a legal and green trend, but also a fashion movement. Reusable grocery bags exporters are presenting numerous customizations that allow people to express their style with their bags. While the years continue, it can be estimated that this upward trend in reusable shopping bag use will remain strong.1




History of Rajiv Group of Companies

Rajiv Enterprise, first Company was established in the year 1979. The business started mainly with Textile Chemicals and achieved turnover of Rs. 39,400 in Chemical retrading business in the very first year and later was integrated with Textile Dyes in the second year of operation, The turnover touched a figure of Rs. 6.2 lacs and subsequently registered growth of 100% till 1999-2000 with a present turn over Rs. 500 Crores plus in 2008-09. In 1981-82, Rajiv Enterprise was offered the agency of Electrical Switch Gear by ELECTRIC CONTROL GEAR [INDIA] LTD., then being taken over by the Piramal Group. It required foresight and vision to take over the agency of the Company, which was still at its developing stage. Company could recognize the latent demand of these products ahead of time and undertook massive market development which later met with resounding success and kept the sales graph touching new heights year after year. In 1985, the Company visualized bad time for composite textile mills withdrew from the business of textile related chemicals and concentrated on the diversified activities of Switch Gear and Beneficiation, which were growth oriented fields. This resulted into formation of Corporate Office - 'RAJIV HOUSE' at Navrangpura, admeasuring 8,000 sq.ft. area with modern infrastructure, fully air conditioned, computerized operation with ERP providing instant information. After striking initial success, the Company had major expansion and from strength to strength obtained various Switch Gear Product agencies of reputed groups viz., Eswaran & Sons Engineers Ltd., Chennai, MDS Switchgear Ltd., Mumbai. In 1991-92, the group obtained agencies of Finolex Cables Ltd., GEC Alstom India Ltd., In 1993-94, agencies of Bhartia Cutler Hammer Ltd., Wipro Ltd., - Lighting Division were taken which covered complete range of products of Electrification of any Project. It has been marketing its own manufactured Specialty Chemicals for beneficiation process over a period of time to all major Mineral Processing Plant viz., GMDC, Hindustan Ltd., RSMM and Bharat Gold Mines Ltd. Begun manufacturing activities in our Associate Concern, Riddhi Enterprise - manufactured Electrical Panel Boards and Motor Control Centre, on realization of the needs of quality


standards and established a Plant at Bapunagar Industrial Estate in 1986. These Panel Boards are C.P.R.I. & F.I. - T.A.C. approved.2 Basically there are in two type of business : Manufacturing Panel Board Specialized Chemical Wires and Cables Light Fittings Woven Bags and Fabrics Pharmaceuticals Trading Polymer Division Electric Cable and Switch C&F




The company is constituted with an objective to cater to international market with a range of plastic finished goods. a venture of Rajiv Group offers a total packaging solution. Ltd.(wrg) Atlantis products pvt ltd is ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED manufacturer and exporter of PP and HDPE woven of Atlantis Product Pvt. fabrics and tarpaulins. With this Rajiv group is entering into the international business arena to offer a total plastic packaging solutions by exploiting its strength in terms of technical 6|Page . Atlantis Products Private Limited a Rajiv Group company is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter raffia woven sacks based at Dholka. Atlantis Products Private Limited. which can be outsourced or manufactured in house. Dist.atlantis.3 3 http://www. business relations and outsourcing. Ahmedabad. Gujarat having latest brand new tape line Plant of Lohia with 600kg/hr capacity along with 54 newly installed circular looms. We have automatic printing machine and a fully fledged laboratory with desired testing equipments.

4 4 http://www. Achievements : In August.html 7|Page . switchgear. LLB & ICWA (Intermediate) and has a diploma in Marketing. polymers & woven sack product. He is a member of the board of governors at IIM Academic Achievements : Rajiv Vastupal is a commerce graduate. He is present Vice President of All India Management Association and very active member of CII & Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Chapter Chair & founder of YPO Gujarat Chapter. 34000/. 2005 for 2 years term. The company has emerged as Gujarat's most admired business house under his leadership. having turnover of Rs. which in 2008-09 has reached nearly 500 Crores with a great team first year.Rajiv Vastupal Rajiv Vastupal born in Mumbai in October 1957 is a founder of Rajiv Group of Companies and heading Team Rajiv. He started business in 1980 with a small capital. Vikram Sarabhai and considered to be the Best Management Association of India constantly since last 9/10 years. cables. Rajiv Vastupal became President of Ahmedabad Management Association. Team Rajiv has become the largest Agency house in Gujarat for electrical.rajivgroup. which was founded by Dr.INTRODUCTION TO THE FOUNDING MEMBERS Founder of Company : Mr. petrochemicals.

Two tape lines and 82 six shuttle lohia circular 6 8|Page .VISION & MISSION OF THE COMPANY Vision Value maximization and wealth creation through customer satisfaction and exception in excellence.atlantis. Mission To achieve highest level of perceived customer satisfaction by continuous technological upgradation and in time supplies of best quality Infrastructure Fully fledged laboratory Fully integrated IT system linked with office ERP implementation under process Professional staff of around 15 people with techno commercial background Two automatic four colour printing machine and all auxiliary equipments Production capacity of around 7000 mt per annum.atlantis. Labour colony to accommodate more than 500 workers6 5 http://www.html http://www.


7 7 Fundamentals of Management by Robbins S.Meaning : A process in which managers develop or change their organization¶s structure. It comprises people and is the agency through which management performs function of direction.Organizational Design decisions are typically made by senior managers and might seek input from mid-level managers. IMPORTANCE : . This process involves making decision about how specialized jobs should be know why we are group as we are. we should begin our understanding of what tomorrow¶s structures may look like. creative thinking and initiative well-defined areas of work.the importance of a sound organization structure can hardly be over emphasized. . -given the the changing environment and the need for organization to rapidly adapt. and at what level decisions are to be made. -it stimulates independent. the rules to guide employees¶ behaviors. & Decenzo D. 10 | P a g e . An organization is not merely a chart or lifeless structure. co-ordination and control.

-authority and responsibility Authority: the rights inherent in a managerial position to give orders and expect them to be obeyed. the more centralized an organization is. Decentralization : the pushing down of decision-making authority to the lowest levels of an organization. The word µorganization¶ has been derived from µorganism¶. Thus. which means a structure in which its parts are so linked that they assist the whole and become integrated parts of the whole. organization consist of two elements: 1 its various parts 2 their relationship with the whole are interrelated8 Six Elements of structure -work specialization: A component of organization structure that involves having each discrete step of a job done by a different individual rather than having one individual do whole job. & Decenzo D 11 | P a g e . 8 9 Principle of Management by Tripathi & Raddy Fundamentals of Management by Robbins S.ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Organization is the key to the success of business. -chain of command: The management principle that no person should report to more than one boss. -centralization/decentralization Centralization : a function of how much decision-making authority is pushed done to lower levels in an organization. the higher is the level at which decisions are made. -span of control : The number of subordinates a manager can direct efficiently and effectively.9 -depatmentalization : Departmentalization is the process of grouping activities into units for purpose of administration. Responsibility : An obligation to perform assigned activities.

Market Structure ± market structure is used to group employees on the basis of specific market the company sells in. a company could have 3 different markets they use and according to this structure. which is a combination of function. This kind of structure is suitable for smaller organizations like small accounting firms and law offices. with staff departments for support and specialization. each would be a separate division in the structure. Line and Staff Structure ± though line structure is suitable for most organizations. Managers of line and staff have authority over their subordinates. Line and structure combines the line structure where information and approvals come from top to bottom. which makes the entire organization a very decentralized one. Accounting department and Administrative department. especially small ones. south zone. Hence the name line structure. Sales department. This combines both the 12 | P a g e . west and east zone. This is the sort of structure that allows for easy decision making. they will have three different divisions for these products. it is not effective for larger companies. Customer Service Department. they are characterized by having precise authority lines for all levels in the management. but staff managers have no authority over line managers and their subordinates. and product structures. and also very informal in nature. Traditional Structures These are the structures that are based on functional division and departments. Functional structure ± this kind of organizational structure classifies people according to the function they perform in their professional life or according to the functions performed by them in the organization. Geographic structure ± large organizations have offices at different place. These are the kind of structures that follow the organization¶s rules and procedures to the T. The organizational structure would then follow a zonal region structure. The decision making process becomes slower in this type of organizational structure because of the layers and guidelines that are typical to it. and lets not forget the formality involved.Types of Organizational Structure There are different types of organizational structures and a company should choose the one that best suits their needs. The approvals and orders in this kind of structure come from top to bottom in a line. Divisional Structures This is the kind of structure that is based on the different divisions in the organization. If the company produces three different types of products. The organization chart for a functional based organization consists of Vice President. These structures can be further divided into: Product structure ± a product structure is based on organizing employees and work on the basis of the different types of products. They have fewer departments. Under types of structures under traditional structures are: Line Structure ± this is the kind of structure that has a very specific line of command. Line and staff organizational structures are more centralized. Matrix Structures This is a structure. This is where the line and staff organizational structure comes into play. Engineering or production department. for example there could be a north zone.

long term plans.c /articles/type. OR IZ IONAL IERAR Hi refers t t ree levels of t e aut orit i organi ation whi h starts right fromthe top offi ials (Board of directors) down to bottom level (operating workers). In t e company no particular organi ational structure is followed from above mention. It is the vertical categori ation in the organi ation structure which shows the chain of command for the enterprise. important 10    http://www. td. Managing Director. Proprietor and other key persons. is structure is t e ¡ ¡ © §¥ ¦¥¤ © £ ¢¡ ¡ © ©   ost complex ¡  13 | P a g e . effi i ent organi ational structure. Policy related decision.buzzle. m limits and control.. There are basically three levels in a management structure± top. Hierarchy includes various levels which are formed fro the point of view of authority. Top Level This level constitutes the Board of Directors.Organi ational Structure of Atlantis Product P t. At times. ompany as organi ayional structure which is mixture few of them.html ¤   © ¨ orl s to e best f bot 10 organi ational structure. the middle level is further divided into two ± upper middle level and lower middle level.rganizational-structures. middle and bottom. General Manager.

They from a link between top and bottom level management. Lower Middle Level This level includes assistance level workers. As the activities of the business get operated by this level. the hierarchy flow of authority and responsibility is well demarcated to facilitate the efficient working of the organization and beign mutual understanding among the workers in different levels of the enterprise. Upper Middle Level The heads of departments are included in this level. This level includes different departmental heads like purchase. Management by Robbince and Coulter 14 | P a g e . Negative of hierarchy -wastage of time in communication -delays in decision making process due levels 11 Source. Of the unit are performed at this level which requires the application of conceptual skills.11 Positive of hierarchy +Co-ordination of different departments as well as function +company¶s goals and objectives will be clear in mind of every employees +distribution of work as per their qualification + effective analysis of factors and efficient decision making are possible. production. foremen. In this view. record maintenance and other clerical activities of the middle level management. it is also knows operating level.contracts. and workers. administrative staff and supritendents. etc. Bottom Level This level comprises of jobbers. The workers are required with technical skills as the actual factory or manufacturing work gets done at this level. etc. The work profile mainly consist of handing the technical day to day requirements of book-keeping. sales. It also includes the one who are responsible for daily management of the line workers. They have to take instruction from the chief executive and direct and guide the workers under their charge which calls for human relation skills.

Organi ation may also follow a combined base departmentali ation. etc. There are several bases for departmentali ation. accounting. regions. Departments may be found on the basis of ictionary.12 Function departmentali ation : The Grouping Of Activities By functions Performed One of the most popular ways to group activities is by functions pe rformed or functional departmentali inition/department   15 | P a g e . processes. The aim is to take advantage of the division of labor and speciali ation for efficient functioning. The hori ontal differentiation of tasks or activities into discrete segments is called departmentali ation. This calls for identification of the individual activities and grouping on logical bases for attainment of organi ational objectives.DEPAR ENTALIZATION Departmentali ation is the process of grouping activities into units for purpose of administration. each of which is suitable for particular t corporate si es. 12 http://www. information systems. strategies and purposes. A manager might organi e his or her plant separating engineering. Only functions change to reflect the organi ation¶s objectives and activites. Functional departmentali ation can be used in all type of organi ations. customers. human resources and purchasing specialist into s departments.

which include women¶s footwear. everything having to do with his or her product line.A. President Vise President. Lubricants and Waxes Vise President. Each major product area in the corporation is under the authority of a senior manager who is specialist in. and is responsible for. for instance. Another company that uses produ departmentali ation is L. If an organi ation¶s activities were service related. can segment its staff on the basis of whether it serves corporate or individual clients. Gear. rather than product related as are those of Bombardier and L. each service would be autonomous grouped. ct Its structure is based on its varied product lines. Fuels VIse President. can be broken down into three departments that serve retail. men¶s footwear and apparel and accessories.Product departmentali ation : The grouping of activities by product produce Following distribution illustrate the product departmentali ation method used a Bombardier t Ltd. gear.. wholesale.A. The 16 | P a g e  Planning and Economics Planning and Economics Supply and Distribution Planning and Distribution Manufacturing Manufacturing . The sales activities in an office supply firm. and government customers A large law office . Chemicals arketing Marketing Marketing Planning and Economics Supply and Distribution Manufacturing Customer Departmentali ation : The grouping of activities by common customers The particular type of customer the organi ation seeks to reach can also dicate employee grouping. a Canadian company.

Process Departmentali ation : the grouping of activities by work flow The final form of departmentali ation is called Process Departmentali ation. you probably went through several departments before receiving your license. Geographical Departmentali ation : the grouping of activities by territory Another way to departmentali ation is on the basis of geography or territory. which groups activities on the basis of work flow. If you have ever been to a state motor vehicle offica to get a driver¶s license. If an organi ation¶s customers are scattered over a large geographic area. A large school district might have si high schools to provide for each of the major geographic territories within district. this form of departmentali ation cab be valuable. Following distribution represents process departmentali ation by depecting the various departments in a motor vehicle department.assumption underlying customer departmentali ation is that customers in each department have a common set of problems and needs that can best be met by specialist. The sales function might have western. and eastern region. Midwestern. & Decenzo D 17 | P a g e . southern.13 13 Fundamentals of Management by Robbins S.

18 | P a g e . LTD. Company follows multiple types of departmentali ation. They follows mi ture of functional departmentali ation and process departmentali ation.Departmentali ation of ATLANTIS PRODUCTS PVT.

OPERATIONS 19 | P a g e .

PLANT LOCATION From the viewpoint of an industrialist. which is to be taken once in a lifetime of industry. location refers to the scientific choice of region and spctic site in the region which business units is to be established. This is possible when the firm is of the right size and is located at correct place which provides economies of all kinds in production. While selecting a location.wikipedia. Location is the place of selection of the site where entrepreneur are interested to establish their industry. the chief objective of an industrial concern is to maximize profitability through the minimization of cost production.14 14 www. A very first important decision taken by an entrepreneur is about the choice of location of their 20 | P a g e . An important decision which has a bearing on the efficiency of production management relates to the suitable location of plant. Plant decision is vital because it is the decision.

LTD. Raw material The nature of raw material and its weight is of great importance in determining the transportation costs. power and other modern requirements also plays a decisive role in location. ii. iii. Fuel and Power The availability of electricity. personal touch between the producers and consumers and transport costs. The advantage of proximity to market is felt in terms of rapid delivery.Factor affecting plant location for company There are some factors which are affecting plant location for company : i. Transportation The facilities between the point where materials are produced and the point where fiished goods are sold determinants the closeness to market. Labor Manufacturing site can be established only other modern requirements also play a decisive role in location. 15 Sources. Ltd. iv. Atlantis Product Pvt.15 Plant location of ATLANTIS PRODUCT PVT. Marketing Management by Philip Kotler 21 | P a g e .

co. iii. Atlantis Products Private Limited is a manufacturing facility based at Dholka. v. Ltd. Location Advantages i. Ahmedabad-387810 Gujarat ± india Contact details : +91 2714 248344 Website : www. covering an area of 8000 sq meters. GIDC Estate.¶s plant is next to the old plant of manufacturing woven bags of Rajiv Group i. Gujarat. Dholka. 40Km from Ahmedabad. ii. 22 | P a g e . Rajiv Petrochemicals Pvt. Easy Availabilty of Raw material Manufacturer of raw material for woven bags are in near by area of Dholka or in Dholka so it will be easily available and in less time. Near to old plant Atlantis Product Pvt. Labour Availability In this plant they need unskilled labours and it is easily available at Dholka.atlantis. 1207 to 1209.e. Nearer to costal region Atlantis Products Pvt ltd do export there goods and also import some raw material so its good to have there plant near to costal region.Plot no. Land in GIDC GIDC (Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation) gives land to industry at cheap rates and normally gives on 99 years lease. iv.

nail and tape resistant. 23 | P a g e . Stable construction of the bags. PP Woven Bags with Lamination Atlantis offers PP bags with outer lamination and printing on the lamination side to enhance the branding of the product. Printing is abrasion. MATT surfaces enhances the printing matter and allows better dispersion and adhesion of inks on the surface. They offer MATT as well as MIRROR laminated surface. PP Woven Bags with Valve Used for packing of cement or any other material packed through ROTO PACKERS. with high tensile strength and elongation. Atlantis offer unlaminated as well as laminated bags with valve. LTD. scratch. to hold 50 Kgs of material. Product Portfolio of ATLANTIS PRODUCTS PVT. giving longer shelf life.PRODUCT PORTFOLIO Product portfolio refers to the complete range of all the products. i. ii. items or design that a particular seller offers for sale to buyers.

HDPE Woven Bags with Lamination for Fertilizers Used extensively in India for packing of fertilizers. They 24 | P a g e . it is reused for more than 2 -3 years. iii. iv. They offer 6 ± 8 color combination. HDPE woven bags with lamination provide excellent UV resistance without addition of UV masterbatch. Bags are available in laminated as well as unlaminated versions. Bags are also printed on the gusset allowing the branding to be shown while bags are stacked horizontally also. easier to handle due to non-abrasive properties.iii. They are technologically sound to offer low cost BOPP laminated bags without us facing problems of peeling off which is quite prevalent in ordinary BOPP bags. Due to longer shelf life and resistance to UV rays. Soft in nature. PP Woven Bags with Gusset Printing They offer PP bags with gusset (pillow type). BOPP Laminated Printed Bags They offer BOPP Laminated Printed Bags with single side registration matching facilities. these are widely used by fertilizer companies.

maida etc. PP Woven Fabrics They have state of art looms to manufacture PP woven fabrics from 15¶ width to 126¶ width lay flat. PP Laminated Bags with Perforation They offer PP woven bags with perforation to allow air in laminated bags.They produce almost ³0´ defect fabrics. PP/HDPE Laminated Capsule Bags 25 | P a g e . vii. atta. All the defects > 6¶ are cut and joined with adhesive tapes to allow seamlessness in the fabric. They offer standard size rolls starting from linear meter 50 (166 linear ft) to 10000 (32808 linear ft). vi.are in process of getting attachment on our extrusion coating line to provide both side registration matching facilities for BOPP film. These bags are used for various applications like packing of cement. In different combinations and mesh sizes varying from 7 x 7 up to 14 x 14 with special emphasis on cramming at the edges to avoid tape fraying. flour. v.

26 | P a g e . They offer liners which can withstand temperature up to 80C. agro product and other industries for various purposes and covers. Tarpaullins They provide an exclusive assortment of colored tarpaulins. Their range of tarpaulins is available in varied sizes and dimensions that can also be customized as per the requirement of our clients. PP/HDPE Woven Bags with Liners Used for materials which are highly hydroscopic (susceptible to air. All the processes are done under total environment control to prevent any foreign particle to be left inside the bags. moisture and outside atmosphere). sugar etc. salt. It is used for the bale packing of fibres. viii.They have specialized capsule bags with top and bottom bags for packing of fibres. It is also used to pack finer materials like chemical powders. which are known for their striking features of high gloss finish and weather proof. ix. They also offer perforated liners. These tarpaulins are used in food grains.

iii.PRODUCTION PROCESS To produce any product we need some raw material for it and here raw materials for producing packaging bags are as follows : i. rubber or elastomer) in which pigments or additives are optimally dispersed at high concentration. iv. IOCL and Barsel. CC (Calcium Carbonate) Calcium Carbonate is a salt found in nature as chalk or calcite or aragonite or limestone. Atlantis mainly purchase raw material from Reliance. Haldia. HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) High-Density Polyethylene is a polyethylene thermoplastic made from petroleum. They also import it from South Arabia. -It is mainly use for producing plastic of different colours. Production process is divided into different parts which are as follows : y Production of Sheet 27 | P a g e . MB (Master Batch) Master Batch is a solid product (normally of plastic.It is one of main raw material required for packaging bags. -It is one of main raw material required for packaging bags. IPCl. Polypropylene Polypropylene is a polymer used as a thermoplastic molding material. ii. .

HDPE.(5) Now to increase the strength of the threads it is passed through oven at 113 degree Celsius.(4) This water can be used again and again. It melts mixture at 210-250 degree Celsius.y y y y Weaving of Threads Printing on Bags Stitching of Bags Packaging of Bags Production of Bags: (2) In the first step of producing packaging bags. different granules like Polypropylene.(2) (1) Now melted material is filtered and the waste material is taken out. Size of threads is decided as per customer . It is also crushed here. It is cooled through water so that stiffness of sheet of granules is maintain. (1) Then through motor mixture is driven into machine which do the work melting of mixture.Here starching is done from 1st goded to 2nd goded. (3) Then it is cooled through water and sheets are produced. CC and MB are mixed in a hopper. (4) (3) Weaving of Bags: (6) Plastic Sheet produce is cut into small threads.(6) (5) 28 | P a g e .

This bobbin slips are kept vertically and horizontally.(7) (7) Bobbins slips (roll) are arranged on both the sides of looms. Here printing process will also be done. (9) Now this fabric is cut from the middle to get the shape of bag. If customer need printed bag then this step comes or otherwise this step is skipped.(8) One side of the loom is called waph and other side of it is called weph. (8) Then from both the sides threads are passed through circular loom. Due cross moving horizontally and vertically in circular loom threads are weaved in fabrics. Stitching of Bags (12)One side of bag is stitch over here. This done through hand stitchin machine. Company have manual printing machine.Here threads are rolled into bobbin slips. Only combination of si colour is possible. Rubber stamp of the printing is prepared and then molded on bags. g 29 | P a g e . (10) Here printing is done on the bags. Lamination on bags is done through automatic machine. (11)Some customer will require laminated bags which is part of this section. Printing of Bags This part of the production process is optional means it is as per customer.

The monthly production capacity of the company is 60-70 lakhs bags each of 6-7 rs. Company produce threads around 1. ± 73gm Tarpaulin Bags : Size ± 740 mm of 8*10 DNR ± 850 Weight/mr.5 to 7 million bags per year. The company started with the production of 400 tons monthly in August 2009 which has reached to 75o tons mothly in the year 2011. This production capacity is doubled in the automatic plant that manufactures 350 metric tons per month. 30 | P a g e .After all this.000 kg/month i. And each loom produce around 3000-3500 meters of fabric in 24 hours. The company manufacture 6. Each bale consist around 500 to 1000 bags in it. Cement Bags : Size ± 490 mm of 10*10 DNR ± 800 Weight/mr. The total production capacity of the manual plant is 150 metric tons per month. The company is setting up an new manufacturing industry which will have the production capacity of 250 tons per month that will lead to total capacity of 1000 tons per month.50.e. ± 132gm Company have 56 stitching machine which stitch around 9000 bags/day. Company have 192 bobbin slips. around 4900-5000 kg/day. They have 82 circular looms in the plant. bags are packed in a BALE.

businessdictionary. Their competent infrastructural advancements have made them confident in delivering customized requirements of their clients. It is a procedure or set of procedures intended to ensure that a manufactured product or performed service adheres it a defined set of quality criteria or meets the requirements of the client or customer.16 Quality Control and Standard of ATLANTIS PRODUCTS It is equipped with ³MAAG´ pump essentially a melt pump which eliminates linear variation in tape. 2.LTD. well defined procedures and dedicated professional staff which ensures the highest quality level even for the customers in most critical industries. Has the latest state of the art infrastructure.html 31 | P a g e . They specially focus on : 1. satisfactory and fiscally sound.   The latest DUOTECH tape line of Lohia starlinger ltd with per hour melt output of 600 kgs. services or processes provided meet specific requirements and are dependable. The following are the special features that present their quality performance and make a difference from their competitors. The basic goal of Quality control is to ensure that the products. Atlantis Products Pvt. 3. The continuity of Hygiene Management System Their constant pursuit of excellence and quality performance has enabled them to strengthen client base. Continuous improvement of their Quality Management System. Also employees are appointed at every process to keep a check on quality.QUALITY CONTROL Quality control is a process employed to ensure a certain level of quality in a product or service. It aims both at monitoring the process and at eliminating certain causes generating an unsatisfactory functioning. 16 www. Ltd. Continuous customer satisfaction. They also have in-house full fledged Laboratory with latest testing equipments to ensure the best quality of our products. 32 | P a g e .printing gusseting device with 4 color combinations . They have state of art looms equipped with wide width surface winders to produce flat fabric from 6 feet width to11 feet width. And can produce fabric within+. Defects bigger than 6´ inches are cut & joined by using adhesive tapes. Automatic cutting and stitching machine which ensures minimum human interface and hence giving standard size bags after bag.5MM tolerance giving further processes possible with minimum faults They normally produce almost zero defect fabric but to ensure 100% satisfaction to our customers we reform each rolls. They have automatic cutting .17 17 corona treatment which allows us good printability surface to have tape tested printing which is abrasion and scratch It helps in homogeneous mixture of polymer and hence better quality product.     DUOTECH tape line is equipped with the dosing unit capable to handle 4 different type grades at one time.

MARKETING 33 | P a g e .

Physhical Evidence. A marketing manager can be in charge of a single product or brand. and Process.According to Philip Kotler. The main obejective of marketing is to satisfy purchaser and seller of products and to earn profits by exchanging money in lieu of products.18 Marketing Manager : A manager whose primary task is to manage the marketing resources of a products or business. and increase the company¶s perceived value. tracking and review of business¶ marketing resources and activities.´ consisting of People. Marketing Management by Philip Kotler 34 | P a g e . Marketing involves µstaisfying needs and wants through an exchange processes.and service to create exchange that satisfy individual and organizational goals´. prizing and promotion and distribution of ideas. It may be used to market a service or a product. Marketing can be differentiated as: 1. Place. Effective marketing management will use a company¶s resources to increase its customer base. Promotion. Marketing Management : The application. goods. The major difference in the education of service marketing versus marketing is that apart from the traditional ³4 P¶s´ product. In the common parlance it is the distribution and sale of goods and services. ³marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception. Marketing of Services 18 Sources. Marketing of Products 2. there are three ordinals ³P¶. Service Marketing : It is a marketing based on relationship and value. Price. or even can be general manager responsible for a broad array of products and services. improve customer opinions of the company¶s products and services.

The price should be properly determined.4 P s OF PRODUCTS MARKETING This ³four P formula´ should be used to continually evaluate and reevaluate the business activities. The distribution mix is the combination of decision relating to marketing channels. Pri ing means fixation of value promotion advertisement in monetary terms. considering the competitors as the product prices affects its volume of sales. storage facility. warehousing. allowances. because ultimately who should design the product? The customer. Besides price alteration in the term of discount. credit. so the companies require c onstant product planning. Price Price is the amount or services or its value that customer exchange for the benefit of having or using the product or services. Place : Distribution Network Place or physical distribution is the delivery of products at right time place. location. etc. Product The best wat to sold the customer is to constanatly identify how to give them more for less. transportation. of coerce as theneeds and requirements of human beign are unlimited so they constantly want something more and for the company to stand in this competitive market has to always take care of customer needs and requirements and provide them best. inventory control. liberal dealings. Promotion Promotion Is the persuasive communication about the products. by the manufacturer to the public in an attempt to influence them towards buying your products? Promotional techniques 35 | P a g e .

19 4 P¶s of Marketing in ATLANTIS PRODUCTS PVT.html 36 | P a g e .: y y y y Website Mouth to mouth Customers International Exhibition / Fairs 19 http://www. etc. Price Company make long term contract with customers. And large range of product. Plant in GIDC Dholka is also an advantage. Price are decided by the customer and as per it company produce bags for particular product. It is an effort to raise the sales substantially. Place The main thing about place it is near to costal area.marketingteacher. personal selling. Promotion They market there product through different ways. Company provide customized product to there customer.such as advertising publicity. are instrumental in attar acting the customers. Product The main thing aboout this company is they use best quality raw material. They buy raw material from Reliance. Haldia and also they import some of the raw material.

TARGET CUSTOMERS The business earns its returns with respect to the demand of its customer and for this business has to produce as per requirements. It is considered that ³ customer is the king of business´ because they are the final usres. Target Customers of ATLANTIS PRODUCTS PVT. Competition is a situation created by a competing business that offers a substitutes or a similar product that is made by our business unit. Target cab be anyone. they may be children or they may be youth or old person. y y y Cement industry Fertilizer Food industry COMPETITORS All businesses face competition. LTD. 37 | P a g e .

Company mainly export its product to African countries.INDIA EXPORTERS An exporter is any good or commodity.INDIA MAYUR WOVENS PVT.Competitors of ATLANTIS PRODUCT PVT. AHMEDABAD . European as well as some other countries. LTD.LTD.INDIA AMBICA STITCHING WORKS AHMEDABAD . Around 40% of total production of the company is exported. There are around 600 manufacturing units in this industry.INDIA RADHE POLYMERS AHMEDABAD . transported from one country to another country in a legitimate fashion typically for use in trade. s GANDHI NAGAR . Few of them are as follows : y y y y BHAVANI PACKAGING IND. 38 | P a g e . LTD. Exporter constitutes an important part of international trade. Export of ATLANTIS PRODUCTS PVT.

HUMAN RESOURCE 39 | P a g e .

Recruitment in ATLANTIS PRODUCTS PVT. excessive wastage. Unsatisfied recruitment affects productivity and adjustment. It leads to labor turnover. Most of the employees are semi-skilled or unskilled employees. As per the MD of the company the main motivation for this workers is financial motivation. 40 | P a g e . brings down the total sales and ultimately leads to overall reduction in profitability. reduced cost of production per unit of output and increase in total earnings of employees. Main resources of recruitment : Advertising. Company runs there unit 24 hours into two shift of 12 hours each. Necessary for securing new employees arises for many reasons. recruitment is significant because it helps in better and competent labour. trade papers. Expansion of business requires new men. Scientific recruitment leads to the development and maintenance of satisfied-work-force. identifying and attracting capable applicants to an organization. retire. Company has 400-500 employees working. Errors in recruitment not only damage the interest of the employer. Unemployed and misemployed labour means loss to the nation. LTD. From the social stand point.RECRUITMENT The process of locating. die. or become incapacitated. reduces production. internet and internal vacancy. The mere passage of time causes some employee to grow older. increased production and productivity. Seasonal and cyclical fluctuation in business causes a constant change in the work force of many companies. but also that of the employees. affects quality adversely.

or for background from reference or ensure about his or her physical strength. Types of selection devices i. Selection can be done by taking preliminary test that checked aptitude and personality of an applicant or assessment cetre or taking interview for checking applicants¶ behavior in trying situation. y Record of applicants desired position and job-related qualification and experiences. Categories Test It test knowledge of the person.20 The process of screening job applicant to ensure that the most appropriate candidates are hired. y Both serves as pre-screening devices to help determinr whether an applicant meets the minimum requirements of a position. if hired. ii. An exercise in predicting which applicants. The objective of selection process is to determine weather an applicant meets the qualification for a job and to choose the application who is mostly likely to perform well in the job. The selection procedure is concerned with securing relevant information about an application. This information is secured in a number of steps. will be (or will not be) successful in performing well on criteria the organization uses to evaluate performance. 20 (Philip Kolter.SELECTION Selection is the process by which the qualified personnel can be chosen from the application that has offered their services to the organization.2007 41 | P a g e . Application form y First dource of information about potential employee.

viii. Assessment Centres y Facilities in which job candidates undergo a series of tests to evaluate their managerial potentiality. Interviews Formal. v. skills & abilities. Work Sampling y An applicant performs a task or set a tasks that are central to successful job performance. n. Written Tests y Knowledge y Ability y Skills y Intelligence y Interest iv. Interviews tend to have love while many a people conduct interview & few are trained how to do well & compare ability of interview results across individuals raises issues with reliability. vii. y It is assumed that it is easier to teach a person the details of a job than it is to change deep is held attitudes or to change personality characteristics. vi. use required skills & displays specific knowledge of job. y Assess a candidate¶s knowledge.d 42 | P a g e . Performance Simulation Tests y Testing an applicant¶s ability to perform actual job.iii. Personality Test y Judge whether a person ³fits´ into the organization. y Provide the candidate with information about organization & potential job. in-depth conversation. y Goal is to hire people who already have characteristics & atiudes that are in line with the core values of the organization & its culture.21 21 ! (robeeinsen.

lack validity because self-selection of references ensures only positive outcomes. Background investigation : y y Verification of application data. Methods of Training     On the job training Vestibule training Apprentice training Internship Training in ATLANTIS PRODUCTS PVT. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT After having selected the most suitable person in the organization through the application of scientific techniques. LTD. 43 | P a g e . Company provide separate colony for workers to stay next to the plant. Company have most of workers unskilled so they prefer to provide ON THE JOB TRAINING to there workers. Reference checks. All types of require some type of training for the efficient perofrmnace and therefore all employees new or old should be trained. the next most important function of personnel management is to arrange for their training.Other Selection Approaches Situational interviews : interview in which candidates are evaluated on how well they handle role play in mock scenarios. They also provide cheap and hygienic foods in the canteen of the company. The training is an act of increasing the knowledge and skill of a worker for doing a certain job. A skill thus acquird by the employee through training is thus as asset to the organization and the employer.

FINANCE 44 | P a g e .

investopedia. Short term and long term sources are available to reuse finance. 22 22 http://www. it is the decision of collection and use of funds. Financial management is concerned with acquisition. finance means the commercial activity of providing funds and capital. Proper utilization of funds is neede to ensure that the business goes on smoothly and that the company is able to grow on its own resources generated through surplus. Acquasion of finance is concerned with rising of funds at minimum cost from the right source as per the requirement of business. More specifically. Finance is the set of activities dealing with management of funds. It is inevitable for the establishment. It is a branch of economics that the studies the management of money and other assets. expansion and renovation of business.Primarily. utilization and allocation of funds. Finance is the life blood for any business. 45 | P a g e .

The term capital refers to the total investment of a company in money. the tax deductibility of interest makes debt financing valuable. 23 ibdi 46 | P a g e . Under a classical tax system. which provides insight into how risky a company. tangible assets like building. that is the cost of capital decreases as the proportion of debt in capital resources increases. capital is like lubricant oil for business to carry out economic activities. as firm is relatively highly levered.CAPITAL STRUCTURE Finance also includes capital. it is in a way the total wealth of a company. Just as machine requires oiling to keep working. A company¶s proportion of short and long -term debt is considered when analyzing capital structure. When people refer to capital structure they are most likely referring to firm¶s debt-to-eqity ratio. Usually a company more heavily financed by debt poses greater risk. etc. Their analysis was extended to include the effect of taxes and risky debt. 23 The optimal structure then would be to have virtually no equity at all.

inventories or turn over. Current Assets Current ratio = Current Liabilities 47 | P a g e . LTD. Utilization of the funds of the firm.80 crore(around Rs. two types of liquidity ratios are mentioned : -Current Ratio -Quick Ratio i. There turnover is around Rs. Here. It establishes the relationship between current assets and current liabilities. BASIC RATIOS There are some basic ratios that the ability to meet short term obligation. Generally. It measures company¶s ability to meet its short term obligations. Its efficiency at the level of sales an asset.Capital Structure of ATLANTIS PRODUCTS PVT.340 crore).1 of current liabilities company has Rs. Current Ratio Current ratio is the ratio of total current assets to current liabilities. liquidity implies that funds are idle or they earn very little. ideal current ratio is 2:1 that means for every Re. and al last organization¶s profits. A proper balance between liquidity and profitability is required for efficient financial management. generating different products.2 of current assets. Company has capital of US $ 6. Liquidity ratios measure the ability of a firm to meet its short term obligations and reflect the short term solvency of a firm. Liquidity Ratio Analysis Liquidity ratio is prerequisite for the very survival of a firm. 60 crore per year.

1 of quick assets.e. It may be difined as financial ratios which light on the long term solvency of the firm as reflected in its ability to assure the long term solvency of the firm as reflectd in its ability to assure the long term lenders. Quick assets=current liabilities ± inventories Quick Assets Quick Ratio = Current Liabilities Leverage ratio analysis Leverage ratios are also known as capital structure ratios. It used to measure firm¶s ability to pay its short term obligations. These ratios indicate the proportion of owner¶s capital to outside debts or the proportion of fixed income bearing securities to equity capital are know as leverage ratio. every Re. It shows the proportion of long term external and internal equities. the more leverage the organization. The higher the ratio.1 of current liabilities there is Re. It test liquidity more accurately when inventories turn over slowly or are different to sell. Ideal quick ratio is 1:1 i. It also indicates how much in form of cash and case equivalent company has to pay its short term obligations. Debt-equity Ratio The relationship of borrowed funds and owners capital which is popular measure of long term financial solvency is shown by Debt-Equity Ratio.ii. Quick Ratio Quick ratio is ratio between quick assets and current liabilities. Here. This indicates the relative proportions of debt and equity in financing asstes of a firm. Total debt Debt-Equity Ratio = Net worth Total debt = long term liabilities Net worth = share capital + reserve and surplus ± fictitious assets 48 | P a g e . there are 3 leverage ratios : -Debt-equity ratio -Total assets to debt ratio -Proprietory Ratio i.

Besides profitability is measure of efficiency. The owners invest their funds in the expectation of receiving reasonable return and so. profitability is important from their point of view. Here. Total Assets to Debt Ratio = Total assets Long term debt iii. This ratio is usually expressed as a percentage. A high proprietory ratio is an indication of large degree of security to the lenders and low proprietory ratio represents more use of long term debts in financing total assets of the business. there are 2 profitability ratios : i. This ratio can be used to ascertain the solvency and financial stability of the firm in long run. Net Profit Ratio 49 | P a g e . Gross Profit ratio It is a ratio expressing relationship between gross profit and net sales of business. The high ratio implies that the cost of production is very low or that purchases are made at very low cost. This ratio shows the proportion of total assets of a business financed by shareholders¶ fund.ii. Gross profit Gross profit ratio = Sales * 100 ii. It shows the difference between sales and cost of sales. Total Assets to Debt Ratio This ratio shows the relationship between total assets and long term debts. bonds and loans from financial institutions. This ratio measures the proportion of the firm¶s total assets that are financed by long term debts. Shareholders funds Proprietory ratio = Total assets Profitably ratio analysis Profit is the main obejective of any business enterprises. Proprietory Ratio It is the ratio between shareholders¶ funds and total assets. The ratio shows whether the markup obtained on the cost of production is sufficient. Long term debts include debentures.

This ratio measures the relationship between profit and sales of the firm. It indicates management ability to operate the business with sufficient success. Higher ratio indicated higher profitability. This ratio is useful to the shareholders for knowing the earning per share and to investors in judging the prospectus of return on their investments.24 Net profit Net profit = Sales * 100 SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY 24 ibdi 50 | P a g e .It is the most important of all revenue ratios as it includes the ulitimate profitability of the company.

But as with any process based on the collective activities of communities of human being threes is no ³one size fit all´. The US has growing numbers of people looking towards core business issues. It is to be seen as training the act for the company to receive any benefit from the giving. through to ³CSR is about business giving back to society´ from the Phillipines. Then they donate certain share of the profits to charitable causes. CSR definition used by business for social responsibility is ³operating a business is a manner that meets or exceeds the ethical.php 51 | P a g e . legal. CSR has been defined much more in terms of a philanthropic model. In different countries.The World Business Counsil for Sustainable Dvelopment in its publication ³ making good business sense´ by Lods Holmes and Watts used the following definition ³Corporate Social Responsibility is the continuing commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the work force and their families as well as of local community and society at large. Companies make profits. the community and the government´ from Ghana. For instance.25 25 http://www. Traditionally in United States. Unhindered ecept by fulfilling their duties to pay taxes.´ The same report gave some evidence of the different perception of what this should mean from a number of different societies across the world. commercial and public expectations that society has of business. And even the observation above is changing over time. It respects cultural difference and finds the business opportunities in building the skills of employees. Definition as ³CSR is about capacity building for sustainable development there will be different priorities and values that will shape how business act.mallenbanker.

000. The major speed has come after Mr.00 Lacs for J.Social Responsibility by ATLANTIS PRODUCTS PVT. 52 | P a g e . They provide cheap and hygienic food to workers. Rajiv Vastupal is Largest donor to Ahmedabad Management Association of Rs. Rajiv took over the chairmanship of the Trust. LTD. Total patients treated are approximately 29. They provide colony to workers to stay near to the unit.B. They organize blood donation camps.50. Rajiv is a Trustee of Homeopathic Trust since 1987 onwards. Auditorium.00. Mr. which has the largest number of patients in the world and details are with Authority of Guinness Book of World records as well as Limca Book of Records.


54 | P a g e .Rajiv Group¶s Achievements Largest Agency House in Polymers & Petrochemicals Largest Agency House in Electrical Switchgear. Won more than 20 awards for best performance from various principals.

CONCLUSION 55 | P a g e .

Fluctuations in price of raw material. Opportunities : To diversify business into packaging bags which are environment friendly. Had experience of 30 years in business. To increase the sale in international markets.SWOT ANALYSIS Strength : Rajiv Group is largest agency house in Gujarat. Opening new plant in lessthan one and half years. 56 | P a g e . Weaknesses : Price of the product is mostly decided by customer. Threats : Increasing competitors Strict laws of Governments regarding environment and hygiene.

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