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8 “Minisy of Surface Transport (Roads Wing) STANDARD DRAWINGS FOR BOX CELL CULVERTS Published by The Indian Roads Congress On behalf ofthe Govt. of India Ministry of Surface Transport (Roads Wing) Copies can be had from The Secretary, Indian Roads Congress, “Jamnagar House, Shahyahan Road, New Delhi 110017 Jw DaLi a0 , s0800 ‘ppg pg cage) Bs Kaun ie 9 Bebe Publish in May, 200 7 ‘copii Vetane pte teed iy rm wa emi of Pa) Printed a= Dee Kay Printers, New Delhi-1 10015, FOREWORD 5m mont om bets of sth Ha) ond cnr shar ton vin of 2m fe aed by ety Sate nua de ‘Th om Hw ben ode comp mals wht ty con be hyo fo ie 6 tbl fom. pt sal tanh er pt dng ond "har aut heaton ot ve Sed P/O i et et fe wt ot srry th Din on win wot ci ut Ws Cong Crimetng Sees () Us disengage oon Comat Qe