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Melissa Hawrysz

Skilled & Self Driven Graphic, Web & Video Specialist -
1638 N Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
I am a well rounded digital artist, seeking an opportunity to contribute my
creative talents for those in need of them. I am highly motivated, an adaptive
fast learner, interested in the creative aspects of design using graphic design,
animation, sound, video editing/composite, graphic design and photography. I am
comfortable working in teams or independently, and I also have excellent
communication and conceptualization skills.
Northern Illinois University (DeKalb, IL)
Bachelor of Fine Arts - Time Arts
Attended: Fall 2003 - Spring 2007 GPA: 3.78/4.00
What is Time Arts:
Time Arts BFA Program specializing in animation, media arts, interactive process
es, generative algorithmic art, performative practices, acoustic/sonic output, v
ideo and emergent forms of media arts.
Specialized classes I took at NIU:
2-D Animation - Advanced Animation - 3D Animation - Advanced
Interactive Media - Intermedia Arts - Web Design - Audio Art - Critical
Topics in Time &Art- Advanced Video Art - Senior Project Photography
Independent Study - Painting 1 & 2- Life Drawing - Drawing 101 & 102
Work Experiences:
Freelance: Video Editor, postproduction, Motion Graphics, Digital Designer
6/0811/08 - video editing & post-production for a Confidential Hollywood Produce
Drama based narrative
Video Editing
30 min cut down
Motion Graphics
Color Correcting
Continuity editing
Final use of video is a national film festival
7/088/08 - Freelance & Consulting for independent Chicago based film company
Dramatic narrative based on real events around killings of gay black men
Video Editing
3 hours of footage cut down to 15 minutes
Color Correction
Sound leveling & continuity
Basic Motion Graphics
Final intended use of the video is the Gene Siskel Film Festival
5/08 Now- Post-production for Without a Company independent theater
Video Editing for continuity
Dramatic color correction and video processing
Digital Assets Manager [7/07 - 7/08]
Job responsibilities included:
Video Content Manager for a narrow cast internet driven digital signage network
Graphic Designer (digital, layout, and print) for ads printed in national publi
Create custom videos based on client specifications for such companies as (Soph
ia Lorren, Accuvue, & private EPC practices)
Worked on-location to handle all technique and aesthetic aspects of video shoot
s (including equipment rental, set-up, lighting, recording, teardown)
Consulted as a Scala InfoChannel Designer aficionado
Solely responsible from all creative and editing aspects of a professional staf
f training videos from a set script using compositing and green screening skills
Developed a Flash interface for viewing staff training videos online, using
Flash CS3 and Action Script 3
Worked research and execute compression to produce the highest
quality videos with the lowest file size with the given source
Set up and test codecs to batch transcode hundreds of videos for new
software deployment
Solely responsible for the normalized and compressed audio levels on
over 200 pieces of content from various sources
Created custom content pieces to promote individual practice needs. This includ
ed green screening doctors talking to their pacients about a varaitie of eye car
e topics for their indivitual offices.
Conceptualized, developed, edited and created two targeted marketing
DVDs for two international branded companies to promote the iPort
System. Combined this project reached 8,000 eye care providers.
Northern Illinois University - Housing & Dining
Web/ Graphic/ Designer/ Multimedia/ Print Designer & Campus Cable
Channel Programmer (11/2004 - 7/2007)
Job responsibilities:
Web Designer/ Content manager
Graphic Designer (digital, layout, and print)
Publications photographer
Running Campus Electronic Bulletin Board System with Scala InfoChannel
Scheduling programming campus residence hall cable movie channel using
Event Manger LT
Developed & implemented a new web template for Housing & Dining; a large volume
, high traffic website
Resolved technical questions posed by supervisors and co-workers regarding
WebCRMA, Marketing Responsibilities, Nameplate placement/ protocol and
Graphic Design
Instructed full time professional staff proper uses of specialty computer progr
ams such as Scala, WebCRMA, Photoshop and as well as several others.
Oberweis Dairy & Premos Ice Cream
Worked register & customer service [5/02 - 3/04]
o November 2010 - Two man art show Lead Artist
o November 2009 Documentary by famous underground artist Steven Johnson Leyba i
s released, I am intreviewed in.
o November 2008 Interviewed for a documentary by famous underground artist Stev
en Johnson Leyba.
o June 2008 freelance video editing & post-production for a Hollywood producer
on a short to send to actors to cast the parts.
o June 2008 - Freelanced & Consulted on Edited, motion graphics, and post-produc
tion theater production from Without a Company theater company in Chicago.
o May 2008 6 photographs accepting in a show at the Black Walnut
o March 2007 - My Scuffle animation was shown in NIU Jack Olsen Gallery based on
professional artist Jury selection.
o March 2007 - shown in DeKalb Womens Center Womens History Month
Show; works included two photographs from the What Photos Do Not
Show series and the animation My Scuffle
o October 2006 - What Photos Do Not Show photographic series was
shown in the DeKalb Blue Door Gallery.
o 2005 - nominated for the Female Student of the Year at NIU Womens Resource Cen
o 2005-2006 - awarded the James Asbury Memorial Art Scholarship based on a jury
o May 2004 - Top of the Time Arts Portfolio review of 50 students
o Fall 2003 Spring 2005 received a 2 year tuition wavier scholarship for in
coming freshman at the School of Art at Northern Illinois University based on po
rtfolio review; 3 are awarded per incoming freshman class
o 2003 - 2007 - Deans List at Northern Illinois University
o 2003 - What Im Not (mini) ,mixed-media photographic won the
Moraine Valley Best of Show
o 2003 - won 2 Carl Sandburg Best of Shows for a mixed-media photographic work e
ntitled What Im Not and a photographic series entitled Fruit Surgery
o 2002-2003 - sculptural work entitled Uncle Henry Reborn shown in
Museum of Contemporary Art Gallery
o 2003 sculptural metal jewelry snake ring published in AP Studio Art
Vertical Guide (Nationally published book for professional educational staff)
Computer Program & Skills Proficiency:
Proficient in:
o Adobe After Effects
o Adobe Premiere
* Final Cut Pro
o Adobe Encore
o Adobe Sound booth
o Adobe Audition
o Autodesk Cleaner XL
o Adobe On Location
o Adobe Ultra
o Adobe Photoshop
o Adobe Illustrator
o Adobe InDesign
o Adobe Device Central
o Adobe Dreamweaver
o Flash
o Scala InfoChannel Designer
o Event Manger LT
o Leigntronix Inc. Pro-8
o Digital video camera shooting, Including assorted SD and HD cameras
o Lighting Set up for Studio and on location video and still work
o Quick turnaround Editing & Motion Graphics projects
o Time Management
o Digital and Film Photography
o Dreamweaver
o WebCRMA (web content manager)
o Office Live (beta tested)
o Assorted compositing Techniques including:
- Green Screen,
- Alpha Channel
- Source and platform compatibility
o Microsoft Office Suite
o Extensive video & audio codec knowledge