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Over fifteen years of relevant industry experience as a programmer and ten years
experience as a systems administrator, seeking work doing software development
or systems administration with the intent of eventually achieving enterprise-lev
el expertise.
BA Political Science 2010* UC San Diego
AA Finance and Accounting 1987 Canada College
About 90 credit hours of coursework have been completed towards a degree in Elec
trical Engineering, including Physics, Engineering Physics, Pre-Calculus, Calcul
us, Trigonometry, CAD and Engineering Mechanical Drawing.

Operating Systems: Linux-based (SuSE, Redhat, Ubuntu, Mandrake, Aurora), MS Wi
ndows, Solaris, HP-UX, SCO UNIX, FreeBSD, OpenBSD.
Languages: PHP, Ruby on Rails, Tcl/Tk, Javacsript, Java, JSP, C# (ASP.NET), H
TML, RHTML, Perl, C, C++, various shell scripting languages, 80x86 assembly.
Web Technologies: Apache 1 & 2, WEBrick, Microsoft IIS, lighttpd, CSS
SQL: MySQL 4 & 5, Oracle, INFORMIX (certified), MS-SQL 2.5,
Other: Skilled systems diagnosis and repair, broad familiarity with many netw
ork appliances including firewalls, routers and managed hubs.
Systems Administrator / Web Programmer, Menlo Park, CA October 2008
- Present
* Worked in tandem with two other owners / developers / system administrators in
building and maintaining a private ISP for use by various local businesses, inc
luding AMPEX Corporation.
* Prototyped web sites for prospective and active clients using Ruby on Rails, P
HP and MySQL. Designed and Implemented relational databases for these web sites
when necessary.
* Installed canned web software (WordPress, Geeklog) and coded custom PHP snippe
* Maintained off-site fallover MySQL databases for businesses with production we
b sites.
* Other tasks included managing day-to-day systems operations, from firewall mai
ntenance to system level services -- SMTP, POP/IMAP, DNS (Bind), Samba and SSH,
to hardware level repairs (i.e., fixing dead fans, replacing hard drives, etc.).
* Hardware was a hybrid of Sun Enterprise systems, Sun Blades, and Intel super-m

Intellidot Corp., San Diego, CA October 2007 - August 2008

Systems Administrator and Technician (internship due to enrollment at UCSD)
* Reported directly to IS Director of this medical devices startup based in NE S
an Diego.
* Diagnosed and repaired malfunctioning systems both at the software / hardware
* Received, tested and installed new Linux-based blade servers for development u
* Maintained and tracked all software updates / patches used on development serv
* Researched and recommended 3rd party tool add-ons for network enchancement and
* Coded in-house asset tracking web tool using C# on a Microsoft ASP.NET platfor
m, which was eventually ported to PHP 5 and MySQL.
FaciNet, Redwood City, CA March 2001 - August 2006
Systems Administrator / Programmer
* FaciNet (corporate name Systela) was a small ISP based out of Honolulu, Hawaii
that provided highly-secure web site, DNS, e-mail, and other internet-related h
osting services.
* Primary responsibilities included maintaining DNS records, e-mail privileges (
POP3, IMAP, SSL), and Apache configuration, server and virtual hosts.
* Hardware consisted of Sun Enterprise-level systems and super-micro SuSE Linux
servers, Watchguard firewalls and HP managed hubs.
* Performed occasional web site development using technologies like PHP, MySQL,
HTML and Javascript.
Sun Microsystems, Santa Clara, CA October 2000 - March 2001
Sr. Java Programmer (Contract)
* Major international network computing company.
* Developed a uniform Java-based hardware production-line testing environment.
Used Java technologies JDBC, Serialization, JSP and Messaging.
* Worked with four teams of Java developers located in Germany, Ireland, UK, and
United States to test and install final product.
* Production testing software was implemented in all Sun assembly facilites worl
Contact Networks, Inc., Boston, MA July 2000 - October 2000
Sr. Java Programmer (Contract)
* Former "Hot 100" Internet Companies by PC Magazine, for online contacts databa
* Assisted with rewriting the entire product from the ground up.
* Re-designed entire database using relational database design.
EJigsaw, Hayward, CA May
2000 - July 2000
Chief Technical Officer (Contract)
* Public website for seeking IT solutions across vertical industries.
* Advised on design and implementation of the network infrastructure, network se
curity, web software deployment and system-level services management.
* Completed network setup and web site deployment within 8 weeks.
Blue Martini Software, San Mateo, CA
February 2000 - May 2000
Sr. Java Consultant (Contract)
Imagine Media, Brisbane, CA November 1999 - February 200
Java Programmer (Contract)
ShopDex, Inc., San Mateo, CA January 1999 - October 1999
Chief Technical Officer and Programmer
Nuance Communications, Menlo Park, CA November 1998 - Ja
nuary 1999
Sr. Support Analyst (Contract)
DHL Airways, Redwood City, CA March 1996 - November 1998
Sr. Systems Software Engineer
* I am only 2 units short of completing my BA in Political Science with an empha
sis in Public Law. This came about due to an administrative error by the univer
sity (UCSD). I can provide details / documentation upon request. I will be com
pleting the deficient units once I find permanent work.