We are the students of MBA 1st year and are conducting a survey on the ‘Retention of Employees’. We should be obliged if you could share your views by filling up this questionnaire. Q.1 What must be a person’s dedication towards his work? ____________

What is the ideal input: satisfaction ratio? a)1:3 b) 2:5 c) 3:5 d) Others

Q.3 What factors will contribute to your satisfaction in your organisation? a) Job Security b) Performance Appraisal c) High Salary d) Others Q.4 Do you get all the facilities from the organisation? a) Yes b) No Q.5 Does employee assistance program support you in your work? a) Yes b) No Q.6 Should there be flexible time in office?

9 Should the superior assist the employee in career planning? a) Yes.7 What level of communication must be there between the superior and the subordinate? a) Must be limited to office work b) Should go beyond office work c) No communication at all d) Others Q. to certain extent b) Fully c) No d) Others Q.8 Should the superior trust their employee’s? a) To certain extent b) Blind Faith c) No Faith at all d) Others Q.a) Yes b) No Q.10 What is the essence of feedback system in the organisation? a) Taking quick quality decisions .

14 How is your relationship with your peers? a) Good b) Satisfactory c) Poor d) Others .12 What is your involvement in taking decisions in your company? a) Full involvement b) Partial involvement c) No involvement d) Others Q.11 How much are you satisfied with the working environment? a) Fully satisfied b) Partially satisfied c) Not satisfied d) Others Q.13 Do you like challenging work? a) Yes b) No Q.b) Improving efficiency of employee’s c) Improving Communication d) Others Q.

1 Lakh per annum Rs. Please specify __________________________ g) Your Designation___________________________________________ h) Annual household income (Approx.Q.) Less than Rs. 1-2 Lakh per annum .15 What are your expectations from your organisation? a) Retirement Fund b) Compensation Plan c) Co-operation from superior d) Any other ______________________________________________ Please tell us something about yourself a) Name____________________________________________________ b) Address __________________________________________________ c) Gender: Male d) Marital Status: Single e) Age Group: Less than 18 25-45 Years f) Education Level: Schooling Graduate Female Married 18-25 Years Above 45 Undergraduate Postgraduate Professional Degree Other.

Rs. 5 Lakh per annum Thank you for filling the Questionnaire . 2-5 Lakh per annum More than Rs.

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