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12574 Traverse Place
(317) 845-9571
Fishers, Indiana 46038

Hands-on senior level manufacturing professional with a solid background in prog
ram management, process engineering, operations, quality, and regulatory complia
nce in electronics assembly and medical device industries. Over ten years exper
ience with SMT and Thru Hole process development and process control at the engi
neering and management levels. Proven problem solving skills and team building
ability. Solid track record of successful experience in optimizing productivity
and improving profitability.
Core Competencies Include:
Productivity & Cost Reduction Improvements * Strategic Planning * Change Agent
Forecasting * Safety Performance * Organizational Development * Asset Management
Project Management * Six Sigma * 5S * Resource Allocation * Project Quoting
Organizational Leadership & Development
Symbios Medical
Indianapolis, Indiana
Director of Operations 2006-Present
Coordinated and managed the transition into a new facility. This included plann
ing and executing critical moves of existing manufacturing and production areas
and office spaces. Retained original production staffing to accomplish startup
operations while meeting customer requirements.
Key Accomplishments Include:
* Specified, purchased and constructed a class 1000 cleanroom environment manufa
cturing space.
* Constructed none cleanroom manufacturing spaces including warehouse and office
spaces and loading docks.
* Assumed responsibility for all purchasing of all critical materials for buildi
ng product. Defined and built a non traditional excel based MRP material tracki
ng and trigger mechanism for parts replenishment as the initial material control
system while continuing to research the best solution for our needs.
* Successfully qualified the manufacturing spaces and processes which allowed pr
oduction samples to be shipped to customers for their qualification and ultimate
FDA approval.
* Instituted a formal production schedule to drive the production ramp, matching
the sales forecast to meet projected requirements including sterilizing specifi
Catheter Research Inc.
Indianapolis, Indiana
Director of Engineering / Operations
Managed all production activities for medical life sciences products with staff
of 83 employees. Accountable for process improvement activities, quality, and r
egulatory requirements. Managed all product development activities including pr
oviding product quotes and initiation of new contracts. Supported all metrology
Key Accomplishments Include:
* Increased production by 25% by implementing a defined schedule based on the us
e of similar materials, minimizing the changeover of parts and equipment.
* Reduced scrap by 60% for molded parts supplied for a catheter device.
* Worked closely with major customer to develop a process and qualify process su
pport for the launch of a new device. Generated $80K in additional revenue.
* Coordinated and implemented a plant move to a different location over a holida
y weekend. Critical processes were setup and re-qualified to start on the first
* Transferred a major device product line to the customer's Mexico facility. Al
l tooling, documentation, history files, etc. were moved without incident.

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Trivirix International
is, Indiana
Project Manager / Senior Manufacturing Engineer
Accountable for product development proposals including scheduling budgets and d
ocumentation for devices to be utilized in medical/life science applications. G
uided engineering team to ensure projects were completed timely while tracking f
inancial performance as product went from the design phase to production. Defin
ed areas for improved processes for product assembly. Served as Lead Project En
gineer for manufacturing design and transfer of electronic and plastic device pr
oducts into production. Defined and performed product specific qualification an
d performance analysis of PCBA interface and mechanical enclosures into overall
final systems.
Key Accomplishments Include:
* Supported manufacturing for newly developed blood glucose meter. Served as su
bject matter expert on the circuit board design and manufacture. Transferred pr
oduction from Germany facility to Mexico.
* Led testing efforts for the meter platform as the main engineer, working to un
derstand failures of the meters once manufactured. Prepared all reports of prog
ress and fault analysis and provided solutions for corrective actions.
* Standardized the file documents allowing for more consistent information into
the DHF for regulatory records.
* Led efforts in changing facilities. Coordinated the moving of all machinery,
office spaces, and setup in the new location. Included building certified elect
ronic assembly areas, cleanrooms, machine shop, certified Optics lab and secure
warehouse spaces.
* Supported manufacturing efforts and scheduling of production builds of contrac
ted developmental device manufacturing and process verifications. Designed and l
aid out new cell type manufacturing area to increase throughput by consolidating
the operation into confined area.
anapolis, Indiana
Manufacturing Manager
Managed engineering and execution of PCB and box build assembly for high-speed d
ata transmission cable, LAN, and telecommunications test equipment. Supervised
engineering group charged with maintaining equipment and enhancing existing meth
ods and technologies. Coordinated efforts to enhance assembly processes, planni
ng and material flow to meet technology upgrades and quality requirements for $1
20M division.
Key Accomplishments Include:
* Reduced non-conforming work-in-process from several weeks of inventory cost to
one day's cost, using root cause problem solving activities.
* Eliminated secondary quality inspection by incorporating individual verificati
ons throughout the processes and reducing customer returns by 50%.
* Reduced process TAKT time from six weeks to three by increased quality through
process controls and redefining methods of planning activities as well as resou
rce allocation using lean and "Demand Flow" techniques.
* Increased on-time delivery results from an average of 50% to 95% through the u
se of lean manufacturing techniques.
* Coordinated move to a new facility without impacting customer deliveries.
* Managed assembly factory of 3 SMT Lines, 2 Odd form (thru hole, wavesolder), I
CT and 5 product specific final assembly cells. All assemblies scheduled, built
, and delivered to specific end user orders. Factory set up to run 7X24.
SCI Systems
Colorado Springs, C
Manufacturing Manager
Promoted to manage manufacturing operations for plant with revenue of approximat
ely $400M. Customer base was computer technology, medical electronics, data tra
nsmission storage and test equipment.
Key Accomplishments Include:
* Phased out a high volume customer to an overseas facility and worked to fill c
apacity with new product/customer requirement without reducing projected revenue
* Implemented a traceably utility to track assemblies by serial number throughou
t factory operations as well as assembly technologies for new product introducti
on. Increased sales from an average of $200M to an average of $400M.
* Worked with major optics based data transmission customer to accommodate integ
ration from subassembly supplier to system integration, box build, full reliabil
ity, and functional testing of their product allowing complete outsourcing all o
f their manufacturing with direct shipment to end users.
* Supported compliance to ISO, UL, and FDA regulations.
* Managed SMT, Mixed Technology and box build assembly effort for 12 customers w
ith P&L responsibilities. The factory consisted of 16 SMT lines, 8 wavesolder/t
hru hole lines and several final assembly cells with some shipping directly to e
nd customers.
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Production Manager
Managed electronic technical PCB assembly operation during transition from Apple
to SCI ownership (SCI purchased Apple Computer) while providing direct engineer
ing support to the manufacturing floor. Coordinated and led team of engineers,
technicians, operators and supervisors for a 7X24 production effort.
Key Accomplishments Include:
* Provided leadership to process and sustain engineering groups on new product i
ntroduction and enhancements to technology (parts and machines) to stay current
on industry requirements.
* Re-staffed operation during transition from Apple owned to SCI operation. Red
efined required training for unskilled labor, implemented positive process contr
ols and quality techniques to minimize rework and material waste while maintaini
ng deliveries to in-plant box build operation.
Manufacturing Process Engineer
Performed process development and implementation of new generation computer asse
mblies into a high volume electronic assembly operation. Accountable for provid
ing all DFM/DFT feedback into the design cycle, developing processes to accommod
ate new technology and sustaining activities related to production.
Key Accomplishments Include:
* Identified major design flaws and resolution by vendor of SMT placement machin
ed that reduced rework on assemblies by over 50%.
* Performed DOE analysis for screen-printing processes to standardize setting an
d minimize recurring defects due to inaccuracies of setup.
* Implemented double sided reflow and hand placing of parts on SMT assemblies, r
educing product cycle times and additional process steps.
* Supported design effort on several key new products, defined new processes, le
ad proto builds, and provided support during product ramp.
* Implemented BGA processing as a standard process.
TRW Automotive
l, Illinois
Senior Manufacturing Engineer / Business Unit Team Leader
Engineered and managed self-direct work team in high volume electronics assembly
for Southeast Asian Automotive Business Unit.
* Implemented all process controls and yield measurements and led problem solvin
g techniques including Kaizan events, Honda Best Practices and mistake proofing.
* Drove quality concerns on Toyota products from 50000PPM to 20PPM.
* Implemented BGA technology into the process to add process capability for new
product introduction.
Racal Communications
Rockville, Mary
Quality Engineering Manager
Supervised efforts to define and implement documentation and controls for compli
ance to MIL-STD-9858.
* Prepared and documented standardized SMT operation, wavesolder and reflow proc
* Implemented a MIL Q 9858 quality system.
EI Circuits
hantilly, Virginia
Quality Manager
Managed quality system and production support group for medium volume SMT assemb
ly factory.
* Updated and enhanced all part placement, wavesolder and reflow profiles while
initiating a proactive SPC reporting system.
* Prepared all documentation and processes that led to ISO 9000 certification.
Texas Instruments
Colorado, Springs
Production Quality Engineer
* Supported all quality issues related to production and testing of systems cont
racted for major military programs built to Mil-Std-9858 requirements, DOE, FMEC
A, process audits and customer interface.
Acceptance Test Supervisor / Quality Engineer
* Supervised final quality performance verification of all hardware built on sit
e and submitted for acceptance by government officials.
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Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology
Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia
Associate of Science in Electronics Technology
Delaware Technical and Community College, Newark DE
Two Years of General Business Management course study at The University of Delaw