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BBT/GBC and The Bhaktivedanta Institute:

Kurusetra for ISKCON’s Soul

Jul 4, USA (SUN) — Let me establish some basic principles I am sure

the vast majority of you would ascribe to:

1. The orders and instructions of Our Guru Maharaja are the

'LIFE and SOUL' of the devotee.
2. Failure to properly comply, or to comply poorly is
forgivable, but failing to try or directly countermanding HIS
Instructions is practically unpardonable.
3. The 'TRUTH' is always the best defense for any offense
inadvertently given

The title of this presentation arises from a simple, glaring fact: There is
an anomaly in ISKCON that arises from a large fraction of the GBC. (I feel
a good number are misinformed or uninformed.) Some have been, and
are continuing to mislead ISKCON and the devotees by directly voiding --
and avoiding -- Srila Prabhupada's instructions and directives for BI and
in other matters. Thus, this is a 'battle' on the field of (Sanatana)

At the very last GBC resolution -- bottom of the list -- there is small
mention of BI. Actually, 16 GBC members -- a majority -- voted on the
recommendation of a smaller panel to sanction H.H. BhaktiSvarupa
Damodara Maharaja (henceforth, BSDS):

422. Bhaktivedanta Institute Dispute

It is resolved that in the matter of the dispute within the
Bhaktivedanta Institute between Bhaktisvarupa Damodara
Maharaja and Rasaraja Prabhu, the GBC Body accepts the
determinations of the arbitration panel that met during the
Annual General Meeting, 2006. The findings of the panel will
be published in a letter from the GBC Executive Committee.

Some GBC -- including, Ravindra Svarupa prabhu -- even moved to have

Maharaja booted out of ISKCON!! (Hari Vilas and others put a stop to this
nonsense!) What was Maharaja's 'crime/offense?' Trying to uphold Srila
Prabhupada's legacy and directives for BI! (Prabhupada's instructions
covering many hours of Sat-sanga, personally, or by letter.)
Let us give some background to see how we came to this challenge facing
ISKCON today.

1.Srila Prabupada appointed (Bhakti) Svarupa Damodara,

(Maharaja) The (International) Director for LIFE.
(Jayadvaita Maharaja can attest to the principle of
Lifetime appointments of ACBSP: Regard his lost legal
case with Hansadutta prabhu, Hans Kary.)

2.He gave BI an 'independent' funding source, BBT

3. 'All funds to go to Svarupa Damodara, (BSDS)

Whatever he needs'

4. He directed GBC to elect BSDS to become a GBC, for

BI and Manipura

In late1997, on my way to India, Jayapataka Maharaja was kind enough

to take me along as he motored up to 'Mayapura House' one Saturday, a
short drive from the Manor, outside London. I came to set up an
appointment to meet with Harikesa Maharaja and Naresvara prabhu to
discuss BI funding and also to assist Maharaja with his back pain. ( I
failed to see him on Sunday; the rest became a sordid history.) Since I
had always esteemed Maharaja and his dedicated service, I just wanted
to see him again and offer my dandavats. Just as I was leaving the small
apartment housing Maharaja, a familiar Indian-Goa-body came rushing
toward me shouting, 'Jayo, Jayo It's bhakti Norman from NY, don't you
remember me?'!

After some fondly exchanged memories, we came to the issue of BI

funding. He said, 'BBT washes it's hands of ever dealing with BI again;
It's written in stone! It wasn't until 2005 when the full import of what he
said become fully comprehensible: In phone conversations with BBT N.A.
Trustee Svavas prabhu, and e-mail exchanges with Jayadvaita Maharaja,
I learned that the 5 BBT Trustees -- Gopal Krishna, Harikesa, Jayadvaita
maharajas, Naresvara and perhaps Svavas prabhus -- moved to remove
themselves from keeping the fiduciary responsibility to independently
fund BI. They would henceforth rubber-stamp what the GBC-actually, a
small part thereof -- would specify. From that decision came all the
subsequent problems, imho, including a waste of $laks of dollars in
support of the poster child for a sinister, ritvik philosophy, 'Rasaraja',
henceforth Gomatam. (He rejected his proper spiritual master, BSDS, so I
reject the name given to him. Also, I clearly and unequivocally see that
he is an anti-bhakta, much like the anti-Christ. His 'record' and actions
bear this out

Here is what Gomatam says in his BI/Berkeley BI 05 Vyasa Puja

'offering'; (Other)
'You have set up ISKCON to help you extensively propagate
authoritative knowledge about souls and their eternal loving
relationship with Sri Krsna, while you have established the
Bhaktivedanta Institute to disseminate
the Bhagavatam's knowledge of matter, according to the
modern scientific way.'

What did Prabhupada say about BI:

My Dear Dravida das,

Please accept my blessings.
You may be knowing that we have formed one party of
scientists under the leadership of Sriman Svarupa Damodara
prabhu. Also we have formed the Bhaktivedanta
Institute for organizing scientific presentations of
Krishna Consciousness. This party is our most
important preaching arm with which we will be able to
destroy the bogus speculation and cheating which goes under
the banner of scientific advancement.
April 2,1977 Bombay

He called it…' our most important preaching arm' and 16 GBC are
endeavoring to wreck it, and for what -- an extremely egregious,
offensive ritvik, concocter and a person guilty of definite moral turpitude,
who tries to extort BSDS to change BI Mumbai to his liking to gain Indian
government support. Later he, or one of his minions try to forge a
devotees signature, and possibly bribe a police official. (Just recently, the
Mumbai Charity Commisssion upheld BSDS challenge to this forgery.)
(See my critique of Rasaraj's 05 VyasaPuja 'offering')

'The Institute will be primarily for those who have not entered
our temples. The subject matter will not be different
from what is taught in our temples. There will be no
difference between our temples and the Institute, but the
Institute will be official for the general mass.' Letter to
Svarupa Damodara
Sept 30, 1975

What should BI scholars do:

'You have to smash them by their, Tora lati na, tor çilä torna
amora tora bäëi däntera gora….. You have to simply catch
their words, and with their words kill them. That is
intelligence. We are saying plainly. You say with these words
which is their sona, mortar and pestle, and break their teeth.
That's all. Tora çilä tora nora tora bäëi däntera gora.(?) This
policy should be adopted.'
May 12, 1973 morning walk
What did he say of BSDS' realizations-Savijnanam-for BI:

'I have read the aims and objects of the Institute and it
is done very nicely. I am satisfied that you are properly
understanding the philosophy. The analysis you have
given in the section "What is the Bhaktivedanta
Institute'', regarding the scientists, technologists, and
other so-called authorities is most accurate. According to
Bhagavatam, they are all asses and cows, sa eva gokhara….
Therefore I am suggesting examinations. Bhakti-sastri-(for all
brahmanas) …These titles can correspond to entrance, B.A.,
M.A., Ph.D. So just consider how to organize this Institute. At
Mayapur we shall finalize everything.
Hoping this meets you well.
Your ever well-wisher,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Letter to: Svarupa Damodara
Bombay 10 January, 1976

(So how is it that BSDS-Svarupa Damodara- had this proper

understanding 30 years past and now 16 GBCs are demanding he deviate
from Prabhupada's cachet in favor of Gomatam? (Actually, I feel they/you
are committing a collective Vaisnava aparadha in that you are all trying to
get Maharaja to abandon his service to Srila Prabhupada, that is, to give
up his dharma as a brahmana and sannyasi). The GBC was set-up
to implement the Will of Srila Prabhupada, not destroy it. What
business is it of the GBC's, in any case?

The GBC may advise, facilitate and help manage some aspects of BI, as
requested, but they cannot -- nor should not -- try to command
adherence to what BI modus operandi is, particularly when there is a
salient violation of Srila Prabhupada's clear-cut orders and instructions.
Further, such commands by the GBC are adharmic since they are
functioning in the role of administrators - Ksatriyas -- and BI is a
brahminical institution and it's Director, a sannyasi, is clearly acting in
that capacity. This would clearly violate the principles of Varnashram so
dearly desired by our Gurudeva. Again, this command to accept their
philosophical position, or suffer consequences can be construed as a
collective Vaisnava aparadha since it expects a compliance that violates
Srila Prabhupada's orders and BS Damodara Maharaja service and loyalty
to Him and His purpose!)

Gomatam is certainly a very bright and charming person -- some would

say he can charm a snake -- but he has done nothing on his own, no
books, seminal, peer-reviewed papers, or held any meaningful events. Yet
the 16 GBC buys into his bogus philosophy and accepts his post-dated
check Why?!!!! He claims he is a disciple of ACBSP and has 'dreams.' To
the pretender, Ravi Gomaam, formerly Rasaraja, I say, paraphrasing:
Pretender, I directly served Srila Prabhupada, I knew Srila Prabhupada,
Srila Prabupada is my Guru Maharaja and eternal well-wisher.. Pretender,
you are no disciple of ACBS Prabhupada. You just pretend.

'And still, they will set aside the business to some future and
take the credit. Yes. "In future we shall be able to do it." And
that future will never come. And still, they will take the credit.
(laughter) Just see. Therefore müòha. This is the explanation
of müòha. It is just like somebody offered you a post-dated
check, and then he wants to clear his debt. Suppose I am
debtor by hundreds of dollars to you. I give you a post-dated
check, and still I say, "Now I am clear of your debt." And that
post-dated check will never be paid. This is their theory. Na
mäà prapadyante müòhäù duñkåtino narädhamäù [Bg. 7.15].
Australia RC June 28, 1974

'Kick him immediately on his face with boot. Rascal. Will

you accept any check, "It will be paid in future?" Will you
accept? So why shall I accept this rascal's theory? If
somebody gives me check, one million dollar, payable three
hundred years after, shall I be inclined to accept such check?
So why these fools accepting this post-dated check? Mäyayä
apahåta-jïänäù. … That we shall see in the future." Kick him
immediately on his face with boot. Rascal. Will you accept any
check, "It will be paid in future?" Will you accept? So why
shall I accept this rascal's theory? If somebody gives me
check, one million dollar, payable three hundred years after,
shall I be inclined to accept such check? So why these fools
accepting this post-dated check?
Morning walk March,6 1974 Mayapura

Prabhupada calls Gomatam a rascal and a fool and now he has become a
force for evil in that he wants to pervert ISKCON from within -- a Trojan
Horse -- and try to destroy Guru Parampara. By the same token, Srila
Prabhupada calls those who want to accept his post-dated check, fools!
('So why these fools accepting this post-dated check?') The cheater and
the cheated; this is a majority of GBC? 'Kick him out immediately on his
face with boot. Rascal.'

Hari Vilas prabhu has amply demonstrated Gomatam's extremist, ritvik

mentality and questionable moral and ethical standards. Is there some
kind of hypocrisy going on here? Some GBC take ritviks to court, yet
many encourage the miscreant Gomatam and even reward him with
scarce BBT laxmi!

Jayadvaita Swami deserves special mention here -- to reply to his 'what is

good for the goose…' I say people with glass houses shouldn't throw
stones. Under Maharaja's watch he, as a leader of BBT Trustees, decided
to reward the Sadaputa in his departure from BI with BBT funding; He
loses $3 1/2 laks in an ill conceived legal case against Hansadutta, he
leads the Trustees of BBT in 1997 to renounce Srila Prabhupada's
instruction for BBT in regard to BI and their independence from GBC,
(they rejected their fiduciary responsibility to BI); Hari Vilas prabu
quotes him as telling Gomatam some time back, 'I don't care if
you are ritvik, but don't be public about it if you want to get BBT
money..' Since 97 BBT has wasted many $laks on Gomatam, like pouring
laxmi down a sewer hole:

If Srila Prabhupada was the Father of BI, Sriman Rupanuga prabhu was
it's 'Godfather' and BSDS is the spiritual son. (I was donated to BI/BSDS
by my GBC, Rupanuga prabhu, in 1976.) I should give you some history
of my service to Srila Prabhupada, in connection with BI, in the last year.
I felt a clear anomaly arising in the BBT/GBC in regard to BI and I started
a long journey -- a year ago -- to see what might be done. ('My ISKCON,
right or wrong, if right to be kept right; if wrong to be set right'.) I
wanted to inform and implore the GBC to act. I requested the GBC's
postal addresses, late summer/early fall 2005, in order to extend the
courtesy of sending hard copy. (A series of exchanges via-email with
Lilasuka prabhu and the EC ensued. The EC patently refused my request
and asked me to await the outcome of the mediation. (This was last fall.)
I had to bite the bullet and humbly accept their request. By the time
'mediation' was unsuccessfully concluded, in Alachua in early February, I
desperately tried to get the materials to the GBC. I had repeated e-mails
with Hari Sauri prabhu, who did what he thought he could, and overnight
mailed my materials to Hari Vilasa, who gave it to BSDS' disciple
Jivamukta when he got to Mayapura What became of it I do not yet know,
but it is somewhat apparent that it was not distributed during Mayapura.

The solution is really very simple: The BBT follow Prabhupada's

instructions once again and take up their fiduciary and devotional
responsibilities. (What could the GBC do, sue them?)

ALL funds to go to BSDS with request for Drutakarma and Sadaputa

prabus, provided they both send semi-annual reports on their BI activities
to BSDS. In Sadaputa's case he has to also agree to either send a letter
of apology to BSDS Maharaja or agree to mediation. (I WILL GIVE SOME

E-mail the BBT trustees to request this compliance with Srila Prabhupada
and to stop paying funds to Gomatam! (YOU SHOULD NOTE THAT BSDS
SINCE 2000 OR BEFORE. Gomatam has received $37.5K, or more, yearly
for nearly ten years or more, Sadaputa for a long period, and Drutakarma
gets 14.5K, BSDS NOTHING,, nor for the publishing of SAVIJANAMA-BI
Gopasl Krishna Goswami Maharaja for
Also cc them on their pamho accounts.

Satyanarayana prabhu told me he will go along with what is decided. My

feeling is we just have to persuade GKG and Svavasa prabhu and the
others will follow. You have nothing to fear but fear itself: Sarva,

In the mid 1990s Sadaputa's 'camp' severely rebuked BSDS for his
service in BI and mounted an unsuccessful assault on BSDS's/Gomatam's
budget. (Drutakarma was one of the culprits but later saw the error of his
ways and wrote to apologize to Maharaja. ) Chief among the touts -- 'To
solicit customers, votes, or patronage, especially in a brazen way'. -- was
Ravindra Svarupa prabhu, who penned a diatribe called, THE

To begin with the title, it is egregious, hyperbole and poppycock! Ravindra

was never an 'EYEWITNESS' TO ANYTHING ! (Except for a short period
when BI was cajoled into moving to his home base, Philly.) He is just
giving us 'second hand smoke' and you know how dangerous that can be.
His very first line is a mistake and what follows is mostly false based on
this mistake and has to be rejected: 'From the very beginning, there were
two conflicting models or paradigms for the' structure of the
Bhaktivedanta Institute…'

(There was only one model as given by Srila Prabhupada to


Than he continues this serious mistake in the third line of his paper:
'Prabhupada had personally appointed five-man Board of Directors for BI.'
WRONG, WRONG! You will not find any mention of this so-called 'Board' in
Vedabase. (Hence anything that follows in his paper starts with a false
premise.) Additionally, both BSDS and Rupanuga prabhu told me that this
was a hastily drawn up document-followed years later by a meeting in
Atlanta- to get Srila Prabhupada to sign it to formally establish BI with His
blessings. (I got a copy as a member of BI. I tried to scan but OCR is not
working properly.) Rupanuga prabhu further elaborated to me that the
only reason that Ravindra was invited was because he was a friend and
his TP in Philly (Ravindra signed it 'Dr' but it would be the better part of a
decade-two?-before he got his PhD in philosophy from Temple.) Note here
that Ravindra and Gomatam both received 'scholarships' from BI funds
with little return on investment. Both their PhDs are in the philosophy
fields, and not in the sciences as were the three original signers to the
above, mentioned document. (I also attach the first page of Ravindra's
I've also always been very appreciative of Ravindra prabhu when I first
spied him in 76 on the Harrisburg, PA Capitol steps, in conjunction with
Three Mile Island. (I was on my way to the glorious Gita Nagri .)
However, he has held an historical animosity toward BSDS, imho, and
epitomizes one of the fallacies of the GBC or how some choose to act:
They act or think GBC and ISKCON are synonymous. This is NOT so.
ISKCON is Srila Prabhupada's legacy to us. It is His Spiritual House, an
abode we can all reside in. It is all the matajis sewing so conscientiously
for Their Lordships, all the dedicated and reliable pujaris, the latrine
cleaner, the fired-up SKP devotees, the temple TP and officers and all of
you out there in cyberspace who keep Prabhupada in their hearts. The
GBC-at least some members-act with the notion that it and ISKCON are
the same thing. In reality, ISKCON is so much more: It is all those
humble matajis sewing for the Deities, the faithful pujaris, the SKP
devotees, the TP and so many others, like those who reside in
cyberspace. How can the GBC excommunicate Maharaja from ISKCON out
of ISKCON? After all, he is appointed Director for Life and this principle of
Lifetime Directorship has already been upheld in a US Court of Law in the
Case of Hanasadutta prabhu and Jayadvaita Maharaj's created entity.
Those who do not learn from their mistakes are condemned to repeat

Here is Ravindra's eloquent word which apply here:

'Criticism and debate-"peer review"--are intrinsic to healthv

intellectual life: an ethos must be maintained in which mutual
criticism is routinely carried on without the development of
personal animosities and antagonisms. An honest thinker is
acutely aware of the positive contribution of the negative, and
he longs for intelligent, perceptive critics, for they assist him
immeasurably in strengthening and refining his ideas, and
they keep him from wasting time in pursuing dead ends.
Thinkers publish precisely to display their work to critical
RavindraSvarupa prabhu

(Prabhupada wrote to Giriraja on 5-15, 1972, 'if one man is appointed as

leader-BSDS-all must follow him and be obedient. 'Obedience is the first
law of discipline.' Your men are pointing out irregularities, but they
themselves are not doing their duty, so they are pointing out the
irregularities in others. They came to serve; now they don't want to
serve, so there is some excuse. They say, 'Oh, irregularity, let me go
away.' Srila Prabhupada also asked us all to show our love by cooperating
together. Sadaputa has failed both.)
So we see some of what are SOME of Sadaputa's offenses to BSDS. I say
give him a month to accept mediation or an apology. He can acknowledge
either by e-mail to BSDS or his BI secretary in Denver, Hari Mohan

All who see this send your request to Sadaputa prabu:,

If we get no response in a month then all devotees who read this can
advise him they will not purchase any books or materials. 'Boycott'
(Better by love and devotion.) I have, very frequently, been a
gadfly to Sadaputa prabhu, begging him to recant, to see him
empowered. I would feel amiss if he is allowed to do service on
the Mayapura project as long as he has such a negative state of
devotional mind. He can produce many great books, establishing
the principle of Vaisnava Siddhanta-literatures in pursuance of the
Vedic version-but will he, can he sell them well?

WRONG TO BE SET RIGHT! So I say to all the children of ISKCON:

Allons enfants de la ISKCONRY; Le jour de gloire est arriv.

If ISKCON last the promised 10,000, golden years, history may say that
this is their finest hour! Let us storm the Bastille that is some segment of
GBC, a call to arms, let your voices be heard. If the 16 GBC or five BBT
Trustees and RGB CANNOT be persuaded by love and devotion, I am
reminded of what the colorful LBJ said, 'If you grab them by the------,
their hearts and minds will follow.'

Yours in the service to Srila Prabhupada,

BSDS and all the past and present BI members, Jayo das
News flash: I just talked to a GBC, 26 June, and he stated the RGB-Indian
GBCs will take up the matter of Gomatam and his co-dependents, last
week of July. 'ISKCON' will be watching. Jivanmukta prabhu and BSDS'
Kolkata office staff have done a fine job of presenting ACBSP versus
Gomatam's vision for BI. It is .pdf called Protecting the Legacy of
Bhaktivedanta Institute. I will attempt to find out about uploading it here.
I also plan to post my previous papers, BI and ISKCON and two combined
papers, Rasaraja and Critique 05 Vyasa Puja 'offering'/BI Berkeley. I will
also send this or the others via attacment if you e-mail me to so request

Srila Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Swami Sripad Maharaj’s intended presentation to the GBC
titled: “Protecting the Legacy of Bhaktivedanta Institute” online: