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Gary L.

1 Belden Court, M4
Agawam, MA 01001
Telephone 413 786-0465
Cellular Phone 413 530-5287
Extensive experience in manufacturing Management and Process Engineering and Inf
ormational Technology.
2010 Whalley Computer Associates (Adecco Temp)
Computer Technician: Disk and Pin Pad imaging; Computer and Network configuratio
n, equipment testing and repair, inventory adjustments.
2010 St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center (externship for Branford Hall)
Desktop Support Technician
2008 - 6/25/2008 Mechanical Plastics
Manufacturing Manager
2007 - 2008 OMG fasteners
Quality Inspector
2002 - 2007 Home Depot West Springfield MA
Power Equipment Specialist
1996 - 2001 BAYER CORPORATION Indian Orchard, MA and Addyston Ohio
PROCESS DEVELOPMENT, BAYER CORPORATION - 1996 to 2002 (Process Development Cente
Responsible for project installation, process development and scale up of produc
ts and processes into manufacturing. Installed, started up and operated new pilo
t plant facilities. Conducted commercial trials of new products/process and prov
ided Manufacturing support. Maintained OSHA PSM and site compliance for pilot pl
ant operations.
1974-95 MONSANTO COMPANY, Indian Orchard, MA; Addyston, Ohio and Decatur, Alabam
TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST - 1992 to 1996 (Monsanto Process Development Group)
Responsible for process and new product development for pilot scale to commercia
l manufacturing operations. Operated pilot scale facilities and provided technic
al support for manufacturing operations. Participated on quality audit teams for
directing manufacturing technical and quality programs. Developed process model
s for pilot and manufacturing configurations. Assisted in manufacturing and supe
rvised OSHA PSM compliance effort including final process PHA. Participated on M
anufacturing Continuous Quality Improvement programs.
Technically responsible for operations and process development of two Specialty
Resin manufacturing lines including debottlenecking, troubleshooting, cost reduc
tion, SPC development continuous improvement and lean manufacturing. Responsible
for project scoping, estimation, design and program implementation. Responsible
for departmental quality plans and procedures to meet ISO 9000 standards.
QUALITY ASSURANCE SUPERVISOR, 1988 to 1989 (Manufacturing, Control Lab and Wareh
Supervisor of Quality Control Laboratory, Shipping, Receiving and warehousing fa
cilities for Resins group. Responsible for development of SPC programs and Quali
ty Assurance Manual. Participated in manufacturing supplier and vendor quality a
Implemented manufacturing Quality Assurance programs including development of SP
C programs for continuous quality improvement in Laboratory, Warehouse and Manuf
acturing departments. Implemented and coordinated SPC charting and Certificate o
f Analysis programs for Laboratory and Warehouse departments.
Developed, implemented and trained personnel in the use of a new Laboratory Info
rmational Management System. Developed and implemented statistical analysis (RS/
1) programs linked to the Laboratory Database for data analysis and SPC charting
Participated in the development, implementation and personnel training for a com
puter Inventory Control System (similar to SAP) with on-line inventory managemen
t utilizing bar code labels and scanners.
MANUFACTURING SUPERVISOR, 1987 - 1988 (Amino Resins manufacturing)
Responsible for all operations of a commercial facility for manufacture of Amino
Resins, including safety, compliance with governmental regulations, product qua
lity, maintenance, budgeting, cost control, new product demonstration and salary
administration and development of six salaried and 35 union wage personnel.
MANUFACTURING SUPERINTENDENT, 1986 - 1987 (supervised manufacturing and manufact
uring technical support groups)
Served as superintendent and supervisor of a manufacturing department for produc
tion, loading and shipping of high impact and crystal polystyrene products.
Responsible for all departmental operations including safety, compliance with go
vernmental regulations, quality, maintenance, budgeting, cost control, new produ
ct and capital project demonstrations, salary administration and development of
three technical engineers, four foremen and 29 union wage personnel.
Participated in negotiations and sale of the polystyrene business. Developed pro
grams for turnover and training of purchaser's operators.
MANUFACTURING SUPERVISOR, 1985 -1986 (Styrenics DI-4 and DC-0 Manufacturing)
Responsible for all manufacturing department operations of a continuous, commerc
ial, high impact and crystal polystyrene production facility (200 M lb./yr.) inc
luding safety, compliance with governmental regulations, quality, maintenance, c
ost control, capital project demonstrations, salary administration and developme
nt of four foremen and 29 union wage personnel.
MANUFACTURING SUPERVISOR, 1982 - 1985 (Decatur, Alabama Manufacturing)
Responsible for all departmental operations of a continuous, commercial, high im
pact polystyrene production facility (100 M lb./yr.) including safety, complianc
e with governmental regulations, quality, maintenance, cost control, capital pro
ject demonstrations and salary administration and development of one foremen and
17 wage personnel. Developed, implemented and trained personnel in the use of a
process supervisory control system.
SENIOR PROCESS DEVELOPMENT ENGINEER, 1980 - 1982 (Process development for Styren
Responsible for development and operation of bench-scale continuous mass polysty
rene and high impact polystyrene polymerization unit.
Implemented process modifications for production of new and improved products an
d product formulations for scale up to commercial production.
Developed and implemented an improved computer process control system.
Participated in the design, installation, start-up and operation of a continuous
mass ABS pilot plant facility.
Responsible for development and review of technical designs, coordination of con
struction and mechanical installation and implementation of operating procedures
, staffing and training, mechanical check-out and start-up.
Developed and implemented a data acquisition system and managed maintenance and
safety programs for compliance with governmental regulations.
Responsible for technical, mechanical and regulatory aspects of the operation of
an existing ABS continuous mass pilot plant facility including safety, procedur
es and compliance with governmental regulations.
Responsible for operations and scheduling including interfacing with product gro
ups for integrated process/product development. Developed product and process ra
te change strategies and procedures. Designed and implemented a mechanical addit
ive addition system resulting in improved product properties.
ing Technology Group)
Participated in construction, start-up and operation of a commercial batch suspe
nsion SAN production facility.
Responsible for equipment checkout, water-batching, start-up operations and oper
ator training.
Technically responsible for product quality, blending and pack out operations in
cluding devolatilization development for reduction of product residual monomer l
Technically responsible for process trouble shooting, debottlenecking and yield
Developed process solvent cleaning procedures and analytical procedures for resi
dual solvent detection.
Branford Hall and Career Institute, Computer Network Management Degree, Springfi
eld, MA
University of Mass, B.S. Chemical Engineering, 1974 3.0 GPA
University of Mass, Continuing Education
Polymer Science & Engineering
Computer experience with all computer troubleshooting, repair and replacement in
an enterprise environment, process control computers, Laboratory Informational
Management Systems, On-line inventory control systems, ProVox, Flowtran, Hyprote
ch HYSIM and HYSYS modeling, Windows Office (Xp, 2003, 2007, 2010), Corel WP Sui
te, CAD, Basic, Fortran, C++. MS Networking
Attended developmental courses and seminars: Managerial Analytics, Conference Le
adership, Motivational Principals, Anatomy of a Presentation, Effective Leadersh
ip Communications, Computer Network Management degree, Desktop Support Technicia
n, Process Control Concepts, Flowtran/CSMP/HYSIM/HYSYS/Fortran computer language
courses, Beckman Laboratory Informational Management Systems course, HP based F
isher ProVox operations course, DEC based Fisher ProVox operations course, Hazar
dous materials handling and shipping seminar, Hazop leader training, OSHA PSM Im
plementation Training, PHA leader training, Union Negotiations and Administratio
n Training, Mechanical seal design and operation seminar, Total quality fundamen
tals and advanced courses, Career Planning and Development, U.S. Savings Bond an
d United Way Solicitor, Equal Employment Opportunity Training, Business Ethics a
nd Sexual Harassment Training, Advanced First Aid and CPR training, CPR Instruct
or Training, DOT certified for waste shipment, Lean Manufacturing, Statistica, M
initab, 6-Sigma QC/QA.