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"Highly reputed, performance driven, and dedicated professional with hands-on kn

owledge in vendor relations, purchasing and marketing. Proven track record in
demonstrating talent for establishing personal relationships, networking, and ex
plaining complex concepts to others. Strong management, program development and
computer abilities, with an exemplary ability to work independently and with a
team "to get the job done".
Strategic Sourcing Vendor Purchasing Specialist - Apr. 2008 - Apr. 2009
GE Energy, Atlanta, Georgia
* Procured quality products and maintained attractive price points satisfying
customer demands and ensuring company profitability.
* Prepare purchase orders, solicit bid proposals, and review requisitions for
goods and services.
* Prioritized, scheduled and expedited delivery of materials to meet target da
tes prevented excess inventory and avoided stock shortages.
* Interfaced with Order Administrators, Engineers, Project Managers and suppli
ers to expedite and resolved issues.
* Research and evaluate suppliers based on price, quality, selection, service,
support, availability, reliability, production and distribution capabilities, a
nd the supplier's reputation and history.
* Expedited and prioritized supply chain to meet emergency forced outages, an
d short cycle customer's demands
* Contacted vendors and suppliers for quotation and followed up on outstanding
purchasing orders.
* Conferred with vendors; obtained product and service information, pricing, a
vailability, and delivery schedule.
* Avoided product delays and secured significant cost savings by developing al
ternative sources for hard-to-find products.
* Developed strong relationships with new vendors; reestablished relationship
with former vendors.
* Sourced and qualified vendors, with an emphasis on quality and cost effectiv
eness. Used a just-in-time purchasing system ensured that goods and services arr
ive in-house when required.
* Streamlined the purchasing process through single sourcing suppliers.
* Monitored shipments to ensure that goods come in on time and resolve problem
s related to undelivered goods.
Vendor Manager - Oct. 2001 - Sep. 2007
Hewlett Packard, Atlanta, Georgia
* Reviewed Statement of Work; negotiated contract terms, plans, schedules, rat
es, resources, involvement and role/responsibilities.
* Administered Hardware Service Level Agreements between hardware and software
vendors, ensured services and inventory levels were maintained.
* Placed orders and assured accurate pricing, as well as secured vendors payme
* Created and executed project work plans and revised as appropriate meeting c
hanging needs and requirements identified resources needed and assigned individu
als responsibilities.
* Effectively applied methodology and enforced project standards.
* Protected project documents and completed, current, and stored appropriately
interpreted all aspects of contractual agreement between Hewlett Packard and Ba
nk of America, well maintaining a detailed view of the supplier's performance ag
ainst contract.
* Communicated with the installation team and subcontracted vendors, to facili
tate the installation of new equipment within the bank environment, as it was pr
ocured from HP.
* Planned, scheduled, and procured all manufactured, fabricated and subcontrac
ted hardware to support in-house production, new product development, and spare
part requirements.
* Identified resources needed and assigned HP technicians.
* Analyzed purchase requests of completeness, specifications, and technical do
* Standardized purchasing procedures related to facilities, equipment, and ser
* Procured various types of technology equipment.
* Discussed defective or unacceptable goods with quality control personnel and
vendors, determined source of trouble, and took corrective action.

Vendor Relations Manager - Sep. 1997 - Mar. 2001
MCI WorldCom, Atlanta, Georgia
* Managed revenues of $145 million and promoted the MCI WorldCom Fund program,
assisted the customers with implementing technology.
* Worked cooperatively with manufacturers to develop appealing packaging, pric
e points, and marketing strategies to highlight products and created excitement
for the MCI WorldCom Business Solution customers.
* Saved over $250,000 on annual basis, in development and staffing costs and h
ad an increase over 9.8 million in customer deposits.
* Negotiated, issued, and maintained blanket purchase orders for production ma
* Monitored distribution channels for changes in products, price, and availabi
lity and reported status changes to senior sales personnel.
* Developed requisition and ordering procedures.
* Approved invoices for payments and expedited delivery of goods for productio
* Coordinated and implemented project plan, to bring MCI Fund program in-house
and eliminated the need for outsourcing agents.
* Supervised and trained Administrators on vendor's equipment, ordering proced
ures, as well as developed training manual.
* Tracked, maintained and reconciled financial information and conducted month
ly conference calls with account payable processor, Account Payable Manager, Sen
ior Marketing Managers and vendors to discuss monthly financial results, objecti
vely identifying issues and resolutions.
* Produced and instituted a successful MCI Fund catalog using an internal prop
osal tool designed for MCI WorldCom Business Solution customers.
* Recorded incoming invoices into an Excel spreadsheet to ensure that they wer
e paid within 30 days.
* Moderated and managed contract changes, modifications, and terminated as req
* Utilized the "Purchase n Pay", system to create Purchase Requisitions and pe
rformed on-going support to the financial close and settlement process with SAP
accounting cycle.
* Managed 32 MCI WorldCom Fund vendors.
Bachelor of Arts, Marketing and Advertising
Clark College (Clark-Atlanta University)
Microsoft Word; Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Schedule, Mic
rosoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project, SAP R/3 Finance Module, Arri
ba, Visio, Oracle, COPICS/COSDOM, Citrix
MCI Business Marketing Star Award; MCI Executive Club Award; MCI Business Market
ing Star Award