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Database Architect
cell: 858.525.1839
Management Skills:
Over 20 years of consecutive Information Technology experience on a wide variet
y of platforms, operating systems and businesses as a senior technical managemen
t consultant.
Performed master project scheduling, risk management, and led a Program Managem
ent Office (PMO).
Over 10 years of configuration management using SDLC best practices for pharmac
eutical, retail, telecommunications, and internet companies.
Provider of methodologies and best practices for several companies a" using And
ersen project management methodologies.
Technical project manager and data architect for Data Conversion, Data Quality,
Data Migration, and Data Warehouse projects.
Technical Skills:
Over 14 years of experience in production database design, administration, tuni
ng, reporting systems, web development, system design, project management, and o
perational support, architecture, and project management within OLTP, OLAP, and
hybrid environments.
Data architect and administrator of Oracle, SQL*Server, Siebel CRM and Oracle i
CRM products.
Received Oracle training on both functional and technical aspects of the Apps 1
1i modules from Oracle Corporation.
Responsible for installation, configuration, and gap analysis of Oracle Apps 11
i on NT and Solaris 8.
Performed fit and gap analysis of new features using Oracle 9i and 10g within s
everal enterprises.
Performed architecture and configuration analyses of DEV, QA, and PROD environm
ents including: disk configurations and RAID levels to support OLTP and Data War
ehouse applications, database initialization parameters and conformance to OFA g
Proficient in Oracle full project lifecycle including: SQL statement tuning, PL
/SQL, and UNIX administration and tuning, backup, recovery strategies along with
logical and physical data modeling using CASE methodologies.
Architecture experience on ETL tools such as Data Junction, Business Objects, a
nd Informatica Powercenter, and Oracle Warehouse Builder.
Established skills on Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g as a database administrator.
Instructor of Oracle and SQL*Server database certification courses, and develop
er of multimedia client-server training sessions to instruct technical project t
eam members.
Industry experience includes: Intuit, Charles Schwab, Genentech, Hoffmann-LaRoc
he, Polaroid Corporation, M.I.T. Lincoln Labs, Lockheed Martin, N.A.S.A., Rockwe
ll International, and other Fortune 500 companies.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Detail oriented and highly
focused with strong analytical skills.
Hardware & OS: Windows NT/2000/2003, Sun Solaris 8/9/10, UNIX, Red Hat Linux, AI
X, HP-UX, IBM 360/370/390
Operating Tools: Tivoli, CA Unicenter, Legato, Veritas
Networking: UNIX TCP/IP, NFS, SQL*Net
Reporting Tools: Crystal Reports, JReports, Business Objects, Cognos
RDBMS: Oracle 6/7/8i/9i/10g/11g, Oracle Apps 10.x, 11i,
SQL Server T-SQL 7, 2000 Enterprise/Server/Repository Manager, Oracle iCRM, SQL
Plus, Forms, Menu, Oracle GLUE, Crystal Reports, Designer/Developer 2000, Erwin
/ERX, Pro*C, Data Junction, BO, MicroStrategy.
Management: Visual Source Safe, CCC/Harvest, ClearCase, Perforce, RCS, SCCS
Applications: JDA, Retek, Oracle Apps11i, Siebel, Remedy, Similarity/Axio Data P
rofiling Toolset, IBI DataMigrator
Languages: DHTML, XML, HTML, Java, LISP, Basic, C/C++, FrontPage 2000, COBOL, Vi
sual Basic 1.0-6.0
ETL Tools: IBI Data Migrator, Oracle Warehouse Builder, Oracle Data Integrator
Data Profiling Tools: DataCleaner, Talend Data Profiler, Axio (Similarity System
Data Modeling Tools: CA ERWin Data Modeler, Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler, E
R/Studio, PowerDesigner, Silverrun, Toad Data Modeler
Anvita Health San Diego, CA 10/10 a" present
Database Reporting Architect
a Design and deploy an enterprise database reporting system for medical informat
ion using MySQL, Windows, and UNIX environments.

Akimeka LLC Kihei, Maui 08/08 a" 09/10

Database Architect
a Data Warehouse Architect responsible for the design, building, testing, and do
cumentation of an Enterprise Data Warehouse integrating several source system sc
hemas using Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB 11gR1) and Oracle 11g. Designing and
implementing the ETL process using several staging schemas and an Operational Da
ta Store for reporting using Business Objects. Dashboards are being implemented
for monitoring the job feeds as well as monitoring data quality. The stage and
target star / snowflake schemas are being designed and modeled using ERWin.
a Developed a new architecture and implemented an enterprise strategy for loadin
g data for the Theater Medical Data Store (TMDS) application for the Defense Hea
lth Information Management System (DHIMS).
a Responsible for data modeling of several new and modified systems including OL
TP, data feeder systems, and data warehouses. Used ERWin and Quest data modelin
g tools.
a Designed and implemented stage, vault, and datamart schemas using Oracle 10g d
atabase, Oracle Warehouse Builder11gR1, and Business Objects XI Rel.1
a Received certification on the Data Vault data modeling methodology a" see http
:// which means that I have a foundational
base for creating, designing, and building scalable, flexible, and accountable e
nterprise data integration stores.
a Received training on Business Objects XI Rel.1 in support of report creation f
or the Theater Medical Data Store application. Designed and implemented several
XML feeder system interfaces to Oracle back-end databases.
a Designed Blood schema model using ERWin and deployed into an Oracle developmen
t environment. Developed PL/SQL stored procedures and functions to support acce
ss to the Oracle database from the web application.
a Implemented Oracle Spatial (and the entire MSAT schema) by loading and transpo
rting spatial data, and allowing for SDO_GEOMETRY to be used in a web applicatio
n performing spatial queries (MSAT). Performance improvements of from 2-7 time
s were achieved using an Oracle database - version
a Maintained and maintained using SDLC best practices - entire dev, qa, test, de
mo, and production instances for MSAT.
a Developed several Oracle database standards documents including schema design,
installation+patch, feed system designs, database configurations, as well as in
stallation documents and security.
a Performed Oracle database tuning for the Blood Inventory Management (BIM) proj
ect as well as the for the Medical Situational Awareness Theater (MSAT).
a Converted FEEDBACK web application back-end database originally in MySQL to Or
acle 10g.
a Received training on HIPAA Privacy and Security in order to comply with HIPAA
privacy regulations.

Sempra San Diego, CA 03/08 a" 06/08

Database Administrator
a ETL administrator ensuring that existing jobs complete on time and checking fo
r error.
a Organized a conversion effort of Oracle PL/SQL reporting queries to be used in
the SQL Server T-SQL 2005 environment. Total of over 300 PL/SQL routines conve
rted to T-SQL routines.
a Designed and coding ETL routines for loading data from Excelergy Oracle to Loa
dStar SQL Server databases.
Linsco Private Ledger, San Diego, CA
06/07 a" 01/08
Technical Project Lead for Data Integration Project
a Lead the development team for the BranchNet Pershing Integration project which
provides data to an integrated trading system enabling advisors of a broker dea
ler system to view data from multiple disparate sources.
a Managed the development of Informatica PowerCenter v8.x workflows, as well as
database schemas, ETL processes utilizing an in-house proprietary job scheduling
a SQL Server 2000 and 2005 were utilized on Windows platforms using T-SQL.
a Managed technical developers, prepared system specification documentation, bui
lt and deployed servers, and prepared release documentation to support the SDLC
release process.
SDDPC, San Diego, CA
09/06 a" 05/07
Database Administrator and Data Architect
a Installed, configured, tuned, and re-architected production criminal and mappi
ng databases using SQL Server 2000 and 2005 using T-SQL. These databases suppor
ted a variety of law enforcement web sites.
a Performed production DBA monitoring of all database servers. These included c
rime search, mapping, and SDPD data as well as various flavors of 3rd party data
a Created and maintained job schedules for ETL processing.
a Performed security audits, enforced best practice database design methodologie
a Re-designed the SAN partition layouts for disk I/O database performance and fu
ture growth.
a Developed, tested, and documented Disaster Recovery (DR) practices for Oracle
as well as SQL Server databases.
a Upgraded databases from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005.
a Upgraded and supported blade servers as well as preparing SAN for VM-ware appl
a Prepared project plan, analyzed, designed and began porting the CALPHOTO mugsh
ot database running on Oracle 9i to SQL Server 2000 and 2005 using T-SQL. This
involved the re-design of the schema using ERWin as well as reverse engineering,
documenting, and analyzing all of the PL/SQL code including triggers, functions
, stored procedures, etc.
a Patched and performed maintenance and upgrades of production SQL Server databa
ses systems.
a Migrated databases from the different states: DEV to QA to PROD states.
a Developed project plan, migration plan, and target schema for CalPhoto image d
atabase ported from Oracle to SQL Server.
a Developed enterprise OLTP schema for the ATD crime database using ERWin. The
Global Justice XML format was used in the model in order to ensure proper mappin
g of data feeds coming in and going out of the database.
a Performed schema comparisons and maintained production and QA/test databases.
a Designed target schema for SDPD database using SQL Server and T-SQL. DTS jobs
and job scheduler tasks were used to refresh the data on a daily basis.
a Utilized a variety of DBA tools including Spotlight on SQL Server, Spotlight o
n Oracle, DBArtisan, Quest Toad with DBA option, ERWin, and T-SQL. Posted serve
r and database architecture information on the Intranet Wiki.

Time Warner Cable, San Diego, CA

7/2006 a" 9/2006
Database Architect
a Re-architected the back-end ETL process supporting the Call Center reporting d
ata warehouse using Microsoft SQL-Server.
a Designed new data warehouse reporting system that provided statistics which im
proved the Quality of calls and workorders, and also improved Call Responses thr
u providing information on attendance, availability, schedule compliance, and ot
her business statistics.
a Re-designed the enterprise consolidated schemas for rapid reporting services.
a Source systems included Sybase, Oracle, SQL Server databases.
eSignal Corporation, Hayward, CA
4/2006 a" 6/2006
Production DBA Consultant
a Provided production and application DBA support for Microsoft SQL-Server and O
racle9i database systems for various on-going projects.
a Managed the configuration, testing, and release of new production SQL Server.
a Wrote and tested SQL Server T-SQL stored procedures and Oracle PL/SQL to
implement business logic.
a Developed SQL coding (SQL Server T-SQL and Oracle PL/SQL) including PL/SQL and
Unix Shell Scripting.
a Migrated databases to/from SQL Server T-SQL to Oracle PL/SQL.
a Performed database performance tuning, monitoring, and troubleshooting.
a Managed Oracle9i on Linux operation system.
a Performed Oracle Partitioning, RMAN, Statspack, SQL*Loader tasks.
a Implemented RAID on SQL Server machines.
a Experience and knowledge of HTML, ASP, Visual Basic 6.0, VB.Net and other web
development languages and tools was required.

San Diego County, San Diego CA

8/2005 a" 7/2006
Data Warehouse Architect
a Lead the Datawarehouse team in the methodologies and tools utilized in the dep
loyment of the San Diego county IPTS datawarehouse.
a Architected the design of the Datawarehouse including dimensions, cubes, ETL p
rocess, job scheduling, and reporting queries. Designed logical as well as phys
ical schemas for the IPTS OLTP and data warehouse using ERWin.
a Performed basic project management tasks including planning, estimating, statu
s reporting and scope management.
a Met with vendors and aided the negations as well as 3rd party tool selections
as well as licenses for databases and hardware configurations.
a Mentored and trained project team members in the implementation and use of lat
est datawarehouse tools and methodologies including Oracle10g, Oracle Warehouse
Builder, and various reporting tools.
a Worked with business users to define user requirements and business rules.
a Developed standards and prescribed a defined software development life cycle m
a Ensured the integrity, reliability, efficiency, and data quality of the BI des
ign and resulting infrastructure.
a Developed the detailed data architectures that support the enterprise and defi
ned the data standards for enterprise systems.
a Reviewed and assessed all major database designs for implementation feasibilit
y, ensuring that data structure aligned with business goals, intended use, and f
lexibility of design.
a Translated business requirements into implementation process by considering al
l alternatives and implementing the best strategy to ensure design meets perform
ance, usability, reliability and scalability requirements.
a Participated in the definition of both functional and non-functional requireme
nts of a system and defines the development strategy, standards and support tool
a Performed analysis and conceptual design to ensure high-level designs are accu
rately documented and receive the appropriate stakeholder approval.
a Tracked all tasks and deliverables throughout the phases of the project.
Data Migration Specialist
a Designed and implemented the data migration and profiling methodology of up to
40 source legacy systems using Similarity Systems Axio 4.x and IBI Data Migrato
r 5.3 and 7.1.
a Lead the efforts to design and develop both the OLTP database target and OLAP
datawarehouse for the San Diego County IPTS property tax system. Included a rep
orting datamart and delivered daily canned reports as well as ad hoc reports usi
ng JReports server.
a Managed consultants working on Enterprise data modeling, 3rd party vendor cons
ultants providing business and data knowledge, as well as the data migration str
a Systems included: Oracle 10G, Solaris 10, Windows 2003 Enterprise Server, SQL
Server T-SQL 2000 and 2005, Similarity Systems Axio data profiling toolset, IBI
Data Migrator and IBI commercial adapters to mainframe legacy systems.

Intuit, La Jolla CA
Apr 04 a" Feb 05
System Configuration Manager Consultant
a Technical project manager responsible for creation, maintenance, and enforceme
nt of System Configuration Management best practices for Legacy Datawarehouse sy
stems including both Oracle and SQL Server T-SQL Data Repositories.
a Managed team of resources responsible for the development and QA testing of th
e companyas core datawarehouse systems.
a Maintained database schemas, performed schema comparisons, as well as schema m
odifications using ERWin.
a Managed build processes and directed resources who prepared architectural docu
mentation in support of the entire build procedures.
a Software Tools include: Oracle 9i, Informatica PowerCenter Designer/Repositor
y Manager/Repository Server Admin Console/Workflow Manager/Workflow Monitor 6.2.
1, Business Objects, Siebel 7.5.26, Tidal (job scheduler), and Hyperion.
a Provided technical project management direction of a team of datawarehouse dev
elopers, testers, and business members during the migration of four large Enterp
rise Intelligence projects.

Classified Ventures, Chicago IL Sep 01 a" Mar 04

Database Architect and Datawarehouse Team Lead
a Owned all of the data models and schemas for the portion of the busin
ess. Used ERWin to modify and maintain the data models.
a Lead the team in the use of appropriate methodologies and strategies for both
data warehouse and OLTP system.
a Lead the re-architecture and re-configuration of both OLTP and Data Warehouse
a Developed project plans to re-architect and migrated SQL Server T-SQL 7.5 to S
QL Server T-SQL 2000 for Customer Center application a multi-TB Hybrid (OLTP+OLA
P) application ported to Hitachi SAN.
a Lead the effort to ensure that proper data modeling was performed company-wide
using ERWin 3.5.1 and 4.0.
a Supported the entire project lifecycle from detailed functional specification
through design, coding, QA/test, and production release. Approximately 50% tech
nical management and 50% technical consultant.
a Established business requirements and documentation standards for new and modi
fied business processes using Visio Professional.
a Responsible for the enforcement of change control policies throughout the busi
ness vertical.
DBA Backup/Recovery and Disaster Recovery
a Implemented redundant backup and recovery strategies including hot and cold ba
ckups, scheduled nightly exports, and archivelogmode. Used RMAN and operating s
ystem utilities to perform backups.
a Developed thorough DR plans for several production systems.

Environment: SUN Enterprise running Solaris, Netscape, Dynamo, Erwin, Oracle 8i/
9iAS/10G, SQL Server T-SQL 7/2000, Visual Source Safe, Business Objects.
DePaul University Chicago, IL Past 2 Years
Database Tuning Instructor
a Oracle database instructor teaching database administration courses during fal
l, winter, and spring sessions.
Global Training & Consulting Inc., Emeryville CA Nov 00 a" Aug
Technical Manager/Consultant
a Managed teams developing multimedia on-line Internet training courses deployed
on NT server and IIS 4.0 for Oracle certification. The training courses were p
repared using Trainersoft Professional are preparatory for Oracle8i and 9i Datab
ase Administrator and Oracle Applications 11i certification.
a Managed system administration functions on SUN E450 (Solaris 8) and numerous N
T 4.0 Servers running Oracle8i/9i databases, Apache web servers, and Oracle Apps
11i applications. Utilized Oracle/UNIX compliant scheduling tools for Enterpris
e backup and recovery. Developed UNIX toolset for integrated tuning and operati
ons of distributed clustered file systems.
a Managed migrations from Apps 10.x to 11i and performed gap analysis of new fea
tures. Trained in Oracle Apps 11i functional and technical implementations.
a Responsible for the installation, configuration, and gap analysis of Oracle 11
i on NT and Solaris 8. Managed project timelines and also provided hands-on tec
hnical expertise on Apps 11i rollouts.
a Managed the installation, configuration, and administration of Siebel 2000 CRM
product suite.
a Developed commercially available Oracle database reporting toolkit using Visua
l Basic and Crystal Reports. Reporting capabilities included sending daily repo
rts to DBAs and managers, and alerts.
Environment: Oracle 8i, 9i, PL/SQL, UNIX, Solaris 8, SUN E450, Visual Basic 6 Pr
o, Crystal Reports, Siebel 2000, Oracle CRM, Oracle Apps 11i.
Yipes Communications Inc., San Francisco CA Jun 00 a" Nov 00
Project Manager
a Lead the interface project team in the design, development, testing, and deplo
yment of interfaces between the Siebel and Remedy applications.
a Created data models and schemas for the enterprise which allowed for the succe
ssful implementation of 3rd party schema consolidation. Used ERWin to maintain
a Responsible for installation, configuration, and administration of Siebel on N
T and Solaris platforms.
a Prepared functional and design specification documents for the interfaces incl
uding flow-through mapping, collaborative design, cross referencing (static and
dynamic), and canonical mappings between application specific and generic busine
ss objects.
a Acted as test manager, gathered and documented required test data requirements
for unit testing and system testing Siebel applications.
a Managed the testing efforts across application environments for Siebel to 3rd
party applications.
a Performed Enterprise data mapping using DataJunction, ERWin, and ActiveWorks t
ools of Siebel back end with other 3rd party products.
a Developed Siebel message queueing system prototype using IBM MQ Series using J
ava and XML. This home grown system was compared to the Active Works product.
a Configured and installed DEV, QA, and PROD instances of Oracle and Siebel.
a Developed batch jobs for data synchronization using Siebelas EIM toolset.
a Managed enterprise sales and marketing reporting system using Actuate and Sieb
el based upon Oracle database repository.
Environment: Sun Solaris 8 and NT, Java, ActiveWorks, Oracle8i, PL/SQL, IBM midd
leware, Siebel, Remedy.
Nortel Networks, Santa Clara CA Feb 00 a" May 00
Project Management and Senior Technical Consultant
a Managed a team developing the Special Business Approval Manager application, a
web-based approval system using an Oracle back-end database, gathered and docum
ented functional and design requirements for the system. Acting as test manager
and configuration control manager, developed all support systems including docu
ment control and source code control systems.
a Designed and implemented the schema and business rules for the SBA application
using ERWin and Oracle best practices.
a Maintained project repository using Visual Source Safe and acted as version re
lease manager.
a Acted as Quality Assurance manager during the testing phase of this project wh
ich was completed on time and on budget.
Environment: Oracle 8.x, Visual Source Safe, PL/SQL, NetDynamics, Visual Basic.
JUSCO Co., Ltd., Chiba Japan Apr 98 a" Dec 99
Senior Technical Consultant
Lead technical manager and architect providing guidelines and analyses of future
IT systems. Performed business process and data modeling at the Enterprise lev
el and provided guidance in the development of migration and integration strateg
ies within a datawarehousing environment .
Responsible for leading the technical evaluation of three major software system
s including the new Merchandise Management System, Store System, and Logistics W
arehouse Management System.
Reverse-engineered and analyzed enterprise data models and schemas from each of
the 3rd party vendors for eventual consolidation and integration.
Efforts included team coordination, strategy, preparation, analysis, and presen
tation of technical sections of the three Request for Proposals (RFPas) related
to the three new sub-systems.
Prepared and coordinated scoring of the technical results, leading the on-site
vendor visits and technical demonstrations, and prepared summaries of the techni
cal findings.
Datawarehousing activities involved some HR and finance related areas.
Managed and lead 3 groups with 250 technical and non-technical people (issue ma
nagement) over multiple locations.
Configured and sized future hardware configurations for future sub-systems incl
uding Conference Room Simulation (CRS), Pilot, and Production environments. Sys
tems conformed to the JUSCOas future architecture and operational standards (e.g
. Oracle, SUN, Solaris, Win NT, CORBA) that were proposed.
Performed system operational tools assessment and eventual integration into the
legacy-client/server environments. System operational tools utilized included
Hitachi JP1 / JP Walker. Other tools that were fully integrable were also consi
dered (CA Unicenter, Tivoli, and others.) These tools were used to monitor the
enterprise and perform daily scheduled tasks such as: automated backups, automa
ted PC updates, and batch scheduling.
Prepared and tracked technical schedules and participated in Program Management
Office (PMO) activities providing roles, deliverables, standards, and training
plans for the modified organization.
Recommended, prepared, and performed training on relevant technical software to
ols including data and business modeling, data mapping tools from legacy to clie
nt-server systems, database/network/server performance analyses, and software co
nfiguration management.
Performed Oracle and client-server training sessions to teach the technical pro
ject team members the essence of relational database technology and in particula
r the Oracle RDBMS.
Developed and enforce source code control systems, business process modeling, a
nd weekly reporting of issues for the entire enterprise.
Environment: Oracle 8.x, PL/SQL, Sun Solaris, NT, CORBA, E10000.
Genentech Inc., San Francisco CA Feb 97 a" Dec 97
Consultant to the Associate Director of Medical Affairs IT
a Tasks included the selection and implementation of various software tools in s
upport of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Configuration Management,
Oracle*Clinical enhancements (batch scheduling), and Data Warehouse efforts usin
g Oracle 7 and SAS.
a Implemented several systems in support of the pharmaceutical approval cycle of
new drug testing including Labs File Transfer across a firewall, generic pre-pr
ocessing and filtering of data eventually loaded into the Oracle*Clinical applic
ation, and selection and implementation of Software Configuration Management too
ls including: PVCS, ClearCase, ClearGuide, and DTTS (bug tracking). Also invol
ved in Informatica architecture, SAS/DW, and exposure to COGNOS within the envir
a Hardware consisted of Digital Alpha UNIX, Hewlett-Packard HP/UX, Sun Solaris,
Win'95, and NT4.0 running Oracle Version 7. Wrote UNIX shell scripts to perform
daily processing of file transfer and other scheduling tasks which integrated A
utoSys with Oracle*Clinical, and other UNIX database and web systems.

Other Employment History from Sep 87 a" Sep 96

Oracle Developer, DBA and Designer on SUN UNIX System
1. Vest Technologies: Designed and implemented an Oracle 7 database solution to
support the Style On-Line web-based application that selects clothing from the d
atabase suitable to user-selected characteristics defined on the Web application
2. Charles Schwab: Designed and implemented the Oracle 7 database for the Mutual
Funds Performance Guide that supports an on-line Internet web page application.
The work was performed on a number of Oracle database servers using Sun equipm
ent and the AIX operating system. Wrote stored procedures and triggers using PL
3. Pacific Bell: Prepared PL/SQL packages and alerts procedures for daily monito
ring and tuning of Oracle Version 7 production database instances on SUN/OS. Wro
te UNIX shell scripts that automated the UNIX and Oracle administration function
s that guaranteed the successful running of the production server.
4. First National Bank of Chicago: Responsible for performance tuning of product
ion quality ORACLE Reports 2.5 and FORMS 4.5 marketing application in a client-s
erver environment including OS/2, ORACLE Version 7 database, Windows 3.1, and SU
N UNIX running ORACLE 7 databases. Designed using PRO*C and UNIX shell scripts t
o allow running of the Reports directly on the database server.
Other Engagements:
Oracle Corporation: Installed, configured, and tuned Oracle databases and verif
ied/tuned sites running Oracle Advanced Replication. Have installed the Oracle
database over 700 times on a wide variety of platforms.
ISI/M+M Mars: Developed an enterprise reporting system based upon sales and oth
er metrics. This reporting system was centralized and used the Oracle database
system. Nightly report jobs were sent to the appropriate staff members in the e
MIT Lincoln Labs: Responsible for the design and implementation of a high energ
y laser database and display system. This system was real-time and required pul
ses of information to be processed and displayed for visual analysis.
Martin Marietta Denver Aerospace: Responsible for development of robotics simula
tion code and creating an integrated computer lab supporting Space Station progr
am inputs.
Rockwell International: Team leader for the development of a system supporting
the Space Station documentation system.

University of California, San Diego - BS in Pre-Medical Bioengineering
University of California, San Diego a" MS in Bio Engineering
University of California, Los Angeles - Ph.D. in Applied Mechanics (ABD)