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*Creative Radio Programmer with extensive experience developing unique programs

with power to engage diverse audiences.
*Exceed expectations in expanding market growth.
*Key team contributor with proven record of collaboration with staff, community,
and celebrities.
*Expert musical knowledge base, with unique presentation and program design appr
oaches to energize audience interest.
*Produce diverse program formats, from initial conceptualization to on-air hosti
*Expertise in station operations, from start-up to equipment and artist intervie
Original Programming
On-Air Hosting
Music Research
Classic Rock
Creative Collaboration
Audience Growth
Selector / Power Gold / Dalet
Celebrity Interviews
Marketing & Events


Master of Science in Business Communications (application in process)
Bachelor of Arts in Communications/English Literature
Kings College, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Society of Collegiate Journalists

Career Note: Independent Study/Research in preparation for Graduate Degree Appli
cation from 2010 to present.
Program Director / On-Air Host of Eclectic Channel 76 Fine Tuning
XM SATELLITE RADIOashington, DC / Nationwide
2001 to 2008
Spearheaded and implemented all aspects of programming, from creative conceptual
ization, world music research, and personal booking of all
guests across diverse genres. Extensive industry contacts, and intuitive intervi
ewing approach.
*Captured additional audience, increasing stations weekly TSL (time spent listen
ing) from 10 to 14 hours.
Musicologist Consultant
Sherman Oaks, California
1997 to 2001
Conducted all research efforts for Classic Rock Format Programming, ranging from
finding obscure artists to identifying interesting links among
seemingly unrelated musical genres, engaging loyal audience while generating buz
z around unique program format.
*Analyzed 1,836 radio stations throughout North America, monitoring playlists to
create comprehensive competitive analysis.
*Updated playlist reports on 175+ radio markets across the US.

Classic Rock Program Director / On-Air Host

Binghamton, New York
1989 to 1997
Helped Builde the station from scratch creating a wide range of programming and
advertising campaigns, including artist interviews, celebrity events, and all pr
ogram research/design.
*Dominated the market, achieved #1 status as a result of high-level musical expe
rtise, creative content, and station branding.
*Recognized by industry for excellence with nomination for Crystal Radio Award.

Early Career:
Scranton, PA
Program Director and Morning Host of Rock CHR Station
#1 in Teens and Young Adults
Helped to complete station from starting to market dominance for teens including
interviews with artists, funny morning show themes
Scranton, PA
First Music Director of Classic Rock FM 107 finally moving into live radio as Ro
ck 107 in 1980. Continued providing Afternoon Drive on air hosting and music di
Assembled playlists for the station and creatively assumed responsibility to pie
ce together promotions with the help of the program director. Afternoon Drive s
how was number 1 for Adults 18-34.
Scranton, Pa
Part time News anchor for George Grahams Mixed Bag Program.
Hosted a weekend classical program "The Day Begins at Midnight".