Mary’s Munchies Varied PLU list 2 Boxes Crispy Brown Rice Cereal 5C Peanut butter 2 ¾ C Honey 2 T Vanilla extract

1 T Cinnamon Spray 1 200-hotel pan. Mix honey, vanilla, cinnamon and peanut butter. Add cereal. Mix well and press into hotel pan and let sit in walk in for 1-2 hours depending on recipe. Chocolate/Carob Ganauche: In a double boiler melt 4c chocolate chips with ½ cup soymilk. Add more milk if you want a creamier glaze. Spread on top of munchies in hotel pan and let cool. Chocolate/carob chip: Add 4 cups chips to mix and mix in well. Chocolate/Carob chip munchies: 4688 Chocolate/carob ganauche munchies: 4687

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