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Welcome to the Onion State?
State senator ‘boldly’ suggests pungent bulb as state’s official vegetable.
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Other state symbols
Fruit: apple. Muffin: apple muffin. Beverage: milk. Animal: beaver. Bird: bluebird. Fish: fresh water, brook trout; salt water, striped bass. Flower: rose. Insect: nine-spotted ladybug. Reptile: snapping turtle. Shell: bay scallop. Tree: sugar maple. Bush: lilac.

By Debra J. Groom

They’re pungent. They cook up well. They grow abundantly in thousands of acres of rich New York muckland. So, why shouldn’t the onion be the state’s official vegetable? State Sen. David Carlucci, a Democrat who represents Rockland and Orange counties, says it should be. He has introduced a bill in the state Senate to name the onion the Peter Chen / The Post-Standard state’s official vegetable. JAZMINE BARR, 11, (left) and Asaiah Ford, 10, both fifth-graders at Salem Hyde Elementary School, learn about ‘‘We need to promote localchemistry and what happens when things freeze or solidify at a Time Warner Cable Connect A Million Minds ly grown produce,’’ Carlucci event, at the Syracuse Center of Excellence. said. ‘‘There is a rich history and culture of onions in New York state. After meeting with the onion growers in my district, I saw there was no official state vegetable and they thought it was a great idea.’’ Only 11 states have named an official vegetable and the onion has top honors in Georgia (the Vidalia), Texas By Lorenzo Arguello Onondaga County Resource Recovery to school officials describing why they (sweet), Utah (Spanish sweet) Contributing writer Agency to learn about composting and wanted to be part of the program. and Washington (Walla Walla ‘‘As much as I love teaching them sweet). Fifty fifth-graders from Salem Hyde environmental sustainability. in the classroom, they learned so much Oswego County tops counElementary School in Syracuse reWhat the students enjoyed most was in one day that I don’t think they ties in the state for growing ceived hands-on experience in science, making ice cream using liquid nitroonions. Grower Morris Sorbelmath and engineering at the Syracuse gen because of the steam it created and could’ve learned in the classroom,’’ lo, of Granby, said the New Holtsbery said. Center of Excellence Thursday. the fact that they got to eat the ice York onion, and especially The event was part of Time Warner cream, said Laurie Holtsbery, fifththose grown in Oswego CounChildren learned how to make ice Cable’s Connect A Million Minds grade teacher at Salem Hyde. ty, are far superior to others in cream using liquid nitrogen, explored Week, a national philanthropic effort the United States. the binary code involved in wireless Most of the young people on the trip by the company to foster kids’ interest ‘‘The Vidalia is not a cookcommunications with Time Warner were science fair winners. The rest in science, technology, engineering ing onion. If you cook it, were chosen after submitting an essay and math. Cable engineers and worked with the there’s no taste and it turns to mush,’’ he said. ‘‘Ours, when cooking, it retains the taste in the food you eat. And when you cut them, they’re pungent.’’ He said Spanish onions are their parents and staff about soring a major fundraiser Sat- a college fund for her two chil- close to New York onions, but Benefit Saturday to raise the Empire State variety is her diagnosis last summer, the urday. The event will run from dren,’’ said Tim Hogan, who money for Kristen Caron’s more flavorful. community 1 to 6 p.m. at the International graduated with Caron from And, he said, they are good and school Pavilion at the New York State Corcoran. medical expenses. for you. A 2004 Cornell UniThe goal at the event is to has rallied Fairgrounds. around her, By Elizabeth Doran The event will feature music attract more than 1,000 people. versity study suggests many onions, including three varietStaff writer Tickets are $20 for adults, sponsoring by The Delinquents, a disc ies grown in New York (yelseveral fund- jockey, food, drinks and a raf- $10 for students and children Two local school commuunder 12 are free. Tickets can low, Northern Red and shalraisers. fle of about 180 gift baskets nities are joining efforts to be purchased at the door or on lots) are high in phenolics and Caron is a and door prizes. The grand sponsor a fundraiser for La1989 gradu- prize is an iPod2. Other prizes her website, www.carinforca- flavonoids, antioxidants that Fayette English teacher Krishelp prevent cancer. ate of Corco- are a 42-inch television and a ten Caron, who is battling The onion with the lowest Caron Caron and her husband, ran High Wii game console. amyotrophic lateral sclerosis phenolic content is the Vidalia, Matt, have two children, School, where her husband (Lou Gehrig’s disease). ‘‘Kristen’s spirits are good, the Cornell study shows. Madeleine, 7, and Ethan, 5. now teaches and coaches Caron, 39, recently took a and she has a great sense of New York counties that They live in Syracuse, two hockey. leave of absence form her job humor, but we really want to blocks from Caron’s parents. grow onions are primarily reCorcoran staff and friends, help her with her medical exas an English teacher at Lagions with the black, rich, oralong with the LaFayette Fayette Junior-Senior High penses, and we’d like to set up Contact Elizabeth Doran at or 470-3012. School. Since telling students, school community, are spon-

Onion facts
Top onion counties, by acres planted: Oswego, Orange, Genesee Other onion counties: Madison, Orleans, Wayne, Yates, Steuben State rank: 6th in country Total acres planted: 12,500 Cash value: $39 million Source: U.S. Census of Agriculture 2007

Hands-on science is sweet when you can eat your work

Engineering Ice Cream

School communities help ailing teacher

ganic soil known as muck. Orange County has the most muck in the state, followed by Orleans-Genesee counties, Oswego County and Madison County. There are also patches of muck in Cayuga, Onondaga and Oneida counties. ‘‘We’re New Yorkers and we’re known to be a bit bold,’’ said Judy Queale-Dunsmoor, a co-owner of New York Bold onion consortium in Oswego County. ‘‘Our motto is we’re onions with attitude. We’re all about the New York-grown onion. We grow some of the best onions in the world and to recognize that as part of New York state is wonderful.’’ And while New York onions are unique, the state actually grows more corn than any other vegetable. This may have led state Sen. Michael Nozzolio, R-Fayette, to introduce a bill seeking to designate sweet corn as the official vegetable. Cayuga County, which primarily is in Nozzolio’s district, is the No. 1 county in the state for acres of corn, both sweet and silage. Anyone who wants to weigh in can go to the New York Farm Bureau’s Facebook page ( #!/NYFarmBureau) and vote for onions, sweet corn or another vegetable.

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