Dance in dreamland let the hours slip away, Romantic embraces sensually displayed, Hip to hip and cheek

to cheek, Dancing to a pulsating and rhythmic beat, A magical allure when two strangers meet. Would you be so kind as to flatter me? Tip the light fantastic across the floor, It would be my pleasure to share, An enchanted moment with a lovely lady such as you, While the band plays a superb rendition of A Rhapsody in Blue. (After the dance she leaves me with a kiss on the cheek) The atmosphere intensifies in the evening moves on with numbers from the postwar generation. Like a rocket accelerating beyond the speed of light in mind-boggling technologi cal transformations. The postwar period exploded at wrap speed into the futuristic fiction of unimagi nable expectations. The future reflects the furriest pace into the ultramodern world of the next gen eration, With a nostalgic glimpse back at an ever-fading period of a slower paced past receding from our grasp. The band plays on with an eclectic repertoire compiled from museums and basement clubs clubs of avant-garde compilation. (Intermission) The band takes a break to chug a few beers at the bar. I encountered the lovely dancer and we exchange numbers on cards, After a few drinks we measure each other up for size. We make a connection she winds up in my arms that night. I was down-home stoned when she said it was written in the stars. I was wasted on the love drug when our lips touched and it blew me away. When she blew me a kiss while walking back to her friends, it shook me to my kne es.. She said, I'll see you at closing time when the music fades. (The band takes the stage) I lost my mine in a in a wall of sound as the kid playing the blues, Cut some serious rifts creating a tsunami of sound! The band was tight coming in right behind him in harmonious splendor The crowd was awe struck from a dazzling rendition of (Baby, please don't go.) Every soul in the hall pressed the stage as the band played, (The Night They Dro ve old Dixie Down. (Drummer singing into the microphone) He was just eighteen proud and brave but a Yankee put him in his grave, I swear by the blood below my feet you can't raise a Cain when he's in defeat!) Thunderstruck by bewildered imagination I mused, this encapsulated the American essence. The band nailed this song about the defeat of Dixie but not the Confederacy Lead singer, (Hail, hail rock and roll the beat of the drums loud and bold.) (A fitting tribute to Chuck Berry a creative, charismatic and groundbreaking inn ovator of his generation.

My youth flashed by like a highway sign saying fast forward into the future. The Earth Angel who whom I danced with during the first waltz saved the last wal tz for me! This was the concert of a lifetime in a lifetime of concerts, An explosion of sensations and mind-altering revelations transformed and altered my life that night. The Doll with the nimbus radiating above her is my lover for life!

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