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Special Skills

Employment History: 03/09 to Present 04/08 to 12/08 08/02-to 03/08

1997 to 2002 1996 May 1995 to 1996



1988 to 1990

1986 to 1988

Undergraduate Studies, University of Alaska, Anchorage, AK (Nat. E.M.T.) 1987-19 89.and Liberty University, Virginia 104 credits to date 1993. Graduate studies, Belford University, Masters of Risk assessment and Security, 1 Apr. 06. Spanish Language Training, USJFKSWCS, Fort Bragg, NC 1988 Emergency Surgery (Special Forces Medical NCO Course), Academy of Health Science s, Fort Sam Houston, TX 1987-1988 Ten years of Special operations experience, 18E, 18F AND 18Z. Spanish speaker with ac

tive Secret clearance. High level of physical fitness and current passport Returned to Colombia as the SAR Medic Supervisor with DynCorp (8 mos.) and when the contract ran out I went back to Kabul and reassumed the Guard Force Supervis or responsibility, I have trained and managed nearly 300 Nepalese guards during my time here. Guard Force Security Manager for TCN Gurkhas in Kabul Afghanistan, DOS AIRWING. Tactical mission planner and S.A.R. Medic/Security for DynCorp Plan Colombia, St ate Dept.program involving physical security of aircraft/ welfare of F.O.L. cont ractors. The Tactical mission planner position required monitoring enemy and fri endly units, evaluating current threat, and assisting HNF with military planning of eradication support. Construction Management, Quality Control and Superintendent for Beneco Enterpris e and The T.L.T. CORP, completing multiple projects at Fort Bragg N.C. Retired MSG, U.S. Army ODA 744 (HALO) 7TH Special Forces Group Fort Bragg N.C. Assigned as 1st BN Medic; as a member of the BN. staff I was responsible to crit ic brief backs of the O.D.A. Team missions both the medical and intelligence por tions for completeness and feasibility prior to the mission approval. This inclu ded threat assessments and overall mission risk analysis for those teams prepari ng to deploy. Chief Instructor at J.O.T.B. Panama Small unit tactical training that consisted of recon/Intel gathering, S.A.L.U.T.E reports, terrain annalisis/METT-T. Senor I nstructor for land reading Geo. Coord. /lat-long and the tactical missio n of Cordon and Search. SOF ODA TM SGT 743 AND 744 The TM SGT is responsible for the training and physic al compliance of daily operations including OPSEC and mission planning current a nd future SITMAP as well as the supervision of the Intel NCO 18F. Attended the O perations and Intelligence course at Fort Bragg. Providence Commander PROMOTE LI BERTY Panama. Special Ops TM Medic ODA 773 Responsible for the Latin American country area stu dies that recognizes and respects cultural preferences that can be critical to h ost nation rapport and mission success. This historically was when 7th GRP shift ed mission priority from F.I.D. to Special Recon and Intel gathering. The split team /Hide site/photography and recon training was all leading up to the TGT fol ders and mission known as JUST CAUSE DELTA assessment x2 and SOF Medical School E- MAIL, References available upon request