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HAROLD "JOE" BURNETT OBJECTIVE To apply over 20 years of hands-on, high-caliber and seasoned leadership experie nce

in driving productivity and profitability gains in large scale distribution and logistics operations. EXPERIENCE Toys "R" Us- Mt. Olive, NJ Operations Manager for a 1.4 MM Sq/Ft Big Box distribution facility. * Responsible for inbound, outbound, storage and processing functions for large st Toys R Us DC in the country. * Manage and direct 6 direct report managers, and 200 hourly associates. * Average 100,000 inbound and outbound cartons per shift through multi-level con veyors, breakdown, put-a-way, non conveyor breakdown, pallet loading and carton loading. * Hired and trained over 75 hourly team members and 3 managers during 1st 30 day s to prepare for increase in volume for Christmas season. * Set company record by shipping 1MM outbound cartons 2 weeks in a row during 20 09 Christmas season. Sept.09-Present Tropicana Products (Pepsico) - Jersey City, NJ Facility Operations Manager Provided daily management, leadership and operational guidance for a $150M, 24-h our fully automated 450,000 square-foot distribution center. Responsible for 8 direct reports as well as 300 union employees, 200 outbound trucks and 100 refri gerated rail cars daily. Accountable for an expense budget of $3.2M. * Reduced employee turnover from 40% to 10% by initiating monthly communication meetings between management and employees. * Improved conveyor system reliability and set a new Tropicana Productivity Reco rd by increasing throughput 10% in 2007 and 12% in 2008. * Implemented SAP without interruption in service. Set record AIB score of 940. * Responsible for a 70,000 sq. ft. expansion in 2007. Completed ahead of schedu le allowing for the storage of over 5,400 pallets and inventory turns every 1.5 days. * Initiated backhaul program with Budweiser and Diageo. Utilizing company asset s for pickup and transporting product via rail from NJ to FL, generated an incre mental $10M with virtually no additional cost. * Initiated a mentor program resulting in 5 of 8 managers being promoted during my tenure. * Selected to lead the Safety Empowerment Team. Increased safety awareness resu lted in over 500 days without a reportable incident and over 1 million miles dri ven without an accident. 2006 - 2009 Exel Logistics General Manager United Rentals account - Atlanta, GA (2005 - 2006) Held P/L responsibility for United Rentals' largest of five distribution facilit ies. Managed 5 supervisors and 250 hourly employees in a 225,000 sq. ft. narrow -aisle warehouse with annual sales of $50M. Responsible for the development and management of $2.5M budget and customer inventory of $15M. * Enhanced customer service levels from 97% to 99.5% by introducing monthly metr ics meetings with the customer. Implemented SAP.

* Following a 90-day evaluation period, realigned shift start times to reduce ov ertime from 20% to 7%, saving over $300K. 2003 - 2006 Philips Medical Systems account - Clifton, MA (2003 - 2005) As 3rd party provider, managed the start-up operations for multi-site distributi on centers. Responsible for developing team structure, employee training, and c ontinuous improvement in a pick, pack and ship raw material and kitting operatio n. * Facilities were up and running within 90 days with over $20M inventory of medi cal parts and supplies. * ISO certified 5 months following go-live date. * Instituted quality control program, performing 13 daily audits, which increase d picking productivity 20% over an 8-month period. * Reduced expedited "hot" orders over 25%, resulting in a savings of over $75K. * As a result of the successful partnership, awarded Philips International Repai r Parts business and an additional $5M in revenue. Kingsford Charcoal (Clorox) - Parsons, WV Distribution Center Manager Directed all functions and activities across 12 distribution centers (750,000 sq . ft., $75M annual sales), supervising 10 managers and 520 hourly employees. He ld full responsibility for $4.5M budget and all key Performance Indicators. * Reducing transportation costs over $100K through network optimization and nego tiating favorable terms with 12 contract carriers. * Improved on-time delivery by 20% by creating 24-hour drop off location, allowi ng carriers to pick up freight on their schedule. * Set company record for warehouse utilization by integrating production workers into the loading plan, thereby increasing loading capacity 25%. SAP Super User. 2000 - 2003 HighwayMaster Communications - Dallas, TX Logistics and Distribution Manager Responsible for all performance improvement and training programs for the divisi ons' logistics operations spanning 6 regional centers, 26 satellite warehouses, and 350 employees. Worked closely with Operations and Sales to define lean yet effective stocking levels. * Managed $10.5M inventory and over 2,000 SKUs. * Determined logistics and operations staffing strategies and designed training program for new warehouse managers. * Eliminated excess inventory leading to an improvement in inventory variance fr om 22% to 0.25%, nearly a 99% reduction. * Reduced company transportation costs 59%, from $22 per case to $9 per case. 19 92 - 1999 PepsiCo Food Systems - Dallas, TX Warehouse Operations Manager Warehouse and Distribution Manager for a 10 million case, 24-hour distribution f acility. Planned and developed process improvements and strategies for warehous ing and transportation departments consisting of 30 hourly workers. * Reduced employee overtime from 25% to 2% by empowering employees to redefine j ob duties and shift hours. * Decreased physical inventory variance "shrink" from 9% to .5% through repack p rocess. * Reduced employee injury rate by 50% by developing team and individual incentiv es. 1990 - 1992 United States Army Captain, Field Artillery Officer * Held positions of increasing responsibility while leading teams of 20 to 100 s oldiers in a fast-paced and demanding environment in preparation for worldwide d eployment. 1983 - 1990

EDUCATION University Of Southern Mississippi - Hattiesburg, MS B.S., Communications, 1983 * Received United States Army Commission through ROTC Program * Active Mississippi National Guard while attending college