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Jennifer Errande

Freedom Star

Jennifer Errande, pictured here with her two children, Karna and Isha, is this week’s Freedom Star. Jennifer returns again this year with the same amazing drive and passion to make a difference! “The work performed by the Epilepsy Foundation is the reason I am still alive today. In 1976, I was diagnosed with epilepsy and took Tegretol until 2003. When I would have a generalized seizure, I was always given the appropriate care and accommodations because of the efforts made by the epilepsy foundation to inform the public and professionals about epilepsy. In 2003, I almost died in a state of status epilepticus at which time I was placed on 5 medications but continued to have frequent seizures. In 2005, I chose to undergo a left temporal lobectomy as suggested by my neurologist. I have had no seizures since the surgery and took my last medication in January of 2007...knock on wood. Since the epilepsy was on the left side of my brain, my verbal skills were somewhat impaired, and I needed different forms of communication. I studied music in college and later discovered an Indian dance style called Bharathanatyam, which allowed me to pray without the use of words. This summer, I studied Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam with Dr. Saraswathi Rajathesh in Bangalore,India. I have also studied with her sister, Bhagyasri Manohar, in the United States. In May of 2005, I scored in the 96th percentile on the Graduate Management Admission Test (99th percentile on the verbal section) and was offered scholarships to multiple MBA programs, including Pepperdine University's Graziadio School of Business and Management. I will graduate from Pepperdine with an MBA in Finance in December. “– Jennifer Errande EFGLA: Jennifer, what does Freedom from Seizures mean to you? Jennifer: To me, each day that I am free from seizures is a day when I must try to help those who are not. I believe that the help I have provided to others is what has allowed me to remain seizure free for over 5 years and consider my level of responsibility to be directly proportional to the number of days during which I continue to be free, a number which I hope will continually increase. EFGLA: What is a little known fact about you? Jennifer: I love succulents, also known as cacti. I consider them to be the most beautiful plants because of their ability to survive and even flower without water for great lengths of time. I strive to acquire the same endurance and stamina...though I should probably try harder.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Los Angeles would love to feature you or your loved one as a Freedom Star. Please contact Rebekkah Halliwell at or (310) 670 -2870 x 103 today!