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Tiffany A. Steele 1279 300^th Ave. Frederic, WI 54837 Phone: (715) 566-0768 Email: tsfd6bde@westpost.

net EMPLOYMENT 9/2010-present Deputy Medical Examiner, Polk County WI Investigate and document all relevant deaths in the county. Organize transportation of the decedent, determine if an autopsy is warranted, and facilitate the autopsy. We also investigate all cremation deaths, and provide cremation permits. 6/2008-present North Memorial Ambulance Service, Criticare/911 NREMT Specially Trained Paramedic/Field Training Officer/Regional QA Coordinator My responsibilities are patient care, documentation, inventory, precepting new employees, quality assurance and public relations. I have my ACLS, PALS, Healthcare Provider, BLS Instructor, PHTLS, and am a Certified Nursing Assistant. Patient care varies depending upon the individual patient. The skills and medications that I can perform/administer are too numerous to list here, but I will be happy to provide the information upon request. 2006-present WITC EMS/Fire Advisory Committee Member Act as a liaison between the public and the college to make sure that the necessary educational requirements are met. 5/05-present Vice President/Owner, NorthWoods Restoration Inc. This is a commercial restoration company that my husband and I own. We perform specialty stone/masonry restoration on commercial buildings. Examples of buildings that we have worked on include the State Capital of MN, the DOT building in St. Paul, MN, the Century Plaza in Minneapolis, MN, and the North Star Center in Minneapolis, MN. We employ anywhere from 7-14 employees at any given time. My responsibilities are anything and everything administrative; payroll, quarterlies, employee management, employee evaluations, financial planning, etc. 9/06-2010 Unity Ambulance EMT-Intermediate Technician, BLS Instructor I also worked with Life Link Critical Care while they were stationed at the Unity

Ambulance base. I am no longer available to volunteer for this service due to conflict of interest with North Memorial Ambulance, my current employer. 1996-2010 Northland Municipal Ambulance Service EMT-Intermediate Technician, EMT-Basic, First Responder I am no longer available to volunteer for this service due to conflict of interest with North Memorial Ambulance, my current employer. 10/04-4/06 Regions Hospital, Emergency Room Technician My responsibilities here were to continually monitor my patients and to notify the Nurses/Doctors of any significant changes. As an ERT I was responsible for taking patient vitals, inserting/removing foley catheters, removing sutures/staples, gastric lavage, applying the cardiac monitor, wound dressings, obtaining lab specimens, performing CPR on intubated and non-intubated patients, preparing deceased patients for exam, and transporting them to the morgue. I also assisted with all sterile techniques (chest tube placement, spinal taps, thoracotomy's, etc.), pelvic exams, conscious sedation, and whatever else needed to be done in the crazy ER. I also assisted with triaging patients and worked closely with the patients in our Crisis Unit. I was also responsible for obtaining evidence, and maintaining the chain of evidence when applicable. 3/03-10/04 Certified Nursing Assistant, Amery Regional Medical Center While working at the hospital my responsibilities were patient care, taking vital signs, performing EKG's, putting orders into the computer for xray, lab, and whatever else the Doctor may order. I worked in Med/Surg doing patient cares, vitals and assisting the Nurses. I also worked in OB assisting with delivieries, postpartum cares, and taking care of the newborn babies. My favorite, however, was working in the emergency room, where I triaged patients, and assisted the Doctors and Nurses with the many different procedures that they had to perform. I also coordinated emergency flights and ground transports for our patients, as well as admit them and help coordinate emergency surgeries. EDUCATION 2006-2008 Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, Paramedic Associate Degree Graduated with Honors. *I am also a member of the WITC EMS/Fire Advisory Committee. 2000. University of Wisconsin, Generals 1999. University of Minnesota, Generals * Graduated from Unity High School While in high school I also attended the University of Wisconsin part time to get a head start on my generals. I also took my First Responder course and EMT-Basic courses through WITC outside of school, completing both before I graduated. I volunteered at St. Croix Regional Medical Center and volunteered for Northland Ambulance all while still attending high school.

REFERENCES * Joe Walsh North Memorial Ambulance, Manager (715) 866-7990 * Mark Manning North Memorial Ambulance, 911 Supervisor (715) 866-7990 * Deanne Mullner North Memorial Ambulance, Criticare Supervisor (715) 327-5745 * Steve Mackiewicz WITC EMS/Fire Associate Dean [1] (715) 468-2815 ext. 5244 * Jeff Fritz, Assistant Manager ER Regions Hospital (651) 254-3306 * Michele Farah, ER/RN Amery Regional Medical Center (715) 646-9369 * JoAnn Mason, RN/Patient Care Coordinator Amery Regional Medical Center (715) 263-2778 * Rae Ann Allen, Director Northland Municipal Ambulance Services (715) 472-2388 * Carol Pool, Owner/Operator Unity Ambulance (715) 825-4444 References

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