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Zaman Motamedi, B.Sc. EE, M.S.EE. 169 East Portola Ave. Los Altos, Ca, 94022 Email: zmfd70a2@westpost.

net Telephone: 650-387-5854 (Cell) Objective Seeking a position in Systems Management. Work Summary: o e o Concurrent dual roles in System design and Management. Management Experience; Set up and lead engineering projects in US and Asia for consumer and enterpris solutions. Focus on product definition, Budget, Manpower requirements, Engineering Design Cycle and development planning. o Collaboration across Marketing, Engineering, Operations and partners to meet c ost, schedule and quality objectives. o Customer Support; Interface with multinational companies such as Sony, Samsung , LG, Sanyo, Dell o o o System and Board level design Experience; Experience in Networking and Wireless Systems Functional Specifications based on the MRD Board design (mixed signal, high-speed digital and multilayer) from concept to the final product. Design for manufacturability. o Test plans, characterization, System Compliance and Qualification - Microsoft Project, Orcad, View Logic Schematic captures, PCB layout, EMI suppr ession and Signal Integrity software tools. Experience: a- Cavium Networks Inc. June 2008-present Senior Systems Engineer/ Senior Hardware Manager - Responsible for engineering projects in US, Taiwan and China Scheduling and coordination of Engineering Activities Transmission of HDMI, H.264-compliant video over 802.11n wireless link. High-speed multi-layer board designs including . H.264 compliant video codec's, audio, UART, USB, GigE, IR interfaces, DDR2's, signal transmission over PCI and PCIe. - Interface with overseas ODMs (Senao, Accton, USI, Cediko, Techmer) on low-cost consumer-oriented products. - Technical support for clients such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Dell b- Siport Inc. Sep-2006 to June-2008 Senior Project Lead

Interface with contractors, vendors and manufacturing companies. Product Definition Design of high-speed mixed-signal, wireless evaluation and reference cards. System design, schematic capture, layout, test and bring-up. Designs including Filters, Amplifier gain blocks, PLL, Microcontrollers and Digital Circuits.

c- Aperto Networks Feb.-2005 to Aug-2006 Senior Member of Technical Staff

- System definition, specification, evaluation and characterization. - Lead activities related to design and development of 3rd party subscriber stat ions (Gemtek of Taiwan). - New product development. Feasibility analysis, selection of vendor, proposals for design and implementati on of WIMAX IEEE 802.16e/d-based systems. - Mixed signal board designs for Base-stations, typical designs included control ler interface, Digital Modem, RF head. d- Ciena / Cyras Corporation, Principal engineer e Oct 1999 to July 2004.

Development of system level, board level functional specifications based on th MRD Interface with clients such as SPRINT, VERIZON and TELMEX. Compliance tests Design and development of high-speed digital multi-layer boards as follows:

i- 24-channel DS3/ E3/EC1 to 2*STS-12, 16-layer line cards with one-to-one and o ne-to-five redundancy, Backplane design. ii- 12-channel DS3 to STS-12 Transmux card. iii- 2-channel Gigabit Ethernet multiplexer/mapper to OC48. iv- Interface card for 16-port STM1-e (155 Mb/s) applications e- Wireless Inc. Senior Engineer July-97 to Oct 99

i. Design and development of digital multi-T1cards, FPGA programming. ii. Design and development of 802.11b-compliant wireless RF transceivers based o n chipsets operating at 2.4 GHz. f- Digital Microwave Radio Corporation Nov.94 to July 97 Lead Engineer i. Design and development of QAM mixed signal modems used in wireless applicatio ns, FPGA programming. ii. Evaluation of wireless systems, interface with certification laboratories fo r product qualification purposes. g- Previous experience with Motorola, M/A-COM Education: M Sc. and B.Sc. Engineering Concordia University, Montreal, Canada US citizen