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MILKEY 3240 Pendleton Avenue Charlotte, North Carolina 28210 (704) 733-7222 C (704) 643-5265 H

BUSINESS PROFILE An accomplished and results-oriented Business Professional offering comprehensiv e experience and a solid record of accomplishments. Resourceful problem solver able to develop innovative and effective solutions. Energetic, self-motivated a nd dedicated to success in pursuit of goals. Outstanding communication and peop le relationship skills. Leadership abilities and ethical approach in helping ot hers grow and prosper in the business environment are excellent traits. Motivat es others by personal example of accepting new and different challenges, tacklin g and helping others solve difficult problems which produces the desired profit results in an easier and smoother fashion. Adjusts to change easily by creating new and innovative methods to reach goals and objectives. AREAS OF EXPERTISE * * * * * Training * Strategic Planning * Scheduling/Organizing Team Development * Cost Control/Analysis * Time Management Managing * Operations Management * Contracts/Negotiations Customer Service * Motivating Others * Inventory Management Problem Solving * Growth Management * Ethical Leadership

ACCOMPLISHMENTS * Achieved the top ranking as an area director in just 6 months in the position, with no history of operating a unit by applying personal abilities to the new c hallenges. (Bojangles) * Developed a new restaurant concept. d was involved in every aspect of the helped grow the concept from a coffee a 12 unit chain with annual sales of I was founding partner of "Just Fresh" an business. As the operational director, I cart generating $200/day in gross sales to $8 million. (Just Fresh)

* Conceived, developed and implemented a new service system allowing the company to covert an existing unit into its first institutional site located on the cam pus of CPCC. It is now the model used to demonstrate capabilities in this envir onment. This example helped land a contract with the Charlotte Douglas Airport. (Bojangles) * Controlled the operations of a 5 unit area, including the opening of a signatu re training store. Managed a business area comprised of $7 million in annual sa les, 20 managers and 150 employees. The area was ranked 20th out of 24 before I took over. Upon my exit it was ranked 9th for the year, and was ranked 1st onc e and 2nd on two occasions. (Bojangles) * Directed and managed the growth of a business including implementation of a co mmissary, conversion of the company from an "S" to a "C" corporation and the rec ruitment and development of over 200 employees. (Just Fresh) * Authored/edited training manual assuring simplification and utilizing photogra phic examples clarifying goals for students. The result was reduced training ti me and better comprehension of changes. (Bojangles and Just Fresh)

* Sold people on themselves and my ability to help them improve. I took over an area for Bojangles' with no unit management experience, convincing the managers that I would learn the day to day operations from them and would teach them how to manage that business better. The entire area bought this idea and in 4 mont hs, all areas of operations improved. Rankings were higher and bonuses were big ger. My area became one of the tightest and most consistent in the company. Th is process worked for stores in poor (Plaza) and wealthy (Midtown) areas. My st yle was foreign to fast food, but effective and began to change the culture of t he company. (Bojangles) SCOTT A. MILKEY Resume, page 2

* Prepared an annual budget and strategic plan for the division I was supervisin g. This included every aspect of a standard P&L statement plus anticipated chan ges in the environment of each location. It included new construction, competit ion and traffic patterns. It reduced surprises and help guide the business to s urpass goals and identify shortcomings quickly for reduced reaction time. (Boja ngles/Just Fresh) * Reduced costs of labor, food and paper at every level of two organizations. T hese are the three main enemies of profitability in this industry. Became a pro ven problem solver in this area, using a combination of analysis and inventive t hinking to uncover untapped resources helping resolve these issues. The result was increased profitability and opportunity for the company to continue its grow th path. (Bojangles/Just Fresh) * Translated training materials into Spanish. This improved the efficiency of t raining and retention of Spanish speaking employees. The company was perceived as a caring entity that put human needs above profit. In truth, the perception was a nice by-product, but the goal was to reduce the time necessary to prepare employees for their responsibilities. (Bojangles/Just fresh) * Negotiated contracts with vendors, by securing the best possible pricing, inco rporating the use of rare, slow use items and getting free marketing support by the company the vendor represented. The result was a win-win situation for all involved, including the public that was introduced to higher quality goods at an affordable price. (Just Fresh) PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE 2008-present Roly Poly Restaurant Owner/Operator Charlotte, NC

2003-08 Bojangles Restaurant, Inc. Charlotte, NC Large privately held fast food restaurant Field Training Manager 2007-08 Area Director 2006-07 Special Projects Director 2003-05 1993-03 Just Fresh Bakery Cafe Charlotte, NC High quality fast freshly prepared/quick service restaurant Director of Operations EDUCATION Davidson College Davidson, NC Bachelor of Arts - Political Science

University of South Carolina Columbia, SC Completed first year for a Masters of International Business Language Emersion Spanish and Portuguese PROFESSIONAL/PERSONAL Habitat for Humanity - Volunteer, Church and Sharon Towers - Volunteer, Loaves/F ishes - Volunteer, Married, 3 children - involved in school and family activitie s