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Objective To obtain a responsible financial or operations position in an envi ronment that adapts to the changing global economy and

allows me to make a meani ngful contribution. Operations Manager JCB Unicom, Crofton, MD - present Real Estate Settlement Services September 2005

Analyzes cost of doing business and implements cost saving strategies through pr ice negotiation, bulk purchases, streamlining products and operations and elimin ating duplicate efforts Results: * Reduced office supply expenses seventy-five percent over three year period * Negotiated lease reductions with various landlords to save money each month * Researched and implemented a voice over internet protocol telephone system to consolidate branch offices to one system creating better communication and effic iency and reducing expense by fifty percent * Initiated and began implementing record retention solution for company to cons olidate all records in central facility Manages accounts payable for corporation-scrutinizes, analyzes, and processes al l invoices, resolves problems with vendors maintains a spreadsheet of all monthl y expenses Result: * Monthly expenses available at a glance with calculation for cash flow Prepares financial reports, maintains expenses, recommends changes Results: * Researched and obtained new vendor for coffee/snacks * Researched and obtained new delivery service saving twenty percent Initiates, implements and maintains contracts and leases for company locations. Meets with prospective vendors, negotiates best terms Result: * Renegotiated lease terms to reduce overhead eliminating cost of build-out that was amortized into the lease (saving $10,000 over life of lease) Wires funds to lenders and proceeds to clients on real estate transactions Verifies all deposits are made and checks for errors Purchases, maintains and regulates supplies for all offices, coordinates mainten ance for offices Result: * Researched and obtained new office supply company saving thousands of dollars Instrumental in obtaining new office space when necessary, including overseeing construction, and conversely downsizing as necessary Assists finance, human resources and technical support departments as needed Contributes to monthly company newsletter

Merchandise Planner, Museum Stores Smithsonian Business Ventures, Washington, DC Assistant Buyer, Museum Stores December 1995-September 2005 Projected sales goals, margin goals, turnover goals and initial inventory levels for all products for new store opening. Calculated key categories of merchandi se and built sales plans accordingly. * Successfully planned new, high profile museum stores that exceeded original go als by 50% at opening. * Successfully managed inventory to maintain increase at 20%-30% above initial

goals for remainder of first year. Prepared opening financial strategy for buyer to take to market on sourcing tri ps * Created/modified initial buy worksheet for buyer to take on major buying trips Prepared sales goals, margin goals, turnover goals for merchandise Calculated and monitored open-to-buy Forecasted and tracked sales of groups of products Initiated liquidation strategy for non-performing merchandise, seasonal merchand ise Managed inventories of core items to eliminate stock-outs Selectively reduced stock-keeping units increasing productivity of remaining sto ck-keeping units Analyzed productivity of selling space of category of merchandise (sales per squ are foot, dollars per enplanement) Analyzed average unit retail sale and recommended ways to increase Negotiated with vendors for best terms Initiated reorders of merchandise based on rate of sale and open-to-buy reports Distributed merchandise to store based on stock to sales ratio Sourced product, made recommendations for new products Established retail pricing to meet margin goals Provided product information, communicated upcoming events, provided feedback on sales and requested feedback from stores on products and sales Resolved problems with warehouse facility, accounts payable department, merchand ise information systems department, vendors and stores Provided customer service for internal and external customers Developed new business opportunities Developed and implemented sales contests for associates Planned and executed promotional events in stores Recommended merchandising and sales techniques Managed travel budget and business expenses

EDUCATION: Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Bachelor of Science Self-financed through work and work study program CIVIC ACTIVITIES: President, Lavall Homeowners' Association 2010, 2011 Alumni Ambassador, Drexel University 2003-present Treasurer, Lavall Homeowners' Association 2008-2010 ADDITIONAL SKILLS: Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, Quicken, QuickBooks