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Contact Numbers

Senior Pastor: Ray Albrecht Assistant Pastor: Andrew Storrs (W) 4123 2711 (H) 4123 6562 (H) 4121 6132


Church Leadership: Barry Klein – Deputy Chairman (H) 4122 1732 Jamie & Sharon Klein – Secretary (H) 4122 2300 Ian & Beryl Moncrieff (H) 4123 6891 Management Committee: Ps Ray Albrecht – Chairman (H) 4123 6562 Barry Klein – Deputy Chairman (H) 4122 1732 Jamie Klein (H) 4122 2300 Jean Kidd – Treasurer (H) 4121 3056 Andrew Storrs (H) 4121 6132 Reta Welsh (H) 4121 7710 Kay Thorpe (M) 0421 085446 Children’s Church Leader: Jane Orr Mainly Music Leader: Linda Storrs

Welcome to MARYBOROUGH Christian Outreach Centre

(H) 4121 5071 (M) 0405 318061 (H) 4121 6132 (M) 0429 787982

Have great expectations
5 JUNE 2011
Senior Pastor:

New Christian’s Class Leaders: Steve & Alice Murray (H) 4123 2394 Steve (M) 0448 700460 Alice (M) 0437 958935 Worship Leader: Linda Storrs (H) 4121 6132 (M) 0429 787982

Ray Albrecht
Maryborough Christian Outreach Centre Hervey Bay Road Maryborough PO Box 461 Maryborough 4650 PH/Fax: (07) 4123 2711

Deacons: Bob & Kay Thorpe (Head Deacons) Keith & Hilary Brockway Cal & Marion Dingwall Joe & Carole Marrington Bruce Mayer Bradley Yates John Yates

Rosters for the week 12 June ‘11 Door AM – Beryl & Tracey M Door PM – Bruce M & Dorn Comm Prep – Dorn Comm Table – Keith, Hilary & Francis Supper – Kris B & Jean Cleaning – Rob, Julie, Kyle & Jessica Offering & Prayer – Kay T Money Count – Ian & John



What do you expect? Pastor Ray was talking to some of us after he returned from being away. He re-stated his desire to see our church operating in “unrestricted” Signs, Wonders and Miracles as God intended. I said to myself this morning, “Do I believe this can happen?” My immediate “brain” response was, “yes of course I do.” I am keenly aware, though, that I tend to “get used to” how things are and don’t really expect change, which is not true faith. Faith that believes so strongly, that, even in your innermost being, you expect it to happen. Jesus couldn’t do many miracles in his hometown because of unbelief. Don’t ever think that “they” (this church) will get their act together or that “God” will send us miracles “one day”. “NO”, this is personal. This church needs YOU and ME to EXPECT. Jamie Klein Sunday 5th 8.30am 9.00am 9.30am

MAY / JUNE 2011
Music Team Prayer & Practice Prayer Meeting – all welcome Praise/Worship/Communion Morning Tea/Coffee & Fellowship in the rear of the church after the meeting followed by the AGM. Music Team Prayer & Practice Evening Service followed by supper and fellowship 4Her Bible Study Hour of Power in Activity Centre Music Team Practice

BIRTHDAYS for this week: 5th – Graham Russell 12th – Melinda Baker


5.30pm 6.30pm Tuesday 7th 9.30am 6.00pm 7.00pm

Sunday 3 July – Guest Ministry
Faylene Sparks at both AM & PM meetings. Faylene is well recognised for
her teaching and prophetic ministry, now travelling under the covering of Worship Centre.

Wednesday 8th 10.00am Container packing in the Activity Ctre Thursday 9th 9.30am 10.00am 7.00pm Friday 10th 10.00am Sunday 12th 9.00am 9.30am 6.30pm Craft – Embroidery Blanket Sewing in the Activity Centre Home Group at 205 Woodstock St John Bevere study – ‘Bait of Satan’ Container packing in the Activity Ctre Prayer Meeting Worship & Communion Service followed by Coffee/Tea & Fellowship in the rear of the church. Evening Meeting followed by supper and fellowship

Saturday 23 July –
Fund raising dinner for Care Outreach

Sunday 24 July - Bill Close from
Care Outreach will be ministering in the morning meeting.
We are now collecting gifts for families in the west. There is a ‘Christmas Box’ under the office window where you can place your unwrapped gifts.