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12443 Oliver Cromwell Drive a Herndon, Virginia, 20171

(703) 860-8297 (H) a 301/717-3438 (Cell)
I am an accomplished, results-oriented professional with experience as a Lending
Officer/Financial Analyst and Underwriter with banks, savings & loans, real est
ate investment trusts, life insurance companies, private mortgage banking compan
ies, and Wall Street conduits. I have managed up to five employees on four occas
Vince Hardwick, Proprietorship
December 2, 2008 to the Present
Reston, Virginia
HUD (MAP) Loan Officer
I have continued to process my pipeline from AmeriSphere and originate new loans
, which Iam sending through another HUD approved mortgagee. I have $47 million i
n Section 232, new and purchase and 221 (d) (4) new constructions and purchase i
n various stages of processing.
July 28, 2007 to December 2, 2008
Denver, Colorado
Loan Officer
Originated project loans by phone, Fax, met in person with the borrower to set c
lientsa goals, determine their current financial status, E-Mail and mailed prepr
inted marketing material, all over the Mid-Atlantic region and two projects in L
as Vegas, NV. I analyzed borrowersa loan requests to counsel them on the right p
rograms to borrow under with HUD. I underwrote the case file to determine the ap
propriate loan sizing in accordance with the HUD MAP Guide. I assisted the closi
ng department to prepare for funding the loans. I solicited loans from other mor
tgage bankers.

Evanston Financial Corporation, Inc.

August 2006 to June 8, 2007
An Affiliate of Oppenheimer & Company
North Wales, PA 19454
Vice President Origination
Originated HUD insured apartment loans and health care loans nationwide. I met w
ith borrowers to take loan applications. I stayed abreast of the market conditio
ns in the market areas where the loans were located by analyzing appraisals, HUD
Quarterly Economic Studies, individual market studies and Phase One Environment
al reports. I negotiated terms of these loans. I developed referral networks for
new loan business through-out the U.S. I cold called 200 borrowers over ten tim
es each year.

Suburban Mortgage Associates Incorporated

May 6, 2003 to August 2006
Bethesda, Maryland
Vice President-Production
Originated and underwrote FHA insured multifamily mortgages and conventional per
manent and construction loans. FHA programs included purchase, refinance and new
construction of Section 221(d) (4) and purchase and refinance of Section 232. I
developed new conventional lender sources / investors.

Reilly Mortgage
January 1, 2002 to May 2, 2003
McLean, Virginia
Senior FHA Underwriter
I was a Senior Underwriter for a 300 employee mortgage lender in its FHA Divisi
on for new projects in the amount of $135,000,000 for loans originated in the Da
llas, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada Offices. I authored narratives and prepackage
d the complete loan submission for MAP Pre-application and Firm Commitment Appli
cations. I determined that all third party contractors were HUD qualified to per
form the reports under the MAP Guide. I analyzed all third party reports to insu
re the prepareras methodology supported their conclusions and that their reports
conformed in all other respects to the 500 page MAP Guide. At the end of the fi
rst year I received a $10,000 bonus and a 3.75% inflation pay increase.
Selected Accomplishments
a I underwrote $20 million size real estate mortgages totaling $135 million in 1
5 months.
a I made recommendations for approval of loan applications.
a I made new loan decisions.
a I performed data entry services.
a I reviewed documents for compliance.
a I assisted loan officers.
a I maintained client files.
a I obtained missing information. I reviewed completed loan packages.

Nationwide Lending Group, Inc.

1981 to 1989
Vice President a"Production
Bethesda, Maryland
I was in charge of the entire loan origination for individual and subdivision si
ngle family mortgages, historic hotel renovation, condo office, office renovatio
n, land development loans, and golf course construction and permanent financing.
I authored loan committee submission packages recommending approval for nine ye
ars, drafted funding commitments, release of collateral, billed mortgage interes
t, REO liquidation, supervised completion of incomplete projects, negotiated all
work-out terms, restructured loans worth saving. Loan production, with a three
person staff, equaled approximately $52,000,000 yearly. Gross Income from fees
and interest averaged $1, 500,000 per year. Expenses averaged $500,000 annually.
Selected Accomplishments:
a Originated Mortgages.
a Recommended approval of mortgages to loan committee.
a Underwrote loans up to $20 million.
a Balanced loans to general ledger.
a Reconcile transactions.
a Made new loan decisions.
a Made new loan decisions.
a Maintain financial statements.
a Developed borrower credit information.
a Performed data entry services
a Reviewed loan committee and closing documents for compliance.
a Closed out loans.
a Maintain client files.
a Obtained missing information.
a Prepared and reviewed loan packages.
a I was the senior manager of the construction loan department for nine years.


B.S. Degree in Business Administration/Public Administration - Virginia Polytech
nic Institute - Blacksburg, Virginia
Attended T.C. Williams School of Law - Richmond, Virginia
Additional Training
a Executive Time Management.
a Training in fisCAL (SBA Loan Analysis/Financial Analysis) Winfast (Bank financ
ial analysis software)
a Training in Word for Windows, Lotus 1-2-3, and AmiPro.
a Keep current a Virginia Real Estate License.
a Completed Advanced Income Property course, National Mortgage Banking School, N
a Successfully completed HUD MAP Guide training February 2002 and subsequent aTu
ne-Upa (Advanced) sessions conducted in the regional HUD offices lasting two day
a Attended in-house underwriter training at Reilly Mortgage on Freddie Mac and F
annie Mae lending.
Additional Service Organizations
I currently serve on the Virginia Tech Corp of Cadets Gold Cord Committee to rai
se scholarship money in the amount of $30 million for the Northern Virginia area
. I also am on the Campaign for Virginia Tech: Invent the Future Committee under
the leadership of Dr. Steger, President of the College, to raise $1 billion dol
lars by 2010.