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EDWARD (ED) J. KACHMAR 10313 Jasmine Rose Court Orlando, FL 32825 Cellular: 407-222-8329 E-Mail: ekfd9046@westpost.

net 10 November 2010 Dear Sir(s)/Madam(s), Attached is my resume for your review and consideration against Systems Engineer , Project Engineer, or Project Management opportunities. I am confident that I can be a valued asset to your company objectives & growth. My strong skills are diverse and include Project Development, Planning & Managem ent, Analyses & Strategy, Systems Engineering, Technical Specifications, IT Desi gn & Configuration & Administration, and Network Security. I have in-depth kno wledge of the latest Technologies and Engineering Solutions. I have successfully developed and managed many projects & teams and have worked with various USA and International associations and organizations. My broad expe rience in domestic & international projects allows me to be a valued contributor to any Team. I am a disciplined aself-startera and believe in aresults-orienteda approaches t o project/program undertakings. Complete customer satisfaction has been my demo nstrated consistent achievements. I have a Bachelor of Science in Electronics E lectrical Engineering (BSEE), and, I am working toward a Masters Degree in Compu ter Science (MSCS). I am available for an interview at your convenience to discuss how working toget her may serve your respective needs and goals. I am willing to travel, telecomm ute, and/or relocate with the right career opportunity. I look forward to discussing my qualifications, experience, and professional ref erences with you. Thank You for Your Time and Consideration, Sincerely, Edward J. Kachmar Enclosure: resume

EDWARD (ED) J. KACHMAR 10313 Jasmine Rose Court, Orlando, FL 32709 a OBJECTIVE:

(407)222-8329 (Mobile)


a SKILLS: Proactive, Self-Motivated Team Lead Senior Systems Engineer Consisten tly Developing Innovative Precedence Setting State-of-the-Art Architectures & De signs of Any Size Development from Conception to Timely & Successful Completion for End Users. Excellent Organizational, Communication, & Team Building Skills Interfacing with Hardware & Software Engineering Staffs, Management, Users. Han ds-On Technical Expertise for Systems Design & Development.

a EDUCATION: Bachelor Science Electronics/Electrical Engineering (BSEE), Youngs town State University (YSU), OH Master Science Computer Systems (MSCS TBD), University Central Florida (UCF), Orlando, FL Industrial Electronics, Choffin Vocational Training Center, Youngstown , OH a PROFILE: Kaegan Corp Sr. Systems Engineer DoD Design/Develop Secure/Non-Secure Data/Vo ice/Video Networks PIQS LLC Sr. Systems Engineer Design/Develop Control & Monitor Systems, Data/Voice/Video Networks NASA/KSC Sr. Networks Engineer KSC IT Networks & Security O&M, Upgrades, Mo ds Data/Voice/Video NASA/KSC Sr. Comm. Engineer Global Communication Systems Satellite Launc h Support (Data/Voice/Video) NASA/KSC Sr. Computer Engineer Space Shuttle Computer Launch & Checkout Sys tems N/W Management USAF (Civilian) Program Support Mgr Global Range Instrumentation Launch Su pport (Data/Voice/Video Titan IV) USAF (Civilian) Sr. Range Safety Engr DoD Titan IV, Commercial Titan Flight Termination and Safety Engineering US Navy (Civilian) Sr. Electronics Engineer U.S. Military Simulators / Stimula tors / Trainers Design/Development Northrop Services Sr. Design Engineer Design/Develop International Military S imulation Systems (Saudi Arabia) General Motors Sr. Designer Design/Develop PLC Based Automated Wire Product ion/Coating Systems a EMPLOYMENT: Kaegan Corporation Senior Systems Engineer, Orlando, FL (Secret Clearance) APR 2010-Pres. Design/Develop E6-B secure/non-secure (red/black) networks integrated with SATCOM, HF/UHF C3/EHF RF links to process encrypted/unencrypted data/voice/video communications including digital VOIP. Design/Develop E6-B scenario generation and fault insertion simulation/stimulation systems, Instructor Operator Station s for $10 Million military O&M trainers. Responsible for aircraft trainers and m ods including 6 degree freedom of motion simulators for pilots, co-pilots, fligh t engineers, trainers for avionics, central comm, fuel/hydraulic/APU/power gener ation/landing gear/engine propulsion+. PIQS LLC Senior Systems Engineer, Consultant & IT Networks Engineer, Orland JUL 2009-APR 2010 Design/Develop State-of-the-Art Electrical/Electronic Automated Control & M onitor Systems, Information Technology (IT) Systems, Upgrades, O&M for New or Ex isting Fielded Installations. Architect & Configure IT Networks LANs/WANs/WLANs Routers, Switches, Access Points, Servers, Firewalls, IDS, NMS/RMON. Develop IT Test Bed Concepts using Microsoft PC & Server Virtualization Software. Develop T echnical Specifications, Drawings, Training Manuals, Schedules, Budgets, Risk An alyses, and Risk Mitigation Analyses. o, FL NASA IT-D2 Senior Network Design Engineer, KSC, FL SEP 2006-JUN 2009 Modernize KSC Admin Networks Architecting Network System Upgrade Solutions and Configurations for Wired LANs/WANs, Wireless LANs (WLANs), Voice over IP (VO IP), Server Farms (with mass storage SAN, RAID5), Network Control Center (NCC), IDS, NMS, RMON. Detailed Configurations for XP/WIN7/Mac WorkStations, Network Sw itches, Routers, Hubs, Wireless Access Points, VoIP controllers, etc. Implemente

d Lessons Learned Corrective Measures, Operational Procedure Improvements, Equip ment Replacements & Upgrades. Utilized Project Management and Analytical Tools & Processes to Enhance Life Cycle Costs and Supportability. Briefed Technical Pr ogress, Schedules, and Impacts. Developed Microsoft Virtualization Configuratio ns for PCs, Servers, Ethical Hacker Boxes, IDS Test Beds. NASA VA-E1 Senior Communications Systems Design Engineer, KSC, FL FEB 2002-SEP 2006 Developed L-90 day Mission Unique Worldwide Communications Transport System s for Expendable Launch Vehicles (ELVs) Boosters and Spacecraft. Led Teams Deve loping Worldwide Transport of Telemetry, Tracking, Data, Voice, Video using Seri al, Analog / Digital, Copper, Fiber-Optic, RF, Electro-Optical (E-O), RF over Fi ber Equipment, Ethernet, ATM / MPLS, SONET, etc. Provided Timing & Frequency Re ference for Post Flight Analyses or Mishap Board Use. NASA YA-E1 Senior Network Management Systems (NMS) Engineer, KSC, FL JUN 1999-FEB 2002 Design/Develop Space Shuttle New Computer Launch Checkout System (CLCS) Pre cedence Setting Network Management and Configurations using HP OpenView, Tivoli, CiscoWorks, SNMP Ver. 1-2-3, NMS/RMON, Third Party Plug-In Tools for Networked Devices and using DOORS Configuration Management S/W Tool. Developed Detailed N etwork Data Flow Simulations for Idle, Checkout, Pre-Launch, Launch Modes Analyz ing Design Performance Thresholds for Normal and Degraded Operation, Upgrades & Modifications. 45th Space Wing Senior Program Support Manager (PSM), CCAS, FL APR 1993-JUN 1999 Developed and Coordinated User Worldwide Range Instrumentation and Communic ations Systems to Support Titan IV Booster and DoD/NASA Spacecraft during proces sing and launch (MILSTAR, IUS DSP, NRO, NSA, NASA JPL Cassini). Led Custom Modi fications to Worldwide Telemetry Data Systems & Transportables, Networks, Voice, Video, Launch Phase Optics, Command Destruct, SATCOM, and Radar Tracking. Led T eams for First Time TDRSS Down-Link Titan IV Centaur & IUS, and, for Cassini CMO C / PAFB Variable Flight Azimuth (VFA) Collision Avoidance (COLA). 45th Space Wing Senior Range Safety Engineer, Patrick AFB, FL MAR 1989-APR 1993 Developed Critical Flight Termination System (FTS) Electronics, Monitoring Systems, and Ordnance for USAF / DoD / NASA Titan IV / Commercial Titan to Insur e Range Compliant Fully Redundant Destruct Electronics and Dual Redundant Wire Harness Break-Wire Systems, Destruct Ordnance to Protect Public Safety During Ea st Coast Launches. Naval Training Systems Center, Senior Simulation Systems Engineer, Orlando, OCT 1983-MAR 1989 Developed Design, Technical Specs / SOW / Logistics / Instructional Trainin g Support for $100+ Million Dollar Seawolf SSN-21 AN-BSY-1 Combat System Fire Co ntrol Team Trainer, Weapons Launch Support Operator Trainer (WLSOT), and Basic O perator Trainer (BOT). Also, developed A-4 Kuwait Air Force Flight Training Cent er (KAF FTC), and, US Navy Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) Vehicle Simulator Sy stems Technical Specs, SOWs, Contracts. FL Northrop Services Inc. (NSi), Senior Electrical Design Engineer, Winter Par SEP 1980-OCT 1983 Designed and Developed Combat System Fire Control Team Trainers, Northrop N avigation Trainer, and Support Systems Trainers / Simulators / Stimulators for R oyal Saudi Naval School in Jubail, Saudi Arabia (Foreign Military Sales US Mines weeper & PCG/PGG Patrol Gunboats). Travelled INCO to Jubail, Saudi Arabia for In stallation/Test. k, FL

General Motors (GM) Packard Electric Plant 10, Senior Electrical Designer, Warren, OH JUL 1978-SEP 1980 Designed and Developed Automated Control & Monitoring Systems for GM High S peed Volume Automotive Wire Production Using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC s), PLC Software, and Automated System Sensors for Wire Reduction Draws, Wire C oating Extruders, and Wire Buncher Process Lines. Selected High Speed Systems Co mponents Including AC / DC Drive Motor Systems, Electro-Optical Laser Gauging Li ne Speed Controls, Safety Switch Functions. a TECHNICAL PROFICIENCIES: Program/Project Management/Team Lead & Briefing Abilities Design Worldwide Commu nication Transport Systems Develop Technical Specification, Test Reports, R&D for Voice, Video, Tel emetry, Optics, & Radar Tracking Develop Proposal/Cost Evaluation/SOW/Grant Writing Research, Design & Develop ment (Digital/Analog/RF) Develop Technical Documentation, Drawings, Manuals Develop Virtualization Test Beds for Network Designs Design Computer Automated Control & Monitoring Systems Develop Electro-Optica l Systems & Communications Design Military & Commercial Training Simulation Systems Develop Combat Syst em/Fire Control Simulators/Trainers IT Networks Architecture, Design & Administration Develop RF and Electro-Optica l Link Margin Analyses Configure, & Maintain LAN/WAN/WLAN/VOIP SATCOM, RFID, RF Over F-O, Comm and Destruct Systems Perform Detailed Network Data Flow & Capacity Planning Engineering, Technical, S afety, & Risk Analyses O&M, Upgrade Existing Legacy Systems to Modernize Enhance Life Cycle Supportabi lity and Cost Reductions Develop IT within Controls, Processes, Policies, Recovery Develop User O&M Train ing & Support Documentation Analyze & Implement Lessons Learned to Upgrades IT Availability, Confidentialit y, Security, SOX Compliance Perform Test & Evaluation Performance Analyses Develop Budgets, Scheduling, Li fe Cycle Resource Mgt Facility Electrical, Grounding, UPS, Lightning Protection E-O Laser Initiated Fl ight Termination Ordnance Designs Perform Test & Evaluation Performance Analyses & Mods Range Safety Analyses, Ord nance Design, FTS Design Eddy-Current & Ultrasonics NDE/NDI/NDT Secret Clearance Sept 2010+

Training/Certifications: IEEE, NSPE, SANS and Global Knowledge Training such a s Defending Windows Networks, Communications, VoIP, Wireless WLANs, CCNA, Windo ws Server 2003/2007/2008, SANS Snort/IDS, MPEG Video, etc. Platforms O/S: Windows (WINNT/XP/XP-PRO/WIN7/Vista, WIN Server 2003/2007/2008) , MAC (MAC O/S, Leopard), Linux/Unix, Microsoft Virtualization (for Workstations , Hacker Boxes, IDS, Servers), Routers, Switches, Hubs, Access Points, Network & VOIP Controllers/Gateways, Firewalls & IDS, SAN & RAID5 Mass Storage, NCC, Serv er Farms, Load Balancers, Optimizers, Tier III Support, etc. Tools/Other: Office 2003/2007, Visio, Photoshop, Project, Apple iPhone / iPod Touch, HTML, XML, (also SQL, Perl, C++), Network Protocols TCP/IP, UDP, NTP, DNS , ICMP, Telnet, FTP, SSL/SSH, ARP, EIGRP, DHCP, OSPF, etc., Network Management S ystems (NMS/RMON)(HP OpenView, Tivoli, CiscoWorks, SNMP Versions 1/2/3, Intrusio n Detection Systems (IDS), Firewalls (Checkpoint+), DOORS. Develop Communication s using T-1/T-3/OC-3/OC-12/OC-48/ISDN/ ATM/SONET/SDH/MPLS, RF over Electro-Optic

al Fiber Equipment, Develop