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CINDY E. MCKINNEY, Ph.D. 19 Colonnade Way, Box 297 * State College, Pennsylvania 16803 814-883-2634 * cmfd98c0@westpost.

net PROJECT MANAGER*BIOMEDICAL RESEARCHER * PROFESSOR cular Biology* Animal Resources Biotechnology* Cell and Mole

Dynamic professional with history conducting groundbreaking research in biotechn ology and biomedical sciences for major universities and industry. Creates added value for stakeholders on all levels by timely management of projects. Meets an d exceeds all expectations through strategic planning and coordination of depart ments and complex projects. Cultivates collaborative "think-tank" atmospheres by inspiring. Is equally effective working autonomously or as a hands-on leader, m entor, and team player. Strategic Planning * Complex Project Management * Team Building * Team Leadershi p Teaching & Mentoring * Creative Thinking * Cellular & Molecular Biology * Genet ics & Transgenics * Program Development * Lab Methods * Surgical Procedures WYETH RESEARCH (n.k.a. Pfizer, Inc.), Collegeville, PA * 6/2007 - 6/2010 Major BioPharma research organization, developer and marketer of prescription dr ugs. Senior Manager /Senior Project Manager- Genetically Modified Animal (GMA) Progra m Coordinated and led 20 direct reports at 2 SPF barrier facilities at 2 sites. Cu ltivated and managed relationships with internal research clients. Played key ro le on senior management team building and developing in-house GMA program. Serve d as vital member of IACUC committee, Manager's Forum, and Bioresources Lean Tea m. Mentored supervisors. Achievements: * Managed 60-100 custom GMA projects spanning from implementation to animal deli very; providing clients with timely research resources to meet their specific ex perimental needs. * Improved client response times and project outcomes, building world class team highly capable of responding to unusual circumstances. * Developed double and triple knockouts via intercrosses, and standardized breed ing schemes; met critical timelines for stakeholders. * Partnered with IT to develop user-friendly GMA database for clients to track a ll projects. * Aided transition from Wyeth Research to Pfizer, managing key outsourcing proje cts. PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY, University Park, PA * 10/1998 - 5/2007 Large public research university. Director - Transgenic Facility & Assistant Professor - Transgenic Biology Created and managed fully functional transgenic facility for faculty researchers . Mentored graduate and undergraduate students as key member of MS and PhD commi ttees for Animal Sciences, Biology, and Physiology and Genetics departments. Ser ved on IACUC and Biotechnology committees. Aided student recruitment efforts. De livered invited seminars at neighboring colleges. Achievements: * Founded 1st transgenic facility on main campus to eliminate technology gap; in cluded all resources, services, budget, and audited fee structure. * Revamped 5-year Bachelor'/Master's program. * Enhanced GMA model capability, expanding services to i Hershey Medical School. * Created and taught Transgenic Biology course as part of Biotechnology MS Progr

am Additional Highlights: * Produced 26 novel GMAs throughout tenure. * Co-authored "Transgenics & Cancer" review with Dr. Shashikant. * Increased departmental scholarship fund, co-creating and leading annual "Tee T imes for Tuition" event. UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, Charlottesville, VA* 4/1996 - 9/1998 Large public research university. Director - Embryonic Stem Cell Core & Assistant Professor of Research Created and managed university's and medical school's Gene Targeting Embryonic S tem Cell Core program. Prepared and administered budget. Managed transgenic bree ding schemes. Built faculty and client relationships. Served as co-author on mul tiple publications. Achievements: * Established 1st gene targeting core for mouse embryonic stem cells with state funding from a multi-technology resources grant. * Co-produced unique transgenic animals of multiple interests with colleagues an d medical faculty * Designed gene targeting DNA constructs for projects in Cardiovascular Research Center * Developed and managed in-house transgenic breeding program. NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF MENTAL HEALTH, Bethesda, MD * 1/1990 - 4/1996 National biomedical research institution. Senior Staff Fellow - Clinical Neuroscience Branch, Molecular Neurogenetics Sect ion Conducted in-depth research into gene therapy rescue models for Gaucher disease. Partnered with staff and international researchers on production of GMA models of orphan diseases and lysosomal inborn errors of metabolism. Mentored junior st aff, postdoctoral fellows, and technicians. Achievements: * Co-developed innovative lysosomal storage disease models with national and int ernational researchers /collaborators (in vivo models of Gaucher and Aspartylglu cosaminura (AGU). * Enabled determination of brain storage of glucosylcermide, developing HPLC ass ay. * Honored with National Gaucher Foundation postdoctoral award. * Delivered presentations at national meetings on Gaucher models and biochemistr y, 1st author on invited review and co-author on team papers. EDUCATION & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PhD in: Cellular & Molecular Biology, University of Maryland, College Park, MD MS: Cellular & Molecular Biology, University of Maryland, College, Park, MD BS in Biology, Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA National Gaucher Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship * Certificate in Executive Leadership Essentials of Project Management * Bioinformatics * Mouse Pathobiology Lab Animal Management * Lipid Metabolism & Pathophysiology of Obesity Cryopreservation of Mouse Embryos * Medical & Experimental Genetics ***Author & Co-Author of 23 publications in peer-reviewed journals and invited r eviews. Presenter at national meetings. Full list available on request***