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Mark Pickett 496 Via Plaza * Ventura, CA 93003 Tel: (805) 650-6258 * mpfd9cbc@westpost.


Operations, Distribution & Supply Chain Management Logistics, Import & Export Operations Operations executive with in-depth experience in logistics, inventory, distribut ion, warehousing operations & supply chain management. Skilled at maximizing ope rational resources and implementing operating systems to increase sales [revenue s increased an average of 22% annually over 10 years (1997-2007)]. Created an i mport & distribution network, inventory and warehousing processes resulting in c ontinuous double-digit annual growth. Recognized for integrating an expert facilities management philosophy incorporat ing new technological (wire guidance) advances in warehousing and shipping-recei ving operations. Co-designed inventory placement and retrieval equipment with Cr own Machinery Corp. to eliminate handling of oversized/overweight cartoned produ cts. Created a nationwide network of carriers to more efficiently service our 2000+ a ctive customer base consisting of multi-national corporations with multiple DC's with EDI compliance demands to smaller independent stores. This network resulte d in a reduction of average delivery times by 25% with a quantifiable decrease i n transportation costs. Applied supply chain logistics knowledge and experience of off-shore trade regulations to maintain compliance with CBP regulations. Wor king knowledge of CTPAT regulations. Facilities, Inventory Control & Forecasting * Project Management * Import / Expo rt Logistics & Contracting * Budgeting & Scheduling * Account Management * Purchasing * Supply Chain Logistic s * Inventory Systems P & L * Vendor Relations * Distribution * Contract Negotiations * Warehouse Oper ations * Strategic Alliances

Professional Experience ARTISTICA, INC., Ventura, CA 1995 - 2009 Design, engineering, import, warehousing and distribution company. Sales in 200 7 of $27 million with 58 employees in a multiple DC's. Vice-President (2004-2009) & General Manager (1995-2004) Led the development of key company operations, including shipping, receiving, pr oduction, budgeting, delivery logistics and inventory management (bar code) syst ems. Created internal systems to recognize true costs of goods imported and mana ge inventory control throughout the logistical lifecycle. Managed production & m aterial planning, vendor relations and governmental compliance (Homeland securit y and CARB regulations) relating to imported goods. Detailed knowledge of MRP, B OM & Inventory management systems. * Enabled company to grow sales from less than $2 million to more than $27 milli on over a 10-year period as a result of collaborating with corporate management to orchestrate inventory costing and harmonized new departmental daily operation s. P&L oversight. * Reduced time between order placement and shipping over 25% by revitalizing dis tribution, inventory and warehousing processes.

* Ensured adherence to all federal/state environmental, security and safety stan dards as a result of developing long term operating plans utilizing new technolo gy and assets, with a reduced but highly trained staff. * Mark Pickett * Page Two * Sustained and reduced costs while continuing to increase profits by negotiatin g ocean/inland freight and contract costs comparable to numerous high volume imp orters similar in volume to Disney Stores. Developed nationwide delivery network of LTL and TL freight shipments to customer base in excess of 2,000 active acco unts. Architect of the transfer of 1.5M cubic feet of inventory, equipment and persona l to a newly constructed energy efficient state of the art corporate and distrib ution center. Responsible for the design of the processing layout and warehouse systems (consolidation of multiple facilities to a state-of-the-art manufacture wire guidance and bar coded distribution center). CALIFORNIA BEAN GROWERS ASSN., Ventura, CA 1982-1994 Cooperative of dry bean farmers in California. Trading Manager / Processing Facilities Manager (1982-1994) Other positions Commodity Trader Field Representative Spearheaded market analysis and forecasting models for use in daily trading oper ations, establishing the company as the industry leader on the West Coast. Desig ned a commodity / management information software system with IT vendors to inte grate and track inventory, quality and contracting issues, shipping, customer se rvice and collections. * Ignited sales to over $40M through sampling processes and industry alliances t o determine planted acreage and estimated annual production (performed analysis to greater degree than did the Department of Agriculture; led to company becomin g largest world marketer of California dry beans). * Introduced Quality Identification Methodology for plant processing systems res ulting in a more realistic valuation of the various degrees of quality (leading to this criteria for quality standards being used in place of 'official USDA gra des' in much of the export trade as well as in the domestic market). * Increased plant production while improving goals and standards by launching an d driving continuous audit / review program for milling and manufacturing facili ties.

Education B.S. Agricultural Business Management California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo, CA