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The purpose of this study was to show the negative impacts of pollution and how it affects the economy of Trinidad and how it can decrease the development within the economy as well as the standard and quality of life. The individuals who can benefit from this research after proper study are; the government, to observe what errors are presently within the country and how they can be corrected to decrease the rate of pollution. The children at all schools so they d be educated as to what factors affect the environment and how to prevent pollution. We, the society can benefit from these research projects so that we can all cooperate as a team to implement factors to prevent pollution as well as observe what factors can be done to reconstruct the environment to be a much more healthier and functional place. Teachers as well can all benefit so that any extra data that they do not have can be inserted into their teaching syllabus to be explained to children or should I say , Students at school to enhance their mental capacity of this particular type of knowledge.


Literature review
Pollution Pollution is the unclean state of the environment (land, atmosphere or water) resulting in physical, chemical and biological changes that can seriously affect ecological systems. Pollution is mainly caused by the improper disposal of waste into the environment. The various types of pollution that are included in this research are ; Marine/Water pollution, Land base marine pollution, Land pollution, Agricultural pollution, Industrial pollution and Urban pollution.

Marine pollution

This is the contribution by man of substances or energy into the marine environment resulting in dangerous effects as harm to all various types of living resources, hazards to human health, hindrance to marine activities including fishing and reduction of amenities. Increased economic developments and growing demands of the increasing population contributes to our environmental destruction, especially in the marine and coastal areas. The islands of Trinidad and Tobago are increasingly in demand by tourists who visit various places in the Caribbean for their vacations. Trinidad, especially is an island where tourists visit often to spend the best of leisure time and to do research on our culture. However, if Trinidad s environment becomes over populated via the land, sky and water, tourists can become sick and therefore would be discouraged from visiting. This would be bad for Trinidad s economy because the level of foreign currency would be decreased and this is an unfavorable condition when it comes to business. Water pollution can be damaging to the economy as it can be expensive to treat and prevent contamination waste that does not break down quickly and accumulates in the earth s waters and eventually makes its way to the oceans. Water pollution can also affect the durability of farm goods when absorbed into the roots and into the final product. If goods are spoilt too fast, the government or private owners paying for export would have wasted the finance paid to acquire the goods. Even if we are producing goods locally and they are infected and degraded by pollution, the buyers whom we are exporting to would not want to trade with our country again because of the defects in our goods. The business relationship could therefore be destroyed and we may not get another beneficial relationship again. We would have to keep our goods which would later on be spoilt if kept too long and the nonpurchase of these commodities would deny the chance of increasing the money supply of Trinidad s economy.


Biological filters. Some pollutants are more difficult to clean up than others and they d be more expensive. These simple methods cost a lot of money to maintain. aluminum cans and general household wastes. Land based marine pollution Land base marine pollution arises from domestic. Factors affecting costs 1) The location of pollution is important because this determines how much the clean up would cost. industrial and municipal sources. chemical additives and sand filters. 2) The contamination size also needs to be considered because the larger the size is the higher the cost. 3) The type of pollutant may also have an effect on the clean up costs. but prevention is better than cleaning up pollution that has already occurred. agricultural. Domestic wastes are normally associated with residential areas and housing developments and include raw sewage(containing bacteria) and solid wastes such as glass.Factors to prevent water pollution Water pollution can be prevented by using the following . plastic products. 3 .

would have to raise their selling price as well. causing the water and soil to become contaminated. 4 . When crops aren t produced at specific periods. the richness of soil drops.Land pollution Land pollution is the addition of undesirable material to the land that damages the terrestrial organisms and what reduces the use of the land by man for various activities which all contribute to the development of the land and the people who live on it. Chemicals from pesticides and fertilizers used on farm crops seep into rivers like the Rio Cobre and Hope river and eventually end up in the harbor. Chemicals find their way into soil and streams. The garbage that has been dumped in gullies is washed into the sea by heavy rains. They d have to increase prices of final crops on the market. Consumers would now be negatively affected by these inflated prices. Water use by nearby communities had to seize for a while until tests approved that the water was safe for human consumption again. so therefore their costs to produce have gone up. decreasing the standard value for potential cultivation of crops. it gets scarce causing it hard for farmers to earn their average returns. Inflated prices can cause demand of less goods because other business whose resources are market goods. It was reported that in the Jamaica Star news paper in March 2005 that large amounts of gramazone (weed killer) were found in a section of the Rio Grande. Agricultural pollution This is where chemicals from fertilizers and pesticides are drawn from the agricultural crops and are passed on to the main land and water ways. Both buyers and sellers would suffer. Land pollution affecting the market economy Land pollution can affect the quality of the land soil for agriculture for farmers because when minerals are washed and eroded.

Disposal of this waste is one of the greatest challenges today in the fight against environmental degradation.Urban pollution Urban populations are the source of most domestic solid waste in the Caribbean. This occurs because official landfill sites are ineffective in handling these huge quantities of waste. 5 . Large populations and increased consumer demand are producing huge quantities of garbage and much of this is being dumped in gullies and rivers and eventually along the coast. there isn t even enough sewage treatment plants to deal with the waste products produced by the increased population in cities.

Discourages Tourists 10% Sales Affects exported goods 20% Isn't Enough Treatment plants 40% Decreases development rate 30% 6 .Findings Pie Chart illustrating individuals opinions on negative effects of pollution.

Which two areas in Trinidad are polluted the most? . 7 .... Do you think pollution decreases Trinidad s economic development rate? Yes No Do you think it is costly to repair after pollution damages? Yes No Do you think it is more costly to prevent than repair? Yes No Does pollution affect your quality of life? Yes No Does pollution affect your disposable income? Yes No Do you think pollution is becoming worse? Yes No Do you think that pollution discourages tourists? Yes No If tourists are discouraged.. . will it decrease the rate of foreign currency in Trinidad? Yes No Do you think that there is enough water sewage treatment plants? Yes No Do you think that pollution is as intense in other countries? Yes No Do you think pollution affects our exported goods as well as the money to be earned for them? Yes No Do you think pollution would decrease and the economy would become more developed? Yes No Do you think that we.. as a community have the power to decrease the rate of pollution? Yes No If your answer is yes.Questionnaire 1) What is pollution? 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) . explain how we can do so in the space provided below..

Bar Chart illustrating decrease in agricultural revenue annually Decrease In Agricultural Revenue 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 2000 2001 2002 2003 8 .

Name: Christopher Jaggasar Date:31/01/11 Class: 2U6 Subject: Caribbean Studies Topic: Pollution .

Table of Contents Introduction Literature review Findings Interpretation of findings Discussion of Findings Data collection sources Acknowledgements Terms and Meanings Limitations Recommendations page 1 page 2-5 page 6-8 page 9-10 page 11 page 12 page 13 page 14 page 15 page 16 .

Yellow sector shows that only ten percent of the individuals in relation to the questionnaire says that pollution discourages tourists. Discourages Tourists 10% Sales Affects exported goods 20% Isn't Enough Treatment plants 40% Decreases development rate 30% The above pie chart is divided into various sectors. Therefore the transaction could be terminated. This may occur because of the unclean environment and the appearance would discourage tourists visit. The orange sector illustrates that twenty percent of the individuals say that pollution affects exported goods.Interpretation Of Findings The Pie Chart The Pie Chart Illustrates percentages of how many individuals have a view of the various effects of pollution on the economy. So far. They would also not want to get any viruses because of the pollution. The agricultural goods could be infected and goods could spoil before arrival in the next country . This was decided because there is still a lot of polluted waters that are used in our homes and in rivers. The Blue sector illustrates the largest portion and that forty percent says there isn t enough water treatment plants in Trinidad. The red sector shows thirty percent and says that it decreases the development rate in the economy because damaged infrastructure would need repairs and this would cause a keep back of other projects that could have been invested in. we can observe that the finance from tourists and exported goods can be denied to us because of pollution and its dreadful effects. 9 .

This is caused when agricultural crops are destroyed by pollution and the resources become scarce. The farmer would have lost the earlier set of goods and he earned no revenue for them. Costs would be high and less returns are acquired so Hence the agricultural decrease of revenue. the revenue earned on an average basis has decreased. Due to the intensifying effects of pollution. 10 . making his life harder in the economic world.The Bar Chart Decrease In Agricultural Revenue 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 2000 2001 2002 2003 The above Bar chart illustrates the decreases in agricultural revenue over the years from 2000 to 2003.Each bar represents a year and the percentage of revenue it collects for that year.

A lot of garbage dumped and the water stays contaminated for a while because there aren t enough water treatment plants to treat the water to a standard where we can enjoy. The barchart says that due to the harsh effects of pollution. to repair damages. their would be a pause in progress. the crops have been destroyed and farmers haven t earned any revenue for them. It shows as it continues. In the survey. His stops foreign currency from entering into the economy as well.Discussion Of Findings In the findings. their was an answer give by an individual who said that pollution does not decrease the rate of economic development because she says that we would continue to earn revenue from oil and natural gas. it s almost the same explanation except the literature review explains how the pollution of the crops occur when the pesticides and other chemicals are absorbed into roots of crops and are passed on to the mainland and water ways. the average revenue for agriculture drops. in the Literature review. This answer was not placed in the piechart. We studied and analysed a bar chart which illustrates the decreases in agricultural revenue over a period of years. In urban pollution . The environment when unclean and contaminated will discourage tourists(also said by Johanne John in the Findings in Interviews conducted) from visiting Trinidad because of the fear of getting sick as well as for their children. we studied that some individuals interviewed using the questionnaire said that there aren t enough water sewage treatment plants. We analysed in the interpretation that the statement is true. The sector of the pie chart that says it discourages tourists is stated in the literature review . In the literature review they also said that water use by nearby communities have been seized cause of contamination and was tested after a while until water was safe for use again. This is also proven in the Literature review under the subheading of Urban pollution. However. While in the Literature review. urban populations are the source of the most domestic solid waste in the Caribbean and disposal of this is tough. 11 . it was stated that pollution does decrease the rate of economic development because when the government has to forgo projects which could have been invested in . This is not good especially for an economy that wants to build a reputation and development of a high standard.

It also provided me with additional data which was not illustrated on the displayed web pages that I encountered. 12 .Data Collection Sources The data collection sources were all essential in this study and were beneficial to my success of acquiring substantial data. The internet was a factor because it allows me to search and gather different pieces of data all at a very fast pace and I was able to analyse and choose which is the best for my study. Personal interviews were conducted so that I would get information straight from the source and I would be able to compare it with what I acquired from the internet. I used resources like the internet. personal interviews and a textbook. A textbook was also used so that I could get another type of processed data to do more analysis and comparison.


13 .Acknowledgements I would like to give my best thanks to my internet sources which provided me with a vast amount of information to complete my studies. I also want to thank the Persons who provided data in the textbooks and also those who took their precious time to allow me to interview them about their opinions on this study.




Pertaining to earth. Terrestrial.Chemicals which are added to bring about an effect in a product pertaining to its field. Municipal sources.These are sources pertaining to government.this relates to organisms and land. Ecological.Terms and meanings Salmonella This is a bacteria which is most likely to cause food poisoning and infects humans. 14 . Chemical additives.

15 . Some of the statistics in relation to how various parts of the economy in Trinidad are affected. One of the charts were a bit difficult to achieve and then was time consuming to take some of the data collected and to analyse it to be reconstructed into a diagram format.Limitations These limitations were not of a great amount but they are as follows.

We should all work together as one to reconstruct a better garbage free zone for us to live happily in. I recommend that the government use its resources both local and abroad in terms of economic relationships that has been established to create more substantial water sewage treatment plants to purify our water to a much higher degree.Recommendation Pollution within the country is a factor which affects the economy of Trinidad very bad and measures should be taken and carried out to stop this degrading factor. 16 . There should be programmes established to educate young individuals about the dread full effects of polluting the environment by littering. dumping trash into the rivers and lakes and smoking etc.