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MAILE JOHNSON M.B.A., B.S. 423 Wave Avenue, Half Moon Bay, California, USA * (650) 704-9242 * mjfdad06@westpost.

net A highly versatile and motivated professional eager to apply talents within a dynamically stimulating company and add value by achieving exemplary business performance through enhancing productivity, exercising effective interpersonal communication skills and leveraging a multi-disciplinary strategic approach. Strong business and analytical qualifications with the capacity to identify and resolve internal inefficiencies while recognizing and capitalizing on arising market opportunities. Dedicated to excellence and passionate about building a smarter future, with the outstanding ability to adapt quickly to new and challenging environments. STRENGTHS IN: Business Strategy * Interpersonal and Written Communication * Customer Relations * Scientific and Financial Analysis and Reporting * Problem Identification and Resolution * Sustainability Initiatives * Organization, Multi-tasking and Prioritizing


EXECUTIVE COORDINATOR * 2010 * _Scientific Certification Systems, Emeryville, California_ _ _Recruited at a time of accelerated growth to work directly with the CEO identifying and solving internal operational inefficiencies, and to turn operational costs into increases in the bottom-line. Valued for bringing in a fresh perspective with the ability to take initiative in recognizing areas of potential cost savings. This multi-faceted company specialized in environmental certification and environmental impact quantification. Highlighted Accomplishments: * Orchestrated the successful configuration and implementation of initiatives for project tracking, budget management and proper billing * Streamlined internal work flow processes to maximize billable hours while enhancing competitive advantage * Developed program budgets collaboratively with the Director of Business Development and effectively prepared, presented, and communicated various financial reports and analyses with key internal stakeholders *

Solidified the relationship with the company's overseeing Standards Development Committee increasing productivity * Maximized the number of meetings with the CEO, Life Cycle Practitioners and external associates by diligently maintaining a consistently full schedule to increase international market presence

LABORATORY RESEARCH TECHNICIAN_ _*_ _2005a"2006 * _University of California, Santa Barbara a" Marine Science Institute, Department of Riparian Ecosystems and Invasive Species_ Extensively investigated and boosted the scientific knowledge of the ecological impacts of numerous invasive species and specifically _Arundo donax_ on Californian riparian ecosystems by designing and conducting a wide-array of field and laboratory experiments. * Headed the design and execution of a seed viability study on _Arundo donax_, leveraging resourceful project coordination abilities * Executed advanced ecological monitoring techniques in the field, while methodically performing experimental research in the laboratory to ascertain the precision and accuracy of data collection * Delivered superior analytical analyses by exhaustively examining the validity of the collective results * Facilitated the coordination and interaction with critical interest groups including academia, government and private sectors to advance the progress of collaborated projects


RESTAURANT MANAGER * 2008-2009 * _Regatta Steak and Seafood Restaurant, New South Wales, Australia_ Shouldered an immense amount of responsibility in a busy 200-seat three-star restaurant and bar ensuring a smooth flow of operations and customer satisfaction while also overcoming significant challenges arising from cultural differences. Highly regarded by both the restaurant owners and customers for dedicated, meticulous and attentive work ethic. Major Contributions: * Optimized the efficacy of all front-of-house operations by providing exemplary cross-functional leadership to all employees and upholding a

productive work morale * Increased bar revenue and sustained food sale profits during an economic downturn by building and enhancing customer loyalty and developing daily specials and bar promotions to capitalize on the changing demands of the market * Hired and trained new employees while also maintaining an efficient work schedule enabling the coordination and supervision of banquet and catering events

HEAD SURF INSTRUCTOR * 2006 * _Seals Surf Adventure Surf Camp, Santa Barbara, California _ Hired for a proven mastery of surfing, comprehensive knowledge of marine habitats, and deep appreciation for the respectful enjoyment of the beach and ocean. Maximized camp enrollment from the customer loyalty developed through charismatic surf coaching talent. Repeatedly commended for delivering a qualitatively excellent beach camp experience. * Engaged campers, ages 5-15, and encouraged enthusiastic participation in the daily activities encompassing surfing, beach games, team building exercises, litter pick up, and marine habitat teaching * Provided unparalleled surf coaching resulting in significant improvements of the camper's ability and style within the first week * Inspired campers and counselors-in-training to pursue success in athletic accomplishment * Empowered over 75 campers with ocean knowledge in the fields water safety, ocean currents, and surf condition analysis

LABORATORY RESEARCH ASSISTANT * 1999-2000 * _DURECT Corporation, Department of Research and Development, Cupertino, California _ * Responsible for the accurate execution of all laboratory experiments throughout their lifecycle in this pharmaceutical start-up company * Maintained and controlled proper documentation and reporting of all experimental data ensuring validity of results *

Meticulously followed all experimental procedures and data management protocols while gaining an expertise in the operation of all laboratory instrumentation


MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION *_ _2008 * Southern Cross University, New South Wales, Australia BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES * 2005 * University of California at Santa Barbara, California EDUCATIONAL STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM * 2004 * University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia OTHER QUALIFICATIONS/VOLUNTEER WORK/ OTHER

Outstanding working knowledge of MS WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, OUTLOOK, PROJECT MANAGEMENT AND FILEMAKER PRO PUBLICATION in California a"Invasive Plant Council Fall 2006: Johnson, M., Dudley, T., Burns, C. 2006 "Seed Production in _Arundo donax_?" Cal- IPC Fall 2006, pp12-13. MEMBER_ _of the National Honors Society, 2005 SHOPPER and GIFT WRAPPER * 2009-Present * Adopt-a-Family, Half Moon Bay, California MARINE RESERVE DOCENT * 2000-2001 * Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, Moss Beach, California TUTOR * 2001 * English as a Second Language Elementary School Students, Half Moon Bay, California PRO SURFER TRAINEE * 2005- 2010 * for the Association of Surfing Professionals World Qualifying Series

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