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Plu# 4451(small)/ 4452(large)

The mix: 1 box spring mix 1/4 bag of sprouts 2 cups of carrots, grated 2 box baby spinach 2 heads of romaine, washed well and cut into pieces, approx. 1 2@ by 2 2@ Mix well. Be sure to separate sprout clumps. Store in 22Qt. Cambro. Can also add green leaf to stretch out mix or to utilize smaller pieces left from sandwich bin. Large salad: .25# greens 4 cherry tomatoes- if small, use 6 4 cucumber slices, # 15 on slicer 1/3 C. sunflower/pumpkin seed mix 1 dressing packet or 1 2oz. Portion cup of dressing. 1 large clam shell Small: .13# greens 2 cherry tomatoes, if small, use 3 or 4 4 cucumber slices 1/4 C. seed mix 1 dressing packet or 1 2oz. Cup of dressing.

F:\Revised Recipes\Salads\greens.wpd