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plu# 4253 1/3 gal black beans, (dry measure) 3#=s Red Bell Peppers, roasted, seeded and diced 2 # Jalapenos, roasted, seeded and diced 10 c. frozen corn 2 bu. Scallions, sliced 2# Red Onion, diced 2 bu. cilantro, chopped Dressing: 2 C. Safflower oil 2 C. red wine vinegar 2 C. garlic, minced 2 C. lemon juice 1/4 C. Lime juice 1t. pepper 2T. salt Whisk together

Cook, drain, rinse, lightly salt and cool black beans; set aside. Mix dressing with vegetables. Gently fold vegetables into beans. * Be sure not to over cook beans or else they will mush. Be sure to rinse well or they will turn it black.

E:\co-op cafe files\GENTLE STRENGTH RECIPES\coop salad\BLASAL.WPD