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6 sliced cucumbers 20 tomato wedges 2 cups (approx. 3) red onions sliced thin 2 cups feta crumbled in large chunks 1/2# Greek olives, or black if no Greek Vinaigrette: 3 Tbsp red wine vinegar 1 tsp sea salt 1 tsp dry basil 3/4 cups olive oil 1t. oregano, dried Mix vinaigrette separately, label "Athenian Salad", and store. Cut cucumbers, store separately. Wedge tomatoes, store in a colander and set in a stainless bowl separately. Mix feta, large chunks, and greek olives, store these separately. Remember to label all containers "Athenian Salad". The AM cashier will fold all ingredients together in the morning.

E:\co-op cafe files\GENTLE STRENGTH RECIPES\coop salad\ATHSAL.WPD