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Fresh Salsa

Plu# 4342 (mild)/ 4347 (med.)/ 4350 (hot)
Ingredients: 1ea. Tomato Juice, can 2 ea #10 cans of Diced Tomatoes 2 C Garlic, minced 1 2 lbs Yellow and/or Red Onions, Diced 2 bu. Cilantro 2 C Safflower or Olive Oil 2 bu. Green Onion, sliced 1 C Lime Juice, fresh 2T Sea Salt 3# Tomatoes, Diced (use leftover ends up first) 2-3 ea. Roasted Jalapenos* *Check Heat of the jalapenos first. Based on heat their heat, double amount added for mild to medium and double med. amount added for hot. If they aren=t hot, substitute 1tsp. Cayenne for amount of jalapenos, following doubling procedures. Mix all ingredients together, except jalapenos and follow directions above. Package 1/3 of each type, and 1 32oz. Medium for the café to use for chips.