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Hummus Variations Plu#

BASIL HUMMUS 1 qt hummus 2c fresh basil CILANTRO AND GINGER 1 qt hummus 2 c fresh cilantro 3 T ginger root 2t lemon juice HUMMUS

ROASTED RED PEPPER HUMMUS 1 qt hummus 2 c roasted red peppers

SUN-DRIED TOMATO AND ARTICHOKE HEART HUMMUS 1qt. Hummus 2 c. Artichoke Hearts 1 c. Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Reconstituted SPICY CHIPOTLE HUMMUS 1qt. Hummus (make with Lime Juice instead of Lemon or add an equal part of lime juice to hummus) 1-2 chipotles, ground and slightly reconstituted in 2 T. Hot water
2 c. Fresh Cilantro 1 t. Southwestern Spice