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ROASTED RED PEPPER SOUP PLU 10 # fresh tomatoes, split and roasted 4 # frozen, roasted red bell peppers

2 c. Orange juice concentrate 1 c. garlic 3 gal H2O 1 Tub veggie soup base 2 c. red wine 3 T. sea salt 2 T Black pepper 4 c. Red onion Corn Salsa 4 c. frozen corn, thawed 3 c. red onion diced 2 c. red bell pepper diced 1.5 bunches cilantro chopped salt and pepper 1/2 c. rice vinegar In a large soup pot saute onion and garlic til softened add roatsed tomates and peppers, stir and add remaining ingridents except for corn salsa. Allow to cook until tomaotes reduce and soup develops flavors. While soup cooks prepare corn salsa. Mix alltogether and set aside. When soup is down, puree in Robot Coupe in batches. Then press through chinois to remove excess tomto skins. Stir in corn salsa and package in 400 pans. B: roastedsoup\new menu.wpd