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20 # yellow fin potatoes, chopped rough * 3 3/4 # leeks, slice in half moons 1 Tbsp marjoram 1 Tbsp thyme 2 Tbsp veggie pepper 8 oz vegetable stock or base 2/3 C. garlic, minced cover with water Saute onions until al dente, add garlic, saute until onions are softened. Add potatoes, water to cover and herbs and spices. Cook until potatoes are tender. Reserve liquid, and purree all potatoes in robot coupe until smooth. If potatoes are to stiff, add small amount of reserved liquid to potatoes as they are being purreed. If to thin, thicken with dehydrated potatoes, by mixing dehydrated potatoes in water, then add to your soup. Never add dehydrated potatoes straight to soup or they will form glue like clumps! *If using yellow fini, it is not necessary to peel *If using Idaho, russet, or bakers, you must peel first before chopping