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PLEASE- CUT IN HALF IN SUMMERTIME 1/2 gal. white beans, dry 1 # 10 can diced pear tomatoes 4 C. red potatoes, chopped 1 # 10 can tomato sauce 1 block spinach, frozen 4 C. corn, frozen 16 C. zucchini, diced 8 C. carrots, diced 6 C. celery, chopped 6 C. onions, diced 1 C. garlic, minced 5 Tbsp Italian seasonings 9 Tbsp beef flavored broth 6 Tbsp rubber chicken 2 1/2 Tbsp salt 2 Tbsp black pepper 2 #s elbow macaroni 2 Tbsp ground rosemary (grind in blender) 1 C. parsley Cook beans in a large pot until tender. Add the vegetables, spices, and water to the pot and then simmer. Cook the soup with a low flame stirring often. Precook pasta, rinse, toss lightly in oil, put in 200 pan & label "pasta for minestrone soup" and place on shelf with soup. Add pasta when adding soup to soup kettle.