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Options and Accessories

Canopy Top Black

Certified ROPS Cab Enclosure

Custom Van Box

Fold-Down Seat

Electric Bed Lift


Heavy-Duty Brush Guard


2-Inch Front Receiver Hitch

Stake-Side Kit

1,500 lb Winch

Pintle Hitch

Cab Heater

Nerf Bars

Light Bar

Swisher Trailmower

Swisher Dump Cart

50-Gallon Sprayer

54- or 62-Inch Plow Blade

Safety Strobe Light

CCN 18033068 Rev 08/06

200 lb (544.0" (203. Green.8" x 49. (7.8 cm) 54. All-terrain tread Electronic fuel gauge/hour meter.50-12.4 cm x 23. dual circuit four-wheel hydraulic drum Hand-operated.5 Liters) 43"/43. (474.0 cm) 800 lb.0" ( 129. its shift-on-the-fly differential lock offers extra traction on 15. Classic Blue.2 cm/110. helical gears:15.4-ply rated.4 m3) cargo box carries 800 lb (363. rustproof aluminum frame.2 cm) 51.1" (79. Gray. gives you the power you need with higher torque and more hill-climbing power.1 cm x 122. 13 hp gas.3 ft. Club Car’s 400 cc engine. 11. 4-wheel.6" (16.6:1 reverse 12-volt.8 kg) 120" (304.3 ft3 (0. 500 cca 105 min.7 cm) 31. Trailer hitch Bed Height Bed Capacity Total Vehicle Capacity Overall Length Overall Width Overall Height Wheelbase Ground Clearance Under Differential Fuel Tank Capacity Tread Dry Weight Less Batteries Maximum Speed Additional Features • Maximum speed of 19 mph (30. In addition. turf or mud tires Dual-circuit.50-12. low-oil warning light 48.0 kg) 19 mph (30. (544. (363.5 cm) 80. chassis and cargo box STEERING/ SUSPENSION FRAME/CHASSIS DIMENSIONS Choice of heavy-duty all-terrain.4 in (29 cm) ground . reserve Self-adjusting rack & pinion Independent A-arms with coil over shocks Leaf springs with dual hydraulic shocks Self-adjusting.2 kg) Rugged. independent A-arm front suspension.4-ply rated.600 • 1.3" (119.8 cm x 126.6 cm) 2-year.6 kph) vehicle capacity • Maximum hp @ 3. enabling you to put it to work in a variety of more challenging environments. White.2 kg) 1200 lb. (3.0" (228. Red.3" (123.8" x 9.0 gallons (26. semi-independent rear suspension Front Suspension Rear Suspension Brakes Park Brake Stabilizer Bar Frame/Chassis Front Body Rear Body Body Finish Light Package Trailer Hitch Front Tires Rear Tires Instrumentation Cargo Box Size Flat Bed Size demand.6 kph) 23. limited *Exceeds SAE J1940 Performance Standards Tough jobs require a tough engine.Features 400 cc. available on the Carryall 272.5 cm) 1045 lb. hydraulic brakes Smooth.9" x 48. Kawasaki Gasoline Key-Start Engine 13* Automatic ground speed sensing.0" (137.1 m) dia.5 cm) 46. All-terrain tread 23 x 10.0:1 forward.8 ft.5" (109. multi-lock No Aluminum I-Beam ABS/DR-Acrylic laminate All aluminum Molded-in color Headlights only package Standard 23 x 10. key-start engine Standard Color: Dark Gray Specifications Optional Colors: Beige. Black and Burgundy POWER SUPPLY Engine Horsepower Governor Governed RPM Ignition Drive Unit Electrical System Steering Carryall 272 Gasoline 400 cc.8 kg) total rpm exceeds SAE J1940 Performance Standards clearance under foot platform to handle rough terrain • Shift-on-the-fly Outside Clearance Circle Turning Radius Intersecting Aisle Radius Vehicle Warranty differential lock • 11.2 cm) 6. internally geared-in unitized transaxle 3800±30 Electronic w/electronic RPM limiter Unitized transaxle. 20.6 m) 90.8 cm) 7.