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This proposal is confidential to TRANS W3C SYNERGY Technologies and organization/firm/incorporation  solicitated for this proposal.  This document contains information and data that TRANS W3C SYNERGY  Technologies considers confidential and proprietary.    Confidential Information includes, but is not limited to, the following:  A. Corporate, employee and infrastructure information about TRANS W3C SYNERGY Technologies  B. TRANS W3C SYNERGY Technologies project management and quality processes   C. Customer and project experiences provided to illustrate TRANS W3C SYNERGY Technologies  capability    Any  disclosure  of  Confidential  Information  to,  or  use  of  it  by  a third  party (i.e., a  party  other   than Client), will be damaging to TRANS W3C SYNERGY Technologies. Ownership of all Confidential  Information, no matter in what media it resides, remains with TRANS W3C SYNERGY Technologies.     Confidential  Information  in  this  document  shall  not  be  disclosed  outside  the  buyer’s  proposal  evaluators  and  shall  not  be  duplicated,  used,  or disclosed  – in  whole  or  in  part – for  any  purpose  other  than  to  evaluate  this  proposal  without  specific  written  permission  of  an  authorized  representative of TRANS W3C SYNERGY Technologies.     © This document contains confidential and proprietary information of TRANS W3C SYNERGY Technologies. It is furnished for evaluation purposes only. Except with the express prior written permission of TRANS W3C SYNERGY Technologies, this document and the information contained herein may not be published, disclosed, or used for any other purpose.

All rights reserved © 2006-11 TWCS Technologies Private Limited

TRANS W3C SYNERGY, 1/1F Gariahat Road, Jodhpur Park, Kolkata (Calcutta) – 700068 West Bengal,  Tel: +91-33-6518-5258 24 Hours Hot line: +91‐98301‐46466  India Fax: +91-33-2418-7556 Email: ©


com © TRANS W3C SYNERGY. TRANS W3C SYNERGY Technologies Key Words  g. Overview of TRANS W3C SYNERGY Technologies  b. Kolkata (Calcutta) – 700068 West Bengal.  Tel: +91-33-6518-5258 24 Hours Hot line: +91‐98301‐46466  India Fax: +91-33-2418-7556 Email: info@transw3c. Executive Summary    B. Platforms Supported  d. 2006-11 . TRANS W3C SYNERGY Business Profile  a.    TABLE OF CONTENTS   A. Jodhpur Park. TRANS W3C SYNERGY Technologies Product & Services    C. Launch Phase  i) Final Payment  ii) Launch Website  TRANS W3C SYNERGY. Testing Phase  i) Search Engine Readiness Check  ii) Browser Compatibility Testing  iii) Grammar & Spell Check  iv) Dead Link Check  v) Forms / Programming  f. Project Kick-Off/Requirement Gathering Phase  i) Requirement Analysis  ii) Website Development Contract  iii) Initial Deposit  c. Company Profile  i) Aim  ii) Values & Vision  e. Portfolio   f. TRANS W3C SYNERGY Technologies business objectives  c.transw3c. 1/1F Gariahat www. Domain name registration / Website Hosting  d. Graphic Design Phase  i) Project Begins  ii) Custom Designed Website Concepts  iii) In Progress Viewing  iv) Website Development / Code Phase   Programming / Coding   Website Pages   Website Navigation   Site Map   Site Content   CSS Style sheet   Website Favicon   Response Forms / Email Contact Forms      e. Web Designing Life Cycle  a. Process Model/Software Life Cycle – TRANS W3C SYNERGY Way  b.

Other Terms and Condition                                TRANS W3C SYNERGY.    iii) iv) v) vi) www. Support  a. © TRANS W3C SYNERGY. Minor Adjustments / Changes    F. Jodhpur Park.transw3c. Kolkata (Calcutta) – 700068 West Bengal. 2006-11 . Optional Add-ons    H. a. Hosting    G. Error Testing  Website Files  Instructions & Documentation  Search Engine Submission  Internet Marketing    E. b. Web Services  Website Design  Web Promotion  Web Hosting  Domain Name Registration    J. d. 1/1F Gariahat Road. Road Map    I.  Tel: +91-33-6518-5258 24 Hours Hot line: +91‐98301‐46466  India Fax: +91-33-2418-7556 Email: info@transw3c.

integrity and courtesy towards our clients. website application development and maintenance. TRANS W3C SYNERGY promises a strong business foundation to deliver greater efficiency. sustain & improve compliance and deliver customer satisfaction. people. Based on our experiences. Jodhpur Park. search engine optimization (SEO) and outsourcing services. Our primary objective is to develop an environment of fairness. technology and the desire to be your strategic partner of choice. 1/1F Gariahat Road.transw3c. thereby earning trust and respect Commitment to client’s success Continuous and steady improvement with a robust Business Continuity Plan Commitment to business excellence. while meeting its key objectives around quality. 2006-11 . along with support for business promotion and internet marketing.  Tel: +91-33-6518-5258 24 Hours Hot line: +91‐98301‐46466  India Fax: +91-33-2418-7556 Email: © TRANS W3C SYNERGY. We are committed to our customers and partners and have a passion for technology. employees. honesty. innovation. processes. TRANS W3C SYNERGY is your trusted partner for software development. the following key factors are important for ensuring a successful business engagement:          Ensure proper Project Requirement Analysis Scheduled project delivery and release Adhering to Operation Level Agreement (OLA) Value-add to client’s business needs by fine-tuning existing strategies Ethical and sincere approach towards work Our object oriented commitment. vendors and society at large. and pride ourselves on seeing them through. We take on big challenges. Executive Summary  TRANS W3C SYNERGY would like to thank you in advance for doing business with the proposal for developing the website. Kolkata (Calcutta) – 700068 West Bengal. quality and speed with proper focus on results  Proper risk managements controls  Due maintenance/support of project after delivery  Ensuring high Customer Satisfaction metrics TRANS W3C SYNERGY. time and cost. that we have the capabilities. www. through this response. We are glad to demonstrate to you.      A.

Our service includes Dynamic Web Application © TRANS W3C SYNERGY. development with seamless integration capabilities for new technology to adapt with existing systems thus ensuring no setbacks in either current or future business strategy.term relationship.transw3c. Web Promotion.methodologies used by Fortune 500 IT companies from around the world. TRANS W3C SYNERGY. Flash. E-Commerce Solution. Web Optimization. Web Maintenance. We are excited at the prospect of extending our relationship with you and becoming a trusted and predictable outsourcing partner. We recruit the best available talent from fresh batches of engineering graduates and experienced software professionals in India to ensure sustained organic growth. Link Building. We intend to bring the same model based on organic growth to deliver upon client’s expectations from this initiative. Web Designing. 2006-11 . In summary.  Tel: +91-33-6518-5258 24 Hours Hot line: +91‐98301‐46466  India Fax: +91-33-2418-7556 Email: info@transw3c. 1/1F Gariahat www. Search Engine Submissions and Consultancy. Jodhpur Park. Animation.    TRANS W3C SYNERGY web development team works with an objective to provide all the possible services to get your business on the web with easy-to-use facilities and software tools to upgrade your business to a new height which your competitors can never think. TRANS W3C SYNERGY is a customer-specific service oriented company that extends services ranging from preliminary analysis and planning to detailed design. We look forward to discussing this proposal with you and commencing a mutually beneficial and long. we have built a robust website designing team by abiding to the bestpractice. Multimedia. Kolkata (Calcutta) – 700068 West Bengal.

TRANS W3C SYNERGY.  Tel: +91-33-6518-5258 24 Hours Hot line: +91‐98301‐46466  India Fax: +91-33-2418-7556 Email: info@transw3c. b. Every day. our engineers develop new materials and processes that make our products more environmentally-responsible and ensure that our products are provide our clients greater business efficiency. providing results. 1/1F Gariahat Road. We are committed to our customers and partners and have a passion for emerging technology. The lacuna of any professional service in small and medium sector enterprises around the world led to the beginning of this dynamic initiative by a team of young and inspired IT professionals. employees. ii) Develop an environment of fairness. TRANS W3C SYNERGY Business Profile a. partners and employees by honoring our commitments.    B. TRANS W3C SYNERGY business objectives i) TRANS W3C SYNERGY is one of the fastest growing and leading Software Development & Web Designing company of Indian origin which aims to deliver unmatched business value to customers through a combination of process excellence. “Work Is Worship” is the mantra for this self-inspired band of social visionaries who are on an exciting journey of changing the IT dynamics. 2006-11 . iii) TRANS W3C SYNERGY software development team designs and delivers the systems. Every day. differentiate themselves from their competitors. www. Jodhpur Park. and social visionaries who provide the right balance of executive management and cutting-edge technology in dynamic business environments. We adopt ‘best practices’ of the flourishing global IT industry to create unique case studies which provide complete endto-end solutions to businesses. and reshape their © TRANS W3C SYNERGY. quality frameworks and service delivery innovation. From helping companies integrate customer-centric strategies and emerging technologies into innovative e-business models. to developing multi-channel solutions that coordinate these new channels to help our clients redefine their business. business. Kolkata (Calcutta) – 700068 West Bengal. and maintaining the highest quality norms. We love taking on challenges and pride ourselves on seeing them through. we find ways to give back to the communities where we live and work. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers. We work to bring together a team of technology. vendors and society at large. honesty and integrity for our clients.transw3c. services and software that drives next-generation technology and helps in providing end-to-end business solutions. Overview of TRANS W3C SYNERGY TRANS W3C SYNERGY is a vision of youth.

C#. Jodhpur Park.Macromedia Flash.    iv) TRANS W3C SYNERGY web development team works with an objective to create better portals with dynamic webpage functionality using next-generation WEB 2. 1/1F Gariahat Road. Adobe Photoshop Crystal Report.  Tel: +91-33-6518-5258 24 Hours Hot line: +91‐98301‐46466  India Fax: +91-33-2418-7556 Email: info@transw3c. TRANS W3C SYNERGY SEO services promises to increase your website’s visibility in the internet by increasing visitor ‘hits’ in your website and hence give your business gain an edge over www.0 technology and resources. Adobe Premiere & Audition iv) Database:  RDBMS (MySQL.transw3c. 2006-11 . Postgre SQL. We constantly integrate new technology to adapt existing systems thus ensuring no setbacks in either current or future business strategy. development. Java Script Flash. © TRANS W3C SYNERGY. Data Reports Multimedia Development: Corporate Presentations / Interactive Websites / Product Catalogues / Virtual Walkthroughs Using. MS SQL. Oracle)  MS Access. Adobe Photoshop. DHTML VB Script. Kolkata (Calcutta) – 700068 West Bengal.NET XML. c. vi) TRANS W3C SYNERGY is a customer-specific service oriented company that extends services ranging from preliminary analysis and planning to detailed design. We remain committed to upholding our core values and honest beliefs. vii) TRANS W3C SYNERGY tries to bring the world closer and our customers business at every home. delivery and maintenance. Platforms Supported Our Software professionals are proficient in the following technologies and tools: Software Development: VB. Dream-Weaver. VC++ Web Development: Ajax PHP ASP. Flat Files i)  ii)        iii)  TRANS W3C SYNERGY. .NET. v) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategic combination of techniques designed to raise a website’s ranking in the search engines’ natural listings. These techniques need to be continually revised and refined as the main search engines regularly update their ranking criteria.

has established itself as a front-runner in the software development sector with careful planning and meticulous project execution. www. which are visually appealing and professional. Incorporating the latest technologies and trends. innovation. sincere and open in our dealings  A commitment to be objective and transaction-oriented. Within a short span of © TRANS W3C SYNERGY. thereby earning trust and respect  A commitment to business excellence. i)     Aim To develop software that drives next-generation technology To provide end-to-end business solutions that leverage technology To develop more environmentally-responsible products To upgrade our customers business to a new height which there competitors can never think  To create unique business solutions for our clients  To bring the world closer and our customers business at every home. we at TRANS W3C SYNERGY Technologies can create websites. 1/1F Gariahat Road. quality. TWCS Technologies Pvt. Our unique business-model helps understand client requirements and objectives.  Tel: +91-33-6518-5258 24 Hours Hot line: +91‐98301‐46466  India Fax: +91-33-2418-7556 Email: info@transw3c. TRANS W3C SYNERGY started with a very dynamic team with a vision of being best in the chosen domain. Ltd. Company Profile TRANS W3C SYNERGY was founded on 15th August 2006 and received its corporate recognition as a Private Limited company in June 2010.transw3c. For us time is the most valuable aspect of life  To be ethical. Kolkata (Calcutta) – 700068 West Bengal. Jodhpur Park. speed and the highest standard of business ethics  To be at the apex through EXCELLENCE & CLASS  Strengthen the bondage between people. Each and every minor detail is looked into to make sure that the site boosts the imagination of end-users. 2006-11 . ii) Values & Vision  Complete focus on serving our customers with a commitment to surpass their expectations  Timely delivery. business and technology  A strong sense of social responsibilities and advance human achievement and potential TRANS W3C SYNERGY. demonstrated by a focus on results. http://dolabey. Credit Unions www. Clubs.twcs-central. 1/1F Gariahat Road. (The AEC) Earthrounders L Hostels WineCraft Marketing & Services Yummy Hut SEEstes Photographic Memories Duel Me Eric Herman The Big Flea Coquee Investment Experts www.yummyhut. Jodhpur Park. Entertainment Capital Radio RapHead Demo Casting Agency Digital Pivot Flack Me Beneath The Brand Beyond Madison Avenue BidSence My Dream Garage My Dream Yacht E-shop One Hundred DSF Technology Consultants Pvt. Other Leisure (User ID: dee Password:123456) www. Wholesale © TRANS W3C SYNERGY. http://twcs-central. www.php www. Inc TRANS W3C www.beneaththebrand. Tracy Quantum Dolabey Cord X Fitness JECRI Wood Association of Electrical www.beyondmadisonave. La Cava The Cover House Vivendi E Watch Outlet Designer Purse Shop Level Nine Sports www. Portfolio Organization Name Domain Name Media.webstoretest.winecraftmktg.  Tel: +91-33-6518-5258 24 Hours Hot line: +91‐98301‐46466  India Fax: +91-33-2418-7556 Email: Retail.investmentexperts.erichermanmusic.jecri. Kolkata (Calcutta) – 700068 West Bengal. 2006-11 www.taxsux.tracyquantum. Inc Shazam Stocks www.thecoverhouse.html Financial Services. www. Community/Organization/Service Gaming www.

com www.twcs-central. 1/1F Gariahat Road.transw3c.positiveaffirmationcenter.php © TRANS W3C   *** More can be found @ Real Estate/Realty/Property www. Kolkata (Calcutta) – 700068 West Bengal.  Tel: +91-33-6518-5258 24 Hours Hot line: +91‐98301‐46466  India Fax: +91-33-2418-7556 Email: info@transw3c. Social http://forum.transw3c.    TanzBlog Mark Whitehead Perfect Virtual Tours Mark Whitehead (World) ISLP ISLP. 2006-11 Mehnkwen Hotel Club Positive Affirmations Jodhpur Park. Education Blog  TRANS W3C www.markwhitehead.

 Jodhpur © TRANS W3C SYNERGY. People Process Technology Project Management   Strong Project Management capabilities ensure that the development process is predictable and with Large & complex projects. TransW3C LABS mainly focuses on:  Developing frameworks & methodologies to address critical points in solution lifecycle. flash and animation works. we have been able to inculcate a culture that empowers employees and motivates them to take ownership of their duties. The key strengths of TRANS W3C SYNERGY are summarized in the table below: Area Service Offering Competency One stop capability: TRANS W3C SYNERGY today has the distinction of being a one-stop shop. We are able to offer our clients’ costsavings of 20% to 30% without compromising on service levels.  Leading edge technology. Key Words TRANS W3C SYNERGY has focused on providing services that transform the way business is done through the use of Information Technology. providing services across the entire business value chain from Business and IT Consulting through Implementation & Support services. TRANS W3C SYNERGY has been able to attract and retain the best talent. The resultant efficiencies have helped us deliver value to our clients at lower cost and with fewer defects Technological superiority: TRANS W3C SYNERGY has brought together thought leaders within the organization to form Software Engineering and Technology Labs (TransW3C LABS). since its inception in 2006.    f. 2006-11 .transw3c. TransW3C LABS is the research wing of TRANS W3C SYNERGY consisting of specialists in software architecture. 1/1F Gariahat Road. TRANS W3C SYNERGY.  Provide technology related services.  Tel: +91-33-6518-5258 24 Hours Hot line: +91‐98301‐46466  India Fax: +91-33-2418-7556 Email: www. methodologies. TransW3C LABS is also set for vanity of creation in web designing. Kolkata (Calcutta) – 700068 West Bengal. emerging technologies and platforms. At the same time. Our superior knowledge management systems enable retention of knowledge within the project team and the organization. TRANS W3C SYNERGY has also worked in several multi-vendor scenarios where our success has major dependencies on the actions of other players and our Project management expertise has stood us in good stead in these situations. TRANS W3C SYNERGY enjoys one of the lowest attrition rates. Delivery Excellence: With a record 95% of all projects delivered on time and within budget. we are clearly a leader in project management and reducing the cost of ownership for our clients.

Web Designing Life Cycle a. Intranet development. Payroll Software product. This is why it is important for you to be as detailed as possible when requesting your quote. This document explains the process from start to finish and gives you an idea of what you could expect when working with us.00. Dynamic Website Development with Admin Control Panel. ii) Website Development Contract Once we have come to an agreement on project details. CRM & Attendance management System.) TRANS W3C SYNERGY. we attempt to determine your needs. We will send a Design requisition form which will give us rough idea of the project © TRANS W3C SYNERGY. timeline and www. Product & Services          Finance Software Product. If we believe that your website development project could benefit from our services and skills. We may have questions for you to help clarify certain issues and we will express those before quoting on y our project. Asset management Soft ware product. This is just a guideline. Project Kick-Off/Requirement Gathering Phase i) Requirement Analysis Based on the information you provided when requesting your website design quote. Web Portals Design and Development.transw3c. Jodhpur Park. 1/1F Gariahat Road. what you are expecting from your website. Web Promotion and Internet marketing Domain & Hosting registration. (Contracts are not required for projects under $500. your project may have needs that are not addressed here.  Tel: +91-33-6518-5258 24 Hours Hot line: +91‐98301‐46466  India Fax: +91-33-2418-7556 Email: info@transw3c.    g. b. Process Model/Software Life Cycle – TransW3C Way Many clients have asked us how the process actually works and what happens throughout the website development. C. and try to get a feel for your industry. 2006-11 . sign and send back with your deposit. we will prepare a website development contract for you to review. we will quote you on your project. Kolkata (Calcutta) – 700068 West Bengal.

we will provide you with a copy of the fully executed contract. Graphic Design Phase i) Project Begins Upon receipt of your deposit and contract (if applicable). Ideally. If you have any guide sites you would like us to refer to when designing your site or if you have any preference as to colors. about us. we will immediately secure your desired domain name (pending availability) and include the first 1 years of service. Work will commence on your scheduled start date.) TRANS W3C SYNERGY. The developer in charge of your project will contact you on that day to confirm that we are getting started. Once we have received the 25% deposit and signed contract. 1/1F Gariahat Road. style. etc please offer that information as www. etc) and supply all text and/or product information to be included on your site. the Project Manager in-charge of your project will email you to confirm receipt of your deposit/contract. convert the design to HTML and start adding programs. The remainder of your balance will be due upon project completion part by © TRANS W3C SYNERGY. After you have reviewed the designs and decided which one you would like to use. Jodhpur Park. services. Kolkata (Calcutta) – 700068 West Bengal. you will have the opportunity to review progress. You will need to let us know the navigation links you would like (such as home. we will create the interior page layout. personal photos. (See next item. Domain name registration / Website Hosting If needed. all of the above information should be supplied prior to us getting started. ii) Custom Designed Website Concepts We will provide possible 4-5 custom designed home page concepts for your project. end date and number of man hour required to complete your project. we will continue to make modifications to the design until the final desired look is achieved. we will be able to provide these designs within 3-5 business days following your start date. Once the final desired look is achieved. During this process. you may also supply material such as company logo. if desired.transw3c. In most cases. c. etc. The domain is registered in your name with your information and you will be the only registrant contact on file. d.  Tel: +91-33-6518-5258 24 Hours Hot line: +91‐98301‐46466  India Fax: +91-33-2418-7556 Email: info@transw3c.    iii) Initial Deposit The signed contract and 25% deposit is required before we schedule a time slot for your project. a receipt for your deposit and your project start date. give you their direct contact information and possibly provide a list of items which will be needed from you over the course of development. 2006-11 . In addition.

and rollover effects. Custom logo design is available for an additional fee. and Page Body Text evaluation and adjustment where needed throughout the website.    iii) In Progress Viewing We establish a private directory for your new website on our testing server so that you may view the website development progress at any time. the project manager will inform you via email when extensive updates to the site have been made so you can review the most recent www.  Website Pages Based upon your contract and the final design you selected. Page Titles. Alt Image Tags. please inquire if interested. if desired. In addition.  Website Favicon A Favicon is a small image that displays in the address bar and on the favorites menu when someone bookmarks or adds your website to their "Favorites" © TRANS W3C SYNERGY. Link Text.  CSS Style sheet CSS Style sheet are used to define font faces. This is especially convenient if a visitor is not using their own computer when their email program is not available. 2006-11 . are completed. sizes and colors for consistency throughout the site.  Browser Compatibility Testing TRANS W3C SYNERGY. v) Testing Phase  Search Engine Readiness Check Meta Tags. styles.  Site Map Creation of a site map page is done which includes easy one-click access to all pages of your site. At no time can we guarantee when or where the search engines will place your website within their search results or directory. we create as many static or dynamic pages as needed to complete your site. Jodhpur Park. a visitor can email you directly from your website without needing to open their email program. Kolkata (Calcutta) – 700068 West Bengal. 1/1F Gariahat Road. iv) Website Development / Code Phase  Programming / Coding All website development programming/coding to run any special features/visitor interactivity on your website is completed and tested. If you want this feature then you have to pay an extra amount.3 Website Navigation Navigation links or drop down menus.  Tel: +91-33-6518-5258 24 Hours Hot line: +91‐98301‐46466  India Fax: +91-33-2418-7556 Email: info@transw3c. Using a contact form. Creation of a Favicon is not included in all custom website development projects. 4.  Response Forms / Email Contact Forms We always recommend at least one contact form for your visitor’s convenience.4. Page Heading. photos and text content is included in all projects.  Site Content Incorporation of your logo.

 Website Files After launch and testing of the website. any documentation needed to use the administration functions of your website is included in PDF format. testing and fixing any issues there may have been. Jodhpur Park.transw3c. any interactive programming and scripts are tested to verify proper function. Upon receipt of final payment. vi) Launch Phase  Final Payment Final payment is always due before we take the website live on your © TRANS W3C SYNERGY.  Forms / Programming Any email contact forms and/or programming features included in your project are tested to confirm they are functioning as www.    Your website is tested on a variety of operating systems and browsers to insure proper display and functionality.  Error Testing After the website is live. TRANS W3C SYNERGY.  Launch Website All necessary website files and scripts are copied to your domain and databases are setup.  Grammar & Spell Check Before the website is launched. 2006-11 . you are provided with a zipped archive of all website files. Since t he design and testing phase often occurs on a different server. 1/1F Gariahat Road. a grammar and spell check is performed to insure there are no mistakes.  Dead Link Check A thorough check for misdirected links and missing files is performed just prior to as well as after the launch of the website. Kolkata (Calcutta) – 700068 West Bengal.  Search Engine Submission Hand submission and automated search engine submission occurs after launching.  Tel: +91-33-6518-5258 24 Hours Hot line: +91‐98301‐46466  India Fax: +91-33-2418-7556 Email: info@transw3c. you will be emailed a final/paid in full receipt.  Instructions & Documentation When necessary. it is very important to once again verify that everything is working correctly after taking the website live. www.transw3c. 2006-11 . adding or changing photos. Optional Add-ons may be limited by what programming languages your host supports. if desired.  Tel: +91-33-6518-5258 24 Hours Hot line: +91‐98301‐46466  India Fax: +91-33-2418-7556 Email: info@transw3c. Support Minor Adjustments / Changes We will provide 2 months post-production support for free. TRANS W3C SYNERGY. If you intend to host according to us. Kolkata (Calcutta) – 700068 West Bengal. Minor adjustments to the website are included at no charge for up to two weeks after the website has launched (maximum of up to 3 hours labor). Jodhpur Park. E. if you haven't done everything you can to make your site "search engine friendly". Internet Marketing Adding your website to search engines and directories before knowing your best keywords is an exercise in futility. To obtain pricing. etc. Minor changes include adding changing text. © TRANS W3C SYNERGY. Optional Add-ons  E-Commerce Store  Flash Effects & Animation  Secure Forms with Database Backend (SSL Encryption)  Website Editing (CMS)  Site Search  RSS Feed Aggregator  News/Article Posting  Photo Gallery  Guestbook  Community Forum  Events Calendar  And more! Optional Add-ons pricing will vary. Hosting (Coming Soon) G. 1/1F Gariahat Road. all add-ons would be available to you. Any major revision requests will require additional discussion and possibly incur a fee. for an additional fee. Likewise. Internet marketing makes your site search engines like favorite. This will also increase traffic to your site and help to get more business and clients of yours. please inquire about the specific add-on you wish to include.

 System Testing of each modules and showcase to client of each module.transw3c.  Integration Testing between all the modules “Acceptation Test Plan” with client. Website Design Static Web Designing Single Page Static Web Designing Dynamic Web Designing Ecommerce Web Design Flash Web Design Animated Web Design Customized Web Solutions Website Redesign Web Promotion Google Web Promotion Yahoo & MSN Web Promotion Directory Promotion Customized Web Promotion Web Hosting d.  Required – Project design approval from client.  Tel: +91-33-6518-5258 24 Hours Hot line: +91‐98301‐46466  India Fax: +91-33-2418-7556 Email: info@transw3c. 2006-11 . calls and video conference after the final delivery. Road Map  Project Analysis – To study the requirements of the client.    H.         b. 1/1F Gariahat Road. Kolkata (Calcutta) – 700068 West Bengal. Domain Name Registration TRANS W3C www.  Project Design – After completing the project analysis phase with proper understanding of the client’s requirement we will be sending a “Design Approval From” to the client. Jodhpur Park.  Required – “Acceptation Test Plan” signed by Client.     c.  Delivery of the project after 100% success of the Acceptation test plan. Web Services a. Client need to approve the design to start the development work.  Project Development phase start only after approval of Design.  Two months free online support of the project via e-mail. © TRANS W3C SYNERGY.

 Higher page ranks some time take more times to complete.  We will consider one A4 size page as one web page.  The client will give all the content/Images/Photograph for the site.  All Plans and Packages excluding Taxes & Octerio as applicable.  We do not accept any orders for sites which are related to adult industry. real estate. travel.  Tel: +91-33-6518-5258 24 Hours Hot line: +91‐98301‐46466  India Fax: +91-33-2418-7556 Email: info@transw3c. financial. Any purchase made for those sites will not be accepted. gifts.transw3c.  Annual web maintenance will include maximum of two changes twice a month in text and images. clothing & apparel. b. insurance & Compute r related.  Charges listed here are only valid for sites having theme of shopping. 2006-11 . Kolkata (Calcutta) – 700068 West Bengal.    J.     Thank You! TRANS W3C SYNERGY. www. Web Developments  We will first create a design layout for your web site and submit it for approval. We'll send you the list of URL’s and corresponding page ranks at the end of month / or completion of the project. Any delay in content will tend to delay in project. Other Terms and Condition a. 1/1F Gariahat Road.New designs require custom quotes to include design fees. To be informed by client through email. Web Promotion  All the above plans mentioned are for existing websites only . Jodhpur © TRANS W3C SYNERGY.