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JOSEPH MARCOGUISEPPE 1001 NW 187th Avenue * Pembroke Pines, Florida 33029 (H) 954-885-6383 (M) 954-559-1801

* Astute senior marketing professional with broad retail marketing experience and accomplished in the areas of strategic brand planning as well as the wide range of proficiencies that support successful national, regional and local marketing efforts. My desire is to find a home with a dynamic organization that will allow me to use my experience to lead, grow and have fun delivering world class marke ting. EXPERIENCE BURGER KING CORPORATION, Miami, Florida * 2001-Present $4 billion, global restaurant company with over 12,000 locations worldwide Senior Manager Field Marketing: U.S. Strategic Planning & Support Service (2007Present) Appointed by the VP of North American Field Marketing to establish a strategic l ink from Field Marketing to all other marketing, operations, legal and administr ation functions. Tasked to improve the flow of information and effectiveness of the collective marketing initiatives. Develop and implement platforms that impro ve the overall effectiveness of the 20 US Field Marketing Managers. Serve as the Chief of Staff to the VP and support him in the administration of the departmen t. This position includes one direct report. * Developed, implemented and currently lead Burger King Corporation's 1st Field Marketing Strategic Planning and Service support function. * Represent Field Marketing at the annual National Marketing Calendar developmen t sessions * Chair the mentoring program for new Field hires. Support Field Directors with teach and coach sessions in market with new hires. Onboard new hires with learni ng sessions and emersion meetings. * Author of the two primary communication elements that deliver the National Mar keting initiatives to the franchise system. These communications serve as sales tools that detail the National calendar initiatives for the year and provide rat ionale for the local teams to present local marketing plans. * Represent Field Marketing at bi-monthly executive staff meetings for Product, Promotions and Media functions. Meetings are reporting sessions to the SVP's of these departments. Role is to provide insight on their major initiatives and pro ved them with a central point of contact for Field Marketing * Managed all local creative development for broadcast, merchandising and OOH. O bjective is to efficiently produce retail creative aligned with our national bra nd voice. Manage the budget, briefing process and development of all local needs with senior insights and Advertising team. * Manage all local consumer research insight development and implementation for local marketing. * Represent the Field in the NPD (National Product Development) process. Directe d my report in the development, market selection, communication and reporting of all National Product tests. Notable Contributions: * King's Space task Force: Field lead on steering committee. Objective is for th is cross-functional team to enhanced consumer experience by developing a targete d social medium platform. * ONE BK Task Force: Field lead on the development and implementation of the fir st internal social interactive tool for franchisees and corporate teams to share

information and interact via blogs, discussion threads, chats and web casts. * Cinnabon(R) co-branding Initiative: Marketing lead for a 6 month initiative in Manhattan. Objective was to test if the Cinnabon(R) concept could add increment al sales to mitigate extreme occupancy rates in Manhattan. Test results were mix ed with high end results generating $125k in sales with a 445 flow through. Low end performance generated $44k sales and 33% flow through. Key learning was that restaurants saw top line BK growth and minimal cannibalization. On-going projec t. * Flex Broiler Rollout: Partnered with Product Marketing, OPS and R&D leads to l aunch new Burger King Flex broiler and first lb Thick Burger a year prior to th e compliance deadline. Deep Dive Project Manager, Burger King Corporation (2004-2007) Directed a core 4 member cross-functional team reporting directly to the Executi ve Team. * 2 year project consisting of representatives from marketing, operations, train ing, finance, development, advertising, consumer insights and analysis departmen ts. * First system-wide cross-functional team put together to identify and provide s olutions to the barrier to marketing growth in our top 10 markets in the U.S. * Applied solutions resulted in an increase on Average Restaurant Sales (ARS) of $202K, and total increase of $11M in sales. * Project learning and applications resulted in the development and implementati on Compass Analysis Department as well as the Field Marketing Strategic Planning and Support function. Mid-Atlantic Marketing & Sales Manager, Burger King Corporation (2001-2004) Member of a 20 member Field Marketing team supported by 3 National agencies * Directed the marketing activities for a 5-state, 1K+ franchise area with sales of $15M. Sold marketing investment ranging from .50% to 1% of annual sales in l ocal marketing campaigns. * Developed and deployed $20M+ in local marketing initiatives over a 3-year peri od. * Built strong relationships with 75 franchisees groups and 4 corporate division s. * Directed a team of 5 advertising agency and media partner groups and 2 print p roduction houses. BATES USA, Columbus, Ohio * 1998-2001 An international advertising agency and part of the global communications group Cordiant Senior Account Manager (Wendy's International Fast Food Hamburger chain) * Directed the creative development for the Chicken, Kids, and Late Night portfo lios in collaboration with their National Brand Managers. Lead the agency in the annual strategic business and creative development plans for each portfolio. Pa rticipated in product research, as well as promotional and media initiatives. * Agency lead for the 1st successful Late Night campaign in Wendy's history, con tributing 3% to top line sales in 1999 and 2000. W.B. DONER, Cleveland, Ohio * 1996-1998 National Advertising and Communications Company National Account Manager (MTD Outdoor Power Equipment) * Lead on print, collateral and promotional development for Yard Man and Cub Cad et Product lines. * Participated in the annual strategic business and creative development plans f or each portfolio.

* Lead production and creative development for National trade shows for each por tfolio. ADDITIONAL POSITIONS MILLS, HALL, & WALBORN, Cleveland, Ohio * 1995-1996 Regional Advertising Agency Account Manager NORTH COAST WINE DISTRIBUTORS, INCORPORATED * 1993-1995 Local Beverage Distributor Sales Representative EDUCATION Kent State University Bachelor of Science in Advertising 1992