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ESTEBAN ROBLEZ 4605 Jay Matt Drive, Yukon, Oklahoma 73099 315.489.3714 steveroblez@gmail.


UNIT OPERATIONS MANAGER Results-oriented, well-organized, and analytical professional with strong backgr ound in strategic planning, general administration, and operations support and m anagement. Consistently recognized for superior performance and creative problem -solving abilities. Acknowledged for executing exceptional performance in improv ing every organization managed as well as epitomizing extraordinary leadership a nd professionalism. Demonstrates excellent organizational and planning skills, v erbal and written communication aptitude, and multitasking capacity. Articulate communicator, bilingual in Spanish.

KEY STRENGTHS Project Management Safety Administration Training and Development Crisis Management Regulatory Compliance Communication Skills Logistical Management Analytical and Strategic Planning Interpersonal Relations

CAREER OVERVIEW Operations Management Demonstrated exceptional performance in executing and supervising outlin e operations of an Infantry Company consisting of 160 personnel and $6M capital while ensuring conformity of leadership personnel training with implementation s chedules Performed diverse tasks, such as providing mechanical maintenance, groun d mobility materials maintenance, logistics management, integrated material mana gement, ammunition supply, and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) to 600 personne l with a value of more than $10M in capital Administered the implementation of sponsorship program that ensured acco untability of more than 800 incoming personnel Leadership and Mentoring Utilized exceptional leadership skills in supervising the intelligence s urveillance, collection, analysis, processing, and distribution activities to 4, 500 personnel, along with spearheading activities pertaining to organization and training of tactical and technical operations Assumed full responsibility in directing employee activities to achieve and maintain a highly productive workforce in an Armor Company of 96 personnel Performed human resource tasks, such as recruiting, training, motivating , coaching, and counseling highly-qualified young men and women as prospective U nited States Army Officers Executed superior leadership and managerial skills in supervising Cadet and Troops at various duty stations

Selected to manage and mentor a company of elite personnel in a newly fo rmed organization while establishing standard operating procedures and maximizi ng efficiency Communication and Interpersonal Relations Competently served as principal employee relations advisor and assistant to operations manager while maintaining high-value items, equipment, and suppli es in excess of $20M Administrative and Technical Abilities Prepared files and completed reports using written guidelines in a timel y manner Demonstrated incomparable technical and tactical abilities in training p latoons and companies under extreme adverse conditions

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE UNITED STATES ARMY ~ 1987-Present Director (First Sergeant) 2010-Present Highlights: Successfully developed and executed special training programs to meet un ique needs and provide resolution to problems Proficiently spearheaded task-organized elements and subordinate units o n designated missions as well as the initiation of company’s safety program with zer o combat or non-combat-related injuries Director (First Sergeant) 2009-2010

Highlights: Conducted the evaluation of work performance and training requirements o f subordinates as well as the development and presentation of both formal and in formal training as necessary Provided effectual recommendations to senior leadership following resear ch on various matters, including discipline, reassignment and promotion, as well as incentive awards Guaranteed enhancement of quality of work by strictly enforcing safety s tandards Played a lead role in ensuring transportation of sensitive and hazardous material in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations Manager (Chief Intelligence Sergeant) 2008-2009

Highlight: Liable for maintaining strict security of Top Secret data, equipment, an d personnel with a value of $15M as well as executing intelligence operations an d training Director (First Sergeant) 2006-2008

Highlights: Performed evaluation of new work requirements as well as identification of required tasks and resources Rendered efficient service in editing and preparing tactical operations plans and orders

Managed and monitored the implementation of operations, training program s, and communications activities as well as the safety and security operations w ith a 100% passing rate Cadet Commandant/Military Science Instructor 2003-2006

Highlights: Chosen to function as direct liaison between the commander and the cadet corps Executed incomparable skills in directing and supervising all leadership laboratory, corps of military training, and field training preparation activiti es while maintaining and sustaining health, welfare, moral, safety, and retainab ility of 75-member cadet corps Manager/Supervisor 1994-2003

Highlights: Utilized outstanding proficiency in MS Office and military database soft ware to prepare and submit reports as scheduled Instrumental in completing mission requirements to standard as team and section leader

EDUCATION Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice ~ 2007 COLORADO TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, Colorado Springs, CO GPA 3.71/4.0, magna cum laude Associate’s Degree in General Studies ~ 2000 PIKES PEAK COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Colorado Springs, CO GPA 4.0/4.0

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING First Sergeant’s Course, United States Army, Fort Bliss, TX ~ 2007 Crime Scene Investigation, Colorado Technical University ~ 2007 Domestic Violence, Colorado Technical University ~ 2007 Juvenile Delinquency and Victim Services, Colorado Technical University ~ 2007 Law Enforcement Skills, Colorado Technical University ~ 2007 Legal Studies and Court Process, Colorado Technical University ~ 2007 Corrections Technician, Colorado Technical University ~ 2006 Army Safety Program Management, United States Army, Fort Rucker, AL ~ 2004 Assistant Professor Military Instructor, United States Army, Fort Leonard Wood, MO ~ 2003 Infantryman Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer, NCO Academy, Fort Benning, GA ~ 2 002 Advanced Management Non-Commissioned Officer, NCO Academy, Fort Benning, GA ~ 20 02 Equal Opportunity Leaders, United States Army, Fort Riley, KS ~ 2001 Bradley Fighting Vehicle (BFV) System Master Gunner, Infantry School, Fort Benni ng, GA ~ 1999 Crisis Management, United States Army, Fort Bliss, TX ~ 1999 Bradley Fighting Vehicle Commander, Infantry School, Fort Benning, GA ~ 1994 Bradley Fighting Vehicle Infantryman Phase 1, Phase 2, Prior Service, United Sta

tes Army Training Center, Fort Benning, GA ~ 1994 Master Fitness Trainer, United States Army, Fort Benning, GA ~ 1992 Patient Administration Specialist, Academy of Health Science, Fort Sam Houston, TX ~ 1991 Basic Management Noncommissioned Officer, United States Army, Fort Bliss, TX ~ 1 991 Primary Leadership Development, NCO Academy, Fort Polk, LA ~ 1989 Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Short Range Crew Member Air, United States Army Trai ning Center, Fort Bliss, TX ~ 1987 Basic Combat Training Basic Training, United States Army Training Center, Fort B liss, TX ~ 1987

AWARDS AND HONORS Bronze Star Meritorious Service Medal (4) Army Accommodation Medal (6) Army Achievement Medal (10)