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TIM TIDEY 6251 Dubin Drive Alexandria, VA 22310 607 215 3073 ctfe2fa6@westpost.

net OBJECTIVE Provide sales leadership to a dynamic and potentially fast growing business to s timulate growth and maximize returns. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Results orientated professional with the ability to increase sales and margin. Proven record of successfully identifying and exploiting new market potential. Strong communication and organization skills. Provides innovative business solu tions to increase sales. Excellent interpersonal communication style. Presents clear decisions.

SELECTED ACHIEVEMENTS * Planned and implemented sales strategy for a UK start up business in the US, f ocusing on major international brand leaders such as Hallmark Cards and Colgate. Won US/UK Chamber of Commerce Award for business innovation, having generated $40 million of additional sales over 4 years. * Developed a highly successful Cosmetic Business, by personally managing intern ational accounts for Estee Lauder, Calvin Klein and Elizabeth Arden in Europe an d US, replacing low margin commodity items with high added value, custom designe d product. Resulted in doubling gross margin from 30% to 60% within two years. * Achieved additional sales by successfully developing alternative markets needi ng new technology for holographic security applications. Generated $10 million of new sales or 30% of total sales, within four years. * Developed new profitable sales by providing creative solutions to customer pro blems. Modified existing technology to exceed customer expectations while provi ding significant opportunity to upsell product. Focused on customer needs to p rovide new sales with $3.0 million generated in year one. * Initiated and project managed the strategic restructuring of a small loss-maki ng profit center into a $10.0 million autonomous business. Established a dedica ted sales program increasing profit to 10% return on sales within one year. * Refocused sales effort through customer profiling and product branding. Manage d the rollout of new jewelry product range, increasing margin by 8% while sales increased by 25%.

TIM TIDEY (page 2) SELECTED ACHIEVEMENTS (CONT'D) * Planned and managed the integration of four customer service units, maximizing computer technology to provided outstanding customer service through a rapid re sponse call center. * Managed sales and business development for new B2B restaurant service start up . Introduced and implemented computer techniques for the parent company to more effectively manage sales and sales contacts through Sales Force, Constant Contac t and Microsoft Office. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE RFJD HOLDINGS INC New business start up, restaurant service industry Business and Sales Manager 2009 -Present IMAGE PACKAGING INC 2004 - 2008 Branding and supply chain management for luxury packaging. Sales Director and Chief Operating Officer. FOIL SOLUTIONS LLC 2001 - 2004 Entrepreneurial business for security product branding. President and Owner API FOILS AMERICAS 1993 - 2001 $65 million premium packaging division with five facilities. Divisional CEO and President JEFFERSON SMURFIT GROUP PLC 1990 - 1993 $7.5 billion worldwide paper and packaging group Divisional Chief Executive Officer RISDON LTD 1983 - 1990 Cosmetic, Health and Beauty Care division of Carnaud Metalbox Group PLC. Managing Director, Sales Director, Operation Director EDUCATION Bachelors Degree - Business Studies England Post-Degree Diploma - Marketing ngland STATUS British citizen with permanent U.S. residency

Brighton University, Brighton University, E