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JOSEPH EKPE SENIOR-LEVEL DRILLING & COMPLETIONS ENGINEER Hands-on technical leader with extensive experience driving the

end-to-end desig n, preparation, operational support, and end-of-well reporting cycle as a drilli ng and completions engineer for a variety of world leading oil and gas producers . Strategic project / program manager adept at implementing robust tracking and analysis tools to ensure the integration of lessons learned into best practice o perating procedures. Team builder and former process instructor skilled at train ing and mentoring junior engineers to promote the pursuit of operational excelle nce at all organizational levels. Areas of expertise: ________________________________________ Drilling & Completions Well Design * Drilling Operations Management * Engineerin g Project Management * Contracts & Procurement * Logistics * Well Program Preparat ion Casing & Cement Programs Design * Bit Selection * Tubing Design * Offset Well St udy Drilling Software Utilization * Time & Cost Estimates * End-of-Well Reporting * Cost Control Managerial Leadership * Staff Training & Mentoring * Supplier Relations Highly Proficient in English, Russian & with a Good Understanding of Arabic ________________________________________ PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE LUKOIL SAUDI ARABIA ENERGY, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia * 2007-2010 Lukoil, Russia's largest overseas company, in partnership with Saudi Aramco for gas exploration and production. Drilling Engineer Provided ongoing, high-level support of the site's day-to-day drilling and well testing operations with a continuous focus on promoting health, safety, and envi ronmental (HSE) goals. Developed and implemented a formal drilling program compl ete with standard operating procedures and contributed to long-term strategic pl anning efforts to implement these processes on future well sites. Managed relati onships with third party suppliers and contractors, overseeing stringent quality assurance testing. Reviewed daily output reports to ensure data accuracy and in tegrity. Served as a mentor and career coach to junior engineering staff. * Drove ongoing process improvements across the drilling team by launching a mon thly newsletter communication for sharing lessons learned, tracking key performa nce indicators (KPIs), and highlighting operational achievements. * Significantly increased site efficiency by re-structuring the drilling divisio n's technical database to track non-productive time and best practices. * Played a key role in the development and design of the first permanent down-ho le completion using multi-stage swell packers to enable zonal isolation and frac cing in tight gas reservoirs. * Effectively leveraged new technologies in improving performance and reducing t echnical risks. * Recognized for outstanding performance and leadership with an elite department al award for "Best Employee." EXXONMOBIL PRODUCING NIGERIA, Lagos, Nigeria * 2001-2007 ExxonMobil Corporation's Nigeria-based subsidiary. Senior Drilling & Completions Engineer Drove ongoing efforts to optimize and improve well performance, analyzing data t o develop comprehensive drilling and completions programs including casing desig

n, mud programs, cement designs / calculations, and cost estimations. Served as a subject matter expert in technical and engineering operations in support of we ll drilling and work-overs. Conducted inspections of third party servicers' equi pment to meet quality assurance standards. JOSEPH EKPE * Page 2 ________________________________________ EXXONMOBIL PRODUCING NIGERIA (continued) * Realized $450K in savings by optimizing a drilling program design to effective ly eliminate an entire casing. * Ensured the dissemination of lessons learned and best practices with in-depth end-of-well reporting and stakeholder communication. * Frequently consulted with senior management on well planning and performance i ssues. * Improved tracking and reporting of safety issues by initiating a database for the office's drill team. MOBIL PRODUCING NIGERIA, Eket / Akwa Ibom, Nigeria * 1997-2001 One of 3 Nigerian subsidiaries of world leading ExxonMobil Petroleum Company. Process Instructor Spearheaded a complete in-class and on-the-job training program for apprentice t echnicians in operating processes and equipment used in the treatment, compressi on, fractionation, and liquefaction of natural gas and fractionation of crude oi l. Navigated each new hire from initial classroom exercises through on-site prof essional development. Designed customized training modules to address the unique needs of both onshore and offshore process facilities. * Consistently produced highly trained, competent technicians by developing indi vidualized training programs in collaboration with each apprentice's direct supe rvisor. * Systematically identified specific opportunities to improve each apprentice's performance by implementing a tracking system to analyze supervisor feedback. * Established a mentoring program to pair each apprentice with an experienced te chnician to further deepen the on-the-job training experience. CAREER NOTE: Additional roles include positions as Site Engineer for the NIGERIA N ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY and as Petroleum Product Analyst for the NATIO NAL YOUTH SERVICE CORPS. Details available upon request. EDUCATION & CERTIFICATIONS Master of Science in Chemical Engineering Odessa National Polytechnic University, Odessa, Ukraine Well Control Certificate International Well Control Forum Registered Professional Engineer (in progress) Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists, & Geophysicists of Alberta (A PEGGA) Member, Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) PUBLICATIONS Through the Society of Petroleum Engineers

* Deep Tight Gas Zonal Isolation Solution with Novel Flexible & Expandable Cemen t Technology * 2010 * Managed Pressure Drilling in Rub Al-Khali Empty Desert: Case Study Sarah-Qasim Formation * 2010 * Managing a Successful Exploration Campaign in KSA: A Case History * 2008 * Solid Expandable Technology for Zonal Isolation of Loss Circulation Formation: Case Study Shuaiba Formation * 2008