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Will email resume, do not have ability to poMichael Sexton 5806 Mountain Pass Drive Ooltewah, TN 37363 (423

)290-3184 msfe394c@westp Director-Operations Project Management / Turnarounds / Acquisitions / Franchise Operations Quality Control / P & L / Productivity Solutions / Cross Functional Teams Identified and implemented productivity solutions for eighteen franchised owned Burger King Restaurants. Exercised direct and decisive leadership in achieving bottom line objectives. Managed full operating and systems planning responsibil ities. Facilitated process change and implementation through training, directio n, motivation, and upgrade of operating staff and management teams. Accomplishe d in customer relationship management and high quality customer service in highl y competitive market. * Turned around failing and newly acquired Burger King franchise, reducing total cost of goods 2.5%, labor 2%, and increased average unit volume 46% in six year s * Boosted Burger King franchise sales to achieve the highest average unit volum e in the history of the brand in the Chattanooga, Tennessee DMA * Franchise owners awarded the Brand Leadership Award from Burger King Corporati on Professional Achievements Turned around failing KFC franchise, reducing total cost of goods 3.5% within ye ar. Established uniform cost control practices. Restored operation consistency , targeting skyrocketing food and labor costs. Created Human Resources departme nt to monitor training programs and recruitment and selection of management pers onnel. Developed company policy manual and instituted bi-annual performance rev iew program. Adapted and implemented training and career advancement program fo r all hourly team members. Boosted KFC franchise sales more than 20% and profits more than $1M within two y ears. Directed team which obtained financing to fund 43% regional expansion in Western Michigan, adding 17 failing restaurants. Restructured franchise by remo deling, rebuilding, or relocating all restaurants. Coached winner of national " KFC Franchisee of the Year" award. Met aggressive profit targets two consecutive years, delivering 12% net profit e ach year to PepsiCo. Improved operations at franchise vacancy, enabling acquisi tion by KFC as a wholly owned subsidiary. Provided parent company with model of operations and profitability. Exhibited sustained growth through consistent ex ecution of operating plan. Guided efficiency improvement initiatives throughout restaurant operations. Managed successful franchise ownership transition in 40 restaurants located in t hree states. Challenged to revitalize multi-site operations, reduce labor and m aterial costs, upgrade performance quality and strengthen customer loyalty. Uni fied cross-functional management teams and operating systems. Retained key mana gers to complete re-structuring plan involving 30 restaurants, positioning compa ny for major acquisition. Career History Director of Operations, Hometown Folks, LLC, 2003 to 2010. Managed daily oper ations for a 25.7M franchisee with 18 restaurants located in Chattanooga, Tennes see and surrounding area. Provided management development and improved operatio nal consistency in a newly acquired Burger King franchise. Managed four profess ionals and operations budget, including construction and opening of two new unit s and the acquisition of one from the franchisor. Director of Operations, Wings Restaurants, Inc, 2001 to 2003. Managed daily ope rations at $11M franchisee with 17 KFC restaurants in Oklahoma. Provided manage ment development and improved operational consistency. Managed two service prof essionals and operations budget. Director of Operations/COO, Fitzpatrick Acquisitions, LLC, 1998 to 2000. Manage d operations throughout $46M franchisee comprised of 50 KFC restaurants and KFC/

Taco Bell restaurants in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Appointed to direct Facilities Management and Human Resources including, recruitment and t raining and development. WMCR Acquisition Corporation, 1996 to 1998. WMCR was a $40M franchisee for KFC. * Director of Operations/COO, 1992 to 1998. Led operations at area restaurants. Managed 11 professionals and total operations / Human Resources budget. Credi ted with innovated design and integration of innovative workforce management, op erations and profitability. Director of Operations, 1986 to 1992. Managed operations and nine professionals for $24M franchisee. Developed cross-functional teams to address critical prod uctivity, efficiency and quality issues impacting service and customer satisfact ion. Earlier Career: Director of Operations for Martichick, Inc, a 34 unit KFC franc hisee st it here.