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Robert T. Shaw 18901 Paulsen Dr. Oregon City, OR 97045 Home: 503.657.5853 Cell: 503.490.

1016 SUMMARY Enthusiastic, dynamic, culture driven manager and supervisor with 20 years of le adership experience. Energetic, innovative instructor and motivator. Proven hist ory of sustained superior performance. Highly skilled in the areas of: Lean Manufacturing/Lean Six Sigma Technical Training Curriculum Development and Maintenance Personnel Management Root Cause Analysis Cultural Transformation PROFESSIONAL HISTORY Mainstream Government Services LLC Senior Lean Consultant. 3/2004-Present

Trains, leads and mentors senior leadership and at 3 large Air Force Bases in th e areas of: Strategy deployment Cultural transformation Lean leadership Identifies, trains and develops organic facilitators that can conduct lean event s, develop team leaders, facilitate cultural transformation, conduct training in technical and cultural areas for all workforce personnel. Oversees all lean activities for the entire organization, ensuring all efforts y ield measureable results, are sustained and are in alignment with to organizatio ns strategy. Conducts advanced training to leadership, supervision and flight line personnel in the following areas: * Technical skills: Value Stream mapping, TAKT time and cycle time, cell design, Kanban, 5S, JIT, Jidoka, time observations, spaghetti diagrams. * Cultural skills: Johari window, PA/PT, Situational leadership, Value systems, Lean acceleration, Stategy deployment, Myers/Briggs type indicator (MBTI). Performed lean consulting services for the U.S. Air Force, facilitating long ter m (KAIKAKU), short term (KAIZEN) and business process methodologies. Developed point of use tool checkout and inventory system for aircraft mechanic s, resulting in a yearly net of 3.8 million dollars in productivity. Reduced aircraft regeneration time by 35%. This resulted in a 25% reduction in required aircraft (20 Million dollars annually in reduced operating costs). Conducted Value Stream based lean event for 20mm gun systems for fighter aircra ft, resulting in: * Reduced cycle time from 365 days to 60 days. * Reduced travel distance from 46 miles to 8.5 miles. * Personnel requirements from 19 to 7. * Reduction of Work In Process from 96 guns to 36 guns. * Reduced floor space by 30%. Utilized manufacturing methods in an administrative process to improve processi ng of travel vouchers. Implemented one piece flow and mistakeproofing to reduce lead time by 90% and defects from 56% to 4.9%.

Improved military identification card process, reducing customer waiting from 3 hours and 45 minutes to 15 minutes.. Freightliner LLC, Portland, OR 6/1998-10/2002 KAIZEN Office Manager, Program Manager, Technical Trainer, Curriculum Developer, Personnel Manager. Developed and presented training for multi plant truck manufacturing company. Es tablished, implemented and sustained process improvement program (KAIZEN). Devel oped training and qualification program for KAIZEN and instructional staff. Mana ged personnel. Performed Employee orientation for over 1000 people for a Heavy Duty Truck manu facturer. Completeness of training ensured smooth transition of personnel into t he production staff. Developed multimedia presentations for assembly of Heavy Duty Trucks, ensuring a uniformly high product quality. Supervised 102 KAIZEN events in a three year period, resulting in: * Averaged 20% improvement in productivity, 56% reduction in Work in Process (WI P), 33% reduction of required floor space, 30% reduction in operator cycle time and 48% reduction in worker travel distance per event. * Moved $300,000.00 of WIP from the engine build-up line. * Reduced press set-up time by 78% * Developed procedure which identifies and corrects coolant leaks. Coolant leaks dropped from the number two warranty claim to number 22. * Reduced the processing time of damaged materials from three weeks to 72 hours. This will reduce the amount of pending materials by $823,000.00. United States Navy, Various Locations 3/1976-3/1998 Personnel Manager, Master Instructor, Curriculum Manager and Developer, Program Manager, Electronic Technician. Senior Enlisted Leader, Master Trainer, Curriculum Manager, Progam Manager, Elec tronic Technician, Performance Under Pressure. Certified as a U.S. Navy Master Training Specialist. Expert in areas of instruc tional delivery, curriculum development and maintenance, student management and instructor evaluation. Certification is awarded to the top five per cent of all Navy instructors Developed and implemented a multimedia training program which included lectures and seminars, audio taped presentations, on the job training and computerized s imulations. This system improved individual knowledge level as well as team ski lls. Managed senior staff instructors. Provided guidance and motivation. Developed a nd implemented qualification programs for instructors. Provided individual train ing focusing on improvement of classroom skills. EDUCATION Earned two year technical certificate in Marine Electronic Systems. Working towards (80%) completion of Bachelors degree (Multidisciplinary Skills) from Grantham University. 60 months of technical training. Highly trained in the following areas of Continual Process Improvement: * * * * * Methods for Managing Quality Fundamentals of Total Quality Management Team Skills and Concepts KAIZEN methodology and Global Production System Cultural Transformation