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JORDAN BUTCHER 31156 Sunflower Way, Temecula, California 92592 Messages: (714) 668-3717 * Residence: (951) 506

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ANALYST DATA ANALYSIS ~ CREATING FILE LAYOUTS ~ TRANSFORMING RAW DATA INTO FINISHED PROD UCTS REQUIREMENTS & FUNCTIONAL SPECIFICATIONS * Innovative and experienced Technical Analyst with 15 years of successful parti cipation in company initiatives. * Reliable on daily assignments and long term special defined projects. * Proven and dependable professional with a proven record of developing effectiv e routine solutions to complex problems. * Key skills in investigating, developing matrix, standardizing reporting with k ey analysis: routinely setting the stage for strategic decision making. * A Bachelors degree in Business Administration is complemented by expertise in MS Excel, and MS Access. KEY TRANSFERABLE SKILLS Data Capture & Download Honest Research, Planning & Analysis Custom MS Access Qu ery Writer Data Extraction From Master Data Spend Savings Analysis Supply Chain Export To E xcel For Reporting EMPLOYMENT BACKGROUND AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS UNIVERSITY HEALTH SYSTEM CONSORTIUM - Oak Brook, Illinois 2008 - 2010 A Hospital Supply Group Purchasing Organization. Business Analyst, Service Delivery West Responsible for determining spend savings opportunities for hospital supply. Col lect spend data and analyze costs and match high savings opportunities with disc ounted contracts based on market share and volume commitments. * Mastered Windows based/internet delivered Cognos front end software (SpendLINK Flextronics). Used downloads to populate MS Access database I developed to iden tify, document, and report potential $ millions in Spend Savings Opportunities f or supply chain customers over 24 month period. * Reporting resulted in hundreds of thousands ($) in direct savings leading to t he signing of contracts at most advantageous pricing for the members. Also uncov ered mispricing and best tier level correction recommendations. * Upgraded my own MS Access based reporting to include complex multi tier pricin g at customer request. Used own software to replace company software that only i ndicated potential savings at best and worst tiers. Resulted in a number of mid tier contracts worth additional thousands in savings. * My reporting set the table for new strategies and different concepts for engag ing manufactures in granting discounts. Particularly when applied to academic ho spital supply cardiology in working with consulting group. BIOSITE INCORPORATED - San Diego, California 2006 - 2008 A medical diagnostics company. Medical Device Analyst (Meter Analyst)

Responsible for investigating all customer returned medical devices. Prepared ac curate record keeping and performed trend analysis for reporting purposes. Built tables and queries combining different permutations for dispositions, fail code s.. * Developed, designed, installed, performed quality testing, documented, validat ed, and verified a database in MS Access for Return Meter Investigations (RMIDB) . Complex multi level project involved soup to nuts take over of non conforming operation involving regulated investigations as mandated by law. Software develo pment includes collecting and converting legacy data from a number of MS Excel s preadsheets, validating conflicting fail codes and resolving data gaps. * RMIDB was upgraded with a third party security package that was CFR 21 Part 11 compliant as part of a validation project, the software installation required q uery, reporting, and form rebuilding. Installation was accomplished without erro r in 3 weeks. * RMIDB was used to collect data for over 1700 returned meter investigations. Ev ery aspect of each investigation as performed was documented for reporting. Incl udes, acceptance of meter from distribution, decontamination, pertinent dates de tailing meter history, meter cosmetic condition, complaint, failure analysis, fa il codes, warranty determination. JORDAN BUTCHER Page Two EMPLOYMENT BACKGROUND AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS (Continued) KYOCERA WIRELESS - San Diego, California 2003 - 2006 A cell phone manufacturing company. Data Analyst Responsibility for statistically computing daily, weekly and quarterly yields in manufacturing (also known as a 'loss rate') process. Managed analytical project s including developing an outgoing inspection statistical model for database. * Designed and developed MS Access databases to document Quality Defects in a Fo rtune 500 high volume manufacturing operation. Included numerous charts for Prim e First Pass Yields, Standard Deviations, Mean Averages, and loss rates. * Designed and developed Outgoing Quality Inspection Database. Used by different shift supervisors to account for hundreds of quality defect inspections perform ed on finished products. Operation documented was the final inspection prior to pallets with shrink-wrap product being loaded on trucks for world wide shipment. Used to calculate & report at a keystroke: Defective Parts Per Million, Total D efects, Total Inspected, Total Accepted, Shift Effectiveness, Product Quality Ra tings. * Maintained Accurate & Timely Prime First Pass Yields: Using MS Excel (occasion ally MS Access) to 'drill down' Flextronics database in Doumen, China to duplica te trusted reports in Quality Department. Reports were maintained daily, weekly, monthly. Despite the sophisticated approach the reports were essentially sample d in execution as a result of experience. MITCHELL INTERNATIONAL/MITCHELL REPAIR - San Diego, California 1995 - 2001 Automotive repair estimation guides used in electronic and paper publishing. Graphics System Analyst Responsibility for determining needs, tests, developing price matrix, recommend new and upgrades to all PC hardware. Installed and maintained all PC and related equipment including scanners, bar code readers, printers and special post scrip t printers. Accounted for completed artist graphics of automotive parts as well as updates for production. Provided user support. Led software quality testing f or new development of XML based software used for delivering information to an O racle based system. * MS Access Manufacturing Scheduling Database Development - Designed, developed, tested and installed MS Access database. Manufacturing milestone database desig ned for use by corporate Vice President. Simple interface worked at a keystroke

following the entry of a single primary date. Required numerous 'IIF' statements where logic was applied following the determination of 'day of the week' and ty pe of product (Print, CD, or DVD) event(s). * MS Access Graphics Production Database Development - Designed to measure antic ipated and historical departmental productivity and page count for printed and e lectronic publications. Report sorted by month and year and was used weekly by m anager for planning regarding head count and budgeted hours. * MS Access Computer Log - Used to keep track of issues and reoccurring computer related problems in the graphics department. Also used to track workstation id numbers, software serial numbers, software revisions, and desktop configurations . Software and hardware included monitors, scanners, bar code readers, Microsoft Office, Adobe products. * Software Quality Assurance Testing-Skillful execution of clearly defined proce dures won the partnership of programmers in identifying C++ bugs, implementatio n omissions, defects, SQL errors, and GUI defects. Assistance to programmers inc luded determining proper flow control and versioning. Resulted in a stable and r obust Electronic Publishing System that is the backend of current corporate stra tegy for internet delivery of content.

EDUCATION BA, Business Administration, National University, San Diego, California, 1989 AA, Humanities, Westchester Community College, Valhalla, New York CONTINUING EDUCATION AND TRAINING Client Server Technology Certificate San Diego State University; San Diego, Cali fornia U.S. Navy Radioman School U.S. Navy Basic Electronics and Electricity School TECHNICAL PROFICIENCY Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, Micros oft Outlook, MS Visio