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Her body is perfect as the current standards of beauty: sleek silhouette, face perfectly white, thin lips and a curious smile diamond, perfectly round breasts like apples, upturned ass ... So triumphed as an international model for the prestigious agency Elite. But the excellence of Cameron Diaz does not end here. Not just a pretty body. Above is a successful commercial comedy actress since her first movie role was neither more nor less than with Jim Carrey. And his film resume by now includes a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress. It all started at a glamorous party in Hollywood. A photographer was so hung up on her in a week she got her first modeling contract. He was 16. And from then drifted wherever the work and his restless spirit ordered it, often alone. Luckily his parents (he is of Cuban origin, foreman of an oil company, and she angloalemana, broker) are liberal and rolled with the follies of the girl. So, with the consent of the daddies, was through 21 traveling nonstop around the world: Japan, Australia, Morocco, France, Mexico ... When they had kicked out the planet and on the covers of magazines like Mademoiselle, "" Seventeen, "and in ads for Calvin Klein, Levi's and Coca Cola, felt the need to lay your ass. Was dissatisfied and decided to get into an apartment with video producer Carlos de la Torre, who left five years, and try to cross the gateway to the cinema. After twelve auditions got it, without being fully aware of what was going to represent for her to appear on "The Mask." When he realized where he had gone, he left an ulcer because of stress. Then his career weakens a bit, if you can say "lazy" to appear in two years in three Hollywood blockbusters alongside stars like Keanu Reaves. But it really starts to hit hard in "My Best Friend's Wedding," a romantic comedy where you get to the very Julia Roberts does not steal your boyfriend. But the serious awards come with "Something About Mary", a story of the brilliant brothers joke Faralley where absolutely all the characters fall in love with Cameron. I do not know anyone who does not want to end Ben Stiller gets the great love of his life (although at the time his real partner was Matt Dillon in the movie do not get the blonde innocent). Its worth a fool of her nomination for Golden Globe Award for Funniest Actress Award and the Critics Circle of New York. Then come films as "Very Bad Things" with Christian Slater, and "Any Given Sunday, Oliver Stone, where we make a serious role: manager of a football team. His third blockbuster trade, the most profitable for them (2,400 million pesetas of "payroll"), is "Charlie's Angels." Few blondes in the world could dare to replace the legendary Farrah Fawcett and Cameron get it, playing Natalie, the naive researcher who believes in true love. In two of his latest projects is displayed next to faces like Tom Cruise ("Vanilla Sky") or Leo DiCaprio ("Gangs of New York"). But as long as yours will not stay in the background.

Chayanne combines his musical activity with an actor. sees the light "Provócame". he released "Tiempo de Vals". Chayanne is also the first singer of his generation to appear on the cover of "Playgirl" female version of "Playboy. better known as Chayanne. MTV." "Start Over") and a movie. is considered one of the best interpreters of Latin origin. which include its wellknown "Torero". fans of their music and fans of his physical. His mother is the one who baptizes with the nickname of Chayanne in honor of a popular television series in the 60's. Chayanne make a recognized star in the western music scene. The publication of "rebirth" plasma musical maturity. He has worked on several television series ("Divorced". Actually. record stays on the Billboard charts. two: Lorenzo Valentino and Isadora Sofia. .Chayanne Chayanne. which puts the rate at Asphalt and awakens the hungry hearts desire to be passionate about the taste of music made with faith. who is the woman who has what most want from this man: his child. "Shadows of the Past. sweeps. began his musical career at age 10 in the group "Los Chicos". His album "Chayanne" includes this rhythm and dance. Son of a schoolteacher and a sales manager is the third of five siblings. And in 1992. seductive and enigmatic. wherever he goes. Gold records. Soon after." He is married to the Venezuelan Marilisa Maronesse. platinum. In 1988 signed a contract with Pepsi-Cola to promote the brand to the rhythm of his songs. Cyclone hit. sold millions of records. So Elmer Figueroa Arce." Rivalry and a great idol Chayanne Puerto Rican from the same period starts soon. although the doctor falls on the 28th. 1968. and their next album. In 2000. mainly in Spain. And in 2003 features the new album "Sincerely". an album that makes a dramatic change of image (shown more sensual and provocative than ever). Born in Rio Piedras on the morning of June 29." it by its entry into the European market. in 2002 she releases a greatest hits compilation entitled precisely "Greatest Hits". since "The Boys" are a matter of "Menudo". "Tied to Your Love. one of the issues with which was released worldwide. With this lineup and recorded five albums in the movie "Caribbean Connection. presents "Simply" record that becomes more eager to take on the world than ever. a group that years later Ricky Martin arrives. And finally. Recorded his first solo album at age 17 and began to combine his singing career with acting in telenovelas. which was nominated for a Grammy for Best Latin Artist. the popular Puerto Rican singer and actor.

with thirty television spots and appeared in several series: "Growing Pains" where the star was Kirk Cameron.Leonardo Dicaprio His fans compare him with the legendary James Dean. Five years started walking before the camera. "Santa Barbara" or " New Lassie. "This Boy's Life" (1993). a legion of millions of fans. Meryl Streep. Even when taking care of their public image. Since winning Titanic. This has allowed direct feeding of great actors: Robert de Niro. had to overcome to 400 gigs and young talent that showed up. " Before getting her first role in a feature film quality. has demonstrated his skills as an actor getting into some depth papers. Jeremy Irons and Woody Allen (in "Celebrity"). confident. His detractors see him as a kid with no muscle." Leo has also been attracted by the script with historical aftertaste. Now is your name that is in large letters on the posters. "Romeo and Juliet modern version was the film that launched him to fame. Since then it has been seized from the other stars interesting potential roles. so well reflect their arched eyebrows. But Leo. the unsinkable critics call him (the unsinkable). although drowning and frozen in the highest grossing film in history (so far). "does everything an embarrassment. no beard and refused to interpret. more or less as it did River Phoenix before he died choking on drugs. which earned him an Oscar nomination as Best Supporting Actor. His beginnings were quick and decisive. so we spend a lot of bits on the internet. basketball player and rocker Jim Carroll in The Basketball Diaries. who lived a homosexual affair with his teacher Verlaine. and" Titanic "which earned him a nomination for a Golden Globe and consecrated him. as it finely. has been a luxury embroidered resume in a few years. He was always under the supervision of a mother who managed the finances and a dad who read the scripts and pondering bids. John Malkovich. no one gets caught by surprise: the guy has his own environmental foundation. a supermodel girlfriend (Gisele Bundchen's Brazilian) and a mountain of bills: starring in "The Beach" took 20 million dollars. But the fact is that Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio. a handsome lad of Italian and German who has never studied acting. " Or when he gets into the skin of the great French poet Rimbaud. Nor falls short in its interpretation of the past junkie poet. DiCaprio. Do not expect that installing the film set of this film raising the ire of environmentalists Thai Phi Phi Islands. apart from a few brawls in some parties. is known worldwide as Leo. as shown in the film "Total Eclipse. The result of all this trick. . who is filming in Italy "Gangs of New York". The most prominent is the mentally handicapped child in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" (With Johnny Depp).

the TV show "Vip Noche " on Tele 5. presents "Razing". Dreams of being the "Nadia Comaneci" Mexico and points to a ballet school. Paul Rodriguez the film "Mambo Café". The 2000 is a very special year for our artist. president of Sony Music and former husband of singer Mariah Carey. Thalia debuted with one year of age in an advertisement for soft drinks. When serving five years.. As in the happy ending to many soap operas. . In movies. In music. the Mexican singer and actress in New York married to Tommy Mottola. but what she wants to pursue is to the gym..Thalia The beautiful singer and actress Thalia is considered the Queen of the Telenovelas. And in love. Olympic and decides to change the vocation of the small take to the theater where she works every day. In addition to soap opera star and singer.. everything is like a fairy tale .. 1972 and is the youngest of five sisters. And as expected. Thalia The tactic works and soon becomes one of the most important Latino artists. the young Mexican has for some time with Emilio Aragón. get married. shown on the big screen starring alongside Danny Aiello. Thalía Ariadna Sodi Miranda was born in Mexico City on August 26. lost his father and his mother take care of all her daughters later. His life also should be like a queen because she is married to Tommy Mottola. husband of the renowned Latin singer Gloria Estefan. an album produced by Emilio Estefan. in December 2000. president of Sony Music . Your sister does not like this activity.

Later. . He found someone to share these ideas and form a group. His real name is Brian Warner Hung son of a German pilot and a nurse. The object of his song. Religion marked their personal development. Despite the impact it has generated its aesthetics. team members have changed but he was always the fixed part of the band. His quirky and dark aesthetics along with the spectacle of their concerts and video clips have marked an entire generation and thousands of young people around the world. Even as a boy known for his shyness and his strange behavior. leading vocals. He studied journalism and theater. The artist's ideas correspond. who began a long friendship. He uses his poetic inspiration which is reflected in a style particularly lyrical even grotesque. Marilyn Manson started out as opening act for Nine Inch Nails. Their concerns opted for writing. expressed this thought. The Golden Age of Grostesque. Their first album is released on fan American Family Portrait (1994). the second was Smells Like Children and in 1996 released the album that would make them famous in the world with its theme of Antichrist Superstar Beautiful People. novels and poems of which only two were published.Marilyn Manson Marilyn Manson nation in Ohio (USA) in 1969. concepts about the Catholic religion of Antichrist and of man. a theme that even today he fills his dark thoughts. is the criticism of the double standards of American society. One of the interviews he did was to his beloved Trent Reznor. He wrote several short stories. and in fact were inspired by the work of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. false political and moral values. The image of the singer has created such excitement that you could say that his music has been in the background. the Catholic religion. The end the world and the Antichrist have been ideas that have come to obsess him throughout his childhood. He parked the idea of being a writer with the frustration that caused the negative editorials and worked as a music journalist. In fact. and produce their Antichrist Superstar. the ideas of willpower. His latest album. history. Marilyn has demonstrated with her voice and dazzling guitar wrenching envelope with his music. is a satire of Nazism located in the Second World War. a profession which he disliked and disillusioned. particularly noticed the Apocalypse.S. sinister and gothic. The origin of his stage name from a combination of two characters. Charles Manson. originally called Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids. Antichrist Superstar. hypocrisy and drugs. represents a turning point in his career. in 1989. actress Marilyn Monroe and the greatest mass murderer in U. adolescence and adult vine. So much so that their first album. . has revealed in an interview.

"Ventanarosa" always has been in love with a character she has wanted to play. And it seems the Canadian born just to live in the madness of music. But things did not go well initially. "Complicated".Avril Lavigne Avril Lavigne is anything but an ordinary artist. their efforts paid off and he even proposed lyricists and composers to put "paid" to release the album later. And throughout the album received a flurry of good reviews. half indomitable spirit is one of those rare creatures in the world in a great while." "Dogma" and "Wild Wild West" have given the name needed to do roles that really has been chosen as "Frida. the second part of the legendary independent film "El Mariachi. According to legend. the little Avril was unable to sit still in class. In L. connected with producer / musician Clif Magness and the tune was such that the songs for "Let Go" started out like hotcakes..A. But this girl." His appearances in "From Dusk Till Dawn. was among the most successful of 2002. one of the hottest singles. what he saw in the actor Edward Norton is talent and some sense of humor. Women take up arms. where he grew up. worked encouraging sang country music festivals and fairs until one day his talent was discovered by a famous American company. His childhood was marked by early and great passion for music and determination almost sick for one day dedicated to this in the song. Avril sang gospel music with a church choir. But she wanted to compose myself. halfskater-punk. Los Angeles. From 2 years old preferred to concentrate on music rather than studying books. His meteoric rise in the charts at 17 and sobering. and finally found where I needed freshness. With only 16 years. Although Avril virtually lived in the studio during this stay in New York.. co-produced this and other films through his company. Middle child of a normal family of normal people always knew that this was what I wanted. Avril flew to the other coast. "Losing Grip". but ultimately led him to get the card of a professional actress. Avril moved to Manhattan and began work on his first album. a town in Ontario (Canada). Determined not to give up. A record that he was fully identified. preferring to go to release their boundless energy. to match it with Antonio Banderas in "Desperado". Just like men. Arista Records. "Sk8er Boi". Was 17 and a disc in the street. Even states that more than once she lay in bed and dreamed of becoming a singer. His first opportunity is a supporting role in a film for which he was doing auditions for four months. which broke all the odds in the charts and Avril allowed to do what he likes best: play their music live to your audience. And so enamored of men are concerned. But before it had to succeed Curran. After he had managed to squeeze a lot. Avril Lavigne was born in Napanee. But who the catapult is the director Robert Rodriguez. "Anything but Ordinary" are themes and all his fans know . ." which tells the story of artist Frida Kahlo.

the paternal grandparents are Lebanese and Spanish Maternal. and with Jennifer Lopez. with permission from Penelope Cruz. a part of a body of fear. is character. "Ventanarosa" always has been in love with a character she has wanted to play. But when in 1991 he returned to the "promised land". co-produced this and other films through his company. And so enamored of men are concerned. Women take up arms. who was "Desperado" with this girl by the hand by blowing up all the buildings left by the passage. Small went to a convent boarding school in Louisiana but was fired for doing pranks. who certainly admires." which tells the story of artist Frida Kahlo." His appearances in "From Dusk Till Dawn. What it does have Salma Hayek. His first opportunity is a supporting role in a film for which he was doing auditions for four months. But who the catapult is the director Robert Rodriguez. . that in Mexico we were forbidden not only attracted the eyes of her friends but also of their parents. After doing theater and advertising gets a role in the soap opera "Nuevo Amanecer". At that time. And they tell that to Antonio Banderas. who he says defiantly is not a true Latin because he was born in New York "and has no accent . but ultimately led him to get the card of a professional actress. Back to your country begins to study international relations and leaves the race hanging half way to fulfill his dream of becoming an actress of that rage. Finished high school. His life is a tutti frutti nationalities. His role in the telenovela "Teresa" makes a star of Mexican television. this time to work." "Dogma" and "Wild Wild West" have given the name needed to do roles that really has been chosen as "Frida. Mexican passport. is the only recognition of parking wardens in Los Angeles. Just like men. It is one of the Latina actresses of the moment. what he saw in the actor Edward Norton is talent and some sense of humor. the second part of the legendary independent film "El Mariachi. he returned to America to live with an aunt in Houston until he was 17. to match it with Antonio Banderas in "Desperado".Salma Hayek His eyes and his body over the fire burned all the Mayan gods together. when she put the bikini.