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SOARES 54 Gregory Drive Attleboro, MA 02703 Home: (508) 223-5473 Cell: (508) 380-9738 QUALIFICATIONS: Substantial experience in all phases of Warehouse Operations including Warehouse Management Systems, Transportation, Truck Routing, Target Systems, RF bar Codin g Systems, Shipping, Receiving, Inventory control and Order processing. Excellen t work standards and leadership abilities. Assertive, energetic and reliable. A bility to run a lean, cost effective warehouse with Customer Service and Qualit y being the priority. Safety Serve Certification. Proficient in Microsoft Word XP, Excel and Access. Substantial training in Management, Inventory Control, OSH A, HCCAP,MSDS, and USDA guidelines. Forklift Certification Trainer.

EXPERIENCE: COSTA FRUIT AND PRODUCE- Boston, MA 2005-2010 NIGHT WAREHOUSE OPERATIONS MANAGER Oversaw all phases of Night Warehouse Operations within the Shipping Department with a Staff of 35 employees, including 4 Supervisors and Quality Control Superv isor. Responsible for motivating team members, conducting periodic reviews, hir ing and firing. Obtained company goals and objectives within the warehouse budg et through monitoring productivity within each department. Achievements: a Established error policy based on industry standards of 1 per 1000. a Error ratio prior to employment was 4.25 per 1000; achieved ratio of 1 per 100 0. a Increased CPH rate to improve productivity through observational monitoring. a Successful in reducing labor costs and overtime through training, safety and a ccountability. a Negotiated union contact issues.

TRIMARK UNITED EAST- Attleboro, MA 2003-2004 NIGHT WAREHOUSE MANAGER Supervision of 30 warehousemen along with Shipping, Receiving and Inventory Control. Achievements: a Developed a crew of quality warehousemen through safety training and accountab ility within the workforce. a Improved the Inventory System to assure that the customer always received su perior service on a consistent basis. a Continued to adjust the routing procedures to meet the Customers needs and to deliver product in a timely manner as expected.

AGAR FOOD SUPPLY-Taunton, MA 2000-2003 WAREHOUSE MANAGER Oversaw 45 employees, Assistant Warehouse Manager and a Quality Control Inspector. Achievements: a Improved the quality of workers through hiring quality workers capable of meet ing company production levels along with terminating non productive workers. a Developed a selecting system strictly based on Warehousemen being compensated by the piece vs hourly. This reduced costs and eliminated all overtime. a Developed a bulk picking system to accommodate the customeras needs based on t imely deliveries as expected. HALLSMITH-SYSCO WAREHOUSE SUPERVISOR 1984-2000 In charge of overall production, selecting and loading of product on the proper routes along with employee reviews and disciplinary action as needed. Responsib le for all necessary credit returns, reports and inventory adjustments. Achievements: a Ran the warehouse in an efficient manner to assure superior customer satisfact ion a Met all company goals and expectations. a Decreased overtime 10% by increasing production levels through warehouse impro vements