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Joseph Salvatore Engenito 5 Gayton Drive Mountainville NY 10930-6016 845-534-5584 jefe8780@westpost.

net Objective: To secure a full-time position within the field of Chemistry that wil l effectively utilize my knowledge of QA, QC, chemistry, laboratory supervision and management to make a positive contribution toward meeting organizational go als and objectives. Positions Held: Supervisor of Laboratory Compliance, Supervisor of Technical Doc umentation and Training, Team Leader for Process and Cleaning Validation, Senior Chemist, Analytical Chemist, Research Chemist, Safety and Waste Disposal Office r, Vice-Chairman of Safety Committee, Post-doctoral Research Associate, Teachin g Assistant. Experience: Management of technical documentation while training others, writing, revising, summarizing and complying with government regulations used for R and D and qual ity control laboratories. Performed Annual Product Review. Supervised personnel monitoring laboratory notebooks and chromatograms. Summarized relevant documents such as the various pharmacopoeias and the Pharma copoeial Forum. Lead the team that validated process methods and cleaning validation methods. Supervised personnel performing quality control on pharmaceuticals using HPLC, GC and other test methods. Performed quality control testing on tablets, capsules, creams, ointments, and raw materials. Formulated and tested experimental skin care products. Performed research for a start-up company which resulted in two patents. Performed research to develop polyurethane catalysts and biocides for use in pa int. Performed academic research which resulted in three publications and a paper pr esented at an ACS meeting. Employment: Epic Pharma LLC, 227-15 North Conduit Avenue, Laurelton, NY 11413 1997-2010 NMC Laboratories, Inc. (a division of Alpharma), Glendale, NY 11385 1993-199 7 Education: Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY Graduate credits in polymer science. Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, TX Graduate credits while working as a postdoctoral research associate. Adelphi University, Garden City, NY MS and PhD in organic chemistry with thesi s resulting in one publication. York College of the City University of New York, Jamaica, NY BS in chemistry. Affiliations: AIC (Life Fellow), ACS, IUPAC, Socit de Chimie Industrielle, AAAS, New York Aca demy of Sciences, Royal Society of Chemistry, Chemists Club, American Mensa Patents, Publications and Papers: Marchese, F.P.; Engenito, Jr., J.S. US Patent Number 5,156,760, Surface Cleanin g Compositions, 1992 Marchese, F.P.; Engenito, Jr., J.S. US Patent Number 5,061,480, Tanning Composi tion, 1991 Li, B.-L.; Engenito, Jr., J.S.; Neilson, R.H.; Wisian-Neilson, P. Synthesis and Carbon Tetrachloride Reactions of Bis(bis[trimethylsilyl]amino)phosphines, Inorganic Chemistry. 1983, 22, 575-579 Neilson, R.H.; Engenito, Jr., J.S. Synthesis and Stereochemistry of Some (Silyl amino)phosphinimines, Organometallics. 1982, 1, 1270-1274 March, J.; Engenito, Jr. Direct Amidation of Aromatic Compounds, J. Org. Chem. 1981, 46, 4304-4305

Neilson, R.H.; Engenito, Jr., J.S. Synthesis and Reactivity of New Low-Coordina te Phosphorus Compounds. A paper presented at the Southeast/Southwest Combined ACS Regional Meeting in De cember of 1980