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Stanley C. [Stan] Anderson Houston, Texas 77065 832-257-1936 safe8b7c@westpost.

net OBJECTIVE Seeking leadership role with a World-Class Technology Company SUMMARY IT Professional with hands-on data center and server hardware management and adm inistration prowess. In-the-trenches experience with major platform and technolo gy changes involving all aspects of data center & server operations. Positive an d enthusiastic about pushing projects and changes ahead. Motivated to deliver op timal on-time solutions. Immersed in server consolidation and virtualization to provide 'Green' solutions. Adept in the specification, acquisition and deploymen t of data center and server hardware. SELECTED ACCOMPLISHMENTS * Saved Company $10,000s by optimizing available resources to accomplish 'green' disposal of retired units * Saved time and money by coordinating with multiple contractors to meet securit y driven deadlines, preventing availability outages and damage to building when a major equipment move was needed * Contributed to company's stock price recovery to $8.14 from $1.88 by ensuring compliance with SOX & audit requirements * Reduced power and cooling costs by 20+% by consolidating and virtualizing serv ers * Manned Data Center 5 days and nights during Hurricane Rita to facilitate failo ver to remote site * On-call 24/7/365 since 1990 - heroic efforts are routine CRITICAL SKILLS Life Cycle Management Hardware tracking Asset Database maintenance Remote Server Laptop & Desktop Administration Asset controls & physical security KRAC Units Failover power generators Battery UPSs Switch Gear Liebert Units PDUs Raised Flooring Humidity/Temperature monitoring and control Water and ethylene glycol air handlers Cable Management Power Optimization Maintenance Contracts Fire Suppression systems maintenance & testing Maintain vendor and contractor relations P&L, forecasting and budget responsibility Maintenance Contracts Specifying, Purchasing & Receiving Server, Rack & SAN Moves Change management Software & firmware updates/upgrades POC testing & pilots Microsoft Server 2003/2008 Microsoft Office 2003/07/10 HP/Dell/IBM Hardware

HP Insight Manager/ICE OA and ILO LANDesk Certified Admin McAfee Certified Admin VMware trained * STANLEY C. ANDERSON PAGE 2

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE WASTE MANAGEMENT - Houston, Texas 2006 - 2010 Technical Support Analyst III Procured, deployed and supported Windows and Linux based server hardware for ove r 600 physical and 700 virtual servers in two data centers and over 400 remote l ocations. [WM was an HP shop for Servers during my four years there.] * Removed over 400 servers and related DASD storage units taken out of service d ue to virtualizations, consolidations and application platform changes. Minimize d costs and burdens on limited resources by coordinating with multiple teams to overcome the challenge of limited maintenance windows, saving the company many t housands of dollars in labor costs for moving contractors. * Significantly contributed in multiple data center reorganizations and moves by providing logistical planning and coordination with multiple teams that elimina ted or minimized downtime and unanticipated outages. SERVICE CORPORATION INT'L - Houston, Texas 2004 - 2006 Data Center Manager Managed a data center containing 200 rack and blade servers. Interfaced with all data center contractors and equipment providers. Assured power, cooling and ne tworking assets were properly coordinated. Performed budgeting and expenditure a pproval functions. Instituted life cycle management. Reviewed and negotiated con tracts. Forecasted and maintained capital budgets. Specified, ordered, received and installed all servers, SANs, tape libraries and related DC equipment. [SCI w as an HP & IBM shop during my tenure.] * Oversaw disassembly and removal of multi-ton SAN unit which would not fit thro ugh doors of newly-remodeled data center. Coordinated with multiple contractors to meet security driven deadlines, preventing availability outage and damage to building. * Distilled a process in response to a qualified opinion by the financial audito rs by developing the manual and automating systems to attest to Sarbanes Oxley c ompliance requirements pertinent to data center management, security, physical a ccess, facility and data safeguarding. This resulted in unqualified financial st atements from the financial auditors after SOX compliance was achieved and contr ibuted to recovery of lost value in stock price from a low of $1.88 at the end o f 2000 to $8.14 by mid 2006. * Guided employer through outsourcing the IT server support function. Coordinat ed with new contractors in strengthening physical security, ensuring maximum upt ime and the successful deployment of a newly written management and accounting p ackage. Both the software deployment and new support model were successful and s aved the employer at least $2,000,000 annually in operating expenses. * Terminated and oversaw removal of production AS400 support contract with IBM f acility in Rochester, NY after newly written application and equipment went onli ne in Houston. This expedited and contributed to annual savings of over $1,800,0 00 annually. * Coached and motivated disgruntled employees, whose functions were being moved offshore, to train their offshore replacements. A smooth transition resulted whi ch allowed all employees eligibility for severance package. * Provided above and beyond the call service during Tropical storm Allison by wo rking seven-day shifts for six weeks under emergency recovery conditions while e mployers demark was flooded and only generator power was available. Essential op erations were maintained during reconstruction of the D-mark and switch gear los

t in the flood. * Manned Data Center during Hurricane Rita to facilitate failover to remote site . Received bonus and commendation from management. STANLEY C. ANDERSON PAGE 3

CSC - [Contracted to SCI above]Houston, Texas 1999 - 2004 Virus Administrator Deployed, tested, and configured the installation of McAfee virus protection sof tware. Responded to all virus attacks. Provided Special applications support for litigation and aviation departments. This position was in-sourced by SCI in 200 1. * Installed, configured, set policies, created processes, and established proced ures needed for an effective defense which eliminated business interruptions due to virus attacks saving the client weeks of lost time. BHP BILLITON (BHP Petroleum Americas) - Houston, TX 1987 - 1999 Gas Balancing Admin/Reservoir Tech/Drilling & Petroleum Engineering Support Tech nician Supported the accounting for reserves in the financial statements and with SEC f ilings under Chief Engineer. Provided Desktop and Server support for Petroleum E ngineers and later for Drilling Department, splitting duties in the Houston offi ce and on offshore drilling rigs in Gulf of Mexico. * Deployed multiple offshore Gulf of Mexico drilling rig mini data centers and s et up remotely while under tow to provide email and drilling applications to rig personnel. Systems were functional and able to generate critical reports on day 's drilling activity on the day of arrival. VARIOUS EMPLOYERS - Midland & Dallas TX 1975 - 1987 Controller & CFO / CPA / Home Builder / Oil & Gas Accounting Consultant / Revenu e Accountant EDUCATION BBA, Accounting, Baylor University, Waco, TX Beta Alpha Psi - Kappa Sigma - Habitat for Humanity Volunteer - United Way Fund Raiser Certified Public Accountant - Texas (Inactive)